August 08, 2005

CP Ships, China Shipping, CMA-CGA of France, Montreal Gateway Terminals, Navitrak, NA: Visa-free Labour Mobility

News from The Globe and Mail -- CP Ships reveals it's in discussions over possible sale Eric Vanden Bussche, July 30, 05

CP Ships Ltd. -- rumoured to be a takeover target -- said yesterday that it is in discussions regarding a possible transaction, but some analysts warmed that investors should not expect an acquisition to boost their shares.

[. . . . ] At least six possible bidders lined up to buy all or part of CP Ships, with the Shanghai-based China Shipping Group and the French shipping giant CMA-CGM Group emerging as the two finalists, according to media reports.

[. . . . ] He noted that the Chinese company has long coveted the company's strength is in transatlantic shipping routes. [. . . . ]

CP Ships India Times MediaNet

[. . . . ] ABOUT CP SHIPS: One of the world's leading container shipping companies, CP Ships provides international container transportation services in four key regional markets: TransAtlantic, Australasia, Latin America and Asia. Within these markets CP Ships operates 39 services in 23 trade lanes, most of which are served by two or more of its seven readily recognized brands: ANZDL, Canada Maritime, Cast, Contship Containerlines, Italia Line, Lykes Lines and TMM Lines. As of 30th September 2004, CP Ships' vessel fleet was 81 ships and its container fleet 457,000 teu. Its 2003 volume was 2.2 million teu, more than 80% of which was North American exports or imports. It also owns Montreal Gateway Terminals, which operates one of the largest marine container terminal facilities in Canada. CP Ships' stock is traded on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges under the symbol TEU. It is listed in the S&P/TSX 60 Index of top Canadian publicly listed companies. For further information visit the CP Ships website, [. . . . ]

Aerospace and Defense Industries Association of Nova Scotia -- Navitrak International

Navitrak Engineering, established in 1994, specializes in real time moving map systems, designed to be portable and integrate with aircraft sensors including video cameras and FLiRs. Navitrak’s system not only illustrates where the aircraft is on a moving map in real time, but also illustrates where the camera or FLiR is "looking" in real time. The system is ideal for surveillance, search & rescue, fire fighting, surveys, etc., for real time mission co-ordination, as well as, post mission analysis.

Navitrak Engineering Inc.’s major clients and industry partners include the Department of Defence, Wescan and FLiR Systems Inc. [. . . . ]

North American Task Force - Post-Chairman’s Statement " -- "Panel calls for cross-border job hunting to improve trade: Eventual goal is visa-free labour mobility from Mexico to Canada Steven Edwards CanWest News Service (Included in The Vancouver Sun, British Columbia). May 18, 2005

New York based Council on Foreign Relations -- "independent" -- Experts call for a common North American Border -- US, Mexico, Canada "should establish a common security perimeter to guard against terrorism"

Think about the problems the US is having with illegal aliens from Mexico (and other countries) trying to enter the US. If Canada's PM would just hurry, he could facilitate the entry of some more voters.


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