August 10, 2005

Terrorism & Immigrant Who Received Cdn. Welfare, Canada: PMO, Judge, Privacy, Oil & Sour Gas, Israel, Grow-op

How low will the PMO stoop? Is there a bottom?

[. . . . ] "If the polls look right and they think they're facing the executioner with Gomery coming down, then they orchestrate their own defeat, go to the polls (and) blame us for not letting Gomery speak." [. . . . ]

Read how this will be done.

"I read the judgment as also saying you could never have a Canadian Guantanamo Bay, because it would violate the Charter"

Judge orders CSIS to stop interrogating Omar Khadr -- Guantanamo detainee: Federal agencies told to halt interviews that end up in U.S. hands Tom Barrett, Aug. 19, 05

"While CSIS and DFAIT have a duty to collect information for national security purposes, I fail to see anything amounting to the right to question a person who does not want to be questioned."

Search: Dennis Edney

Unbelievable! Who is this judge?

Should everyone remember this the next time the police decide to question a suspect?

Privacy watchdog critical of 'no fly' -- "privacy rights" vs security

No-fly list an invasion of rights: privacy commissioner -- Jennifer Stoddart

Transportation Minister Jean Lapierre has said the government would not use racial or country profiling in figuring out which names to put on the list and would respect Canadians' rights under the Constitution. [. . . . ]

So what use is the no-fly list if it is purged of the usual suspects because of political correctness. . . and the desperate PM's need for Librano$ voters? Eliminate the obvious suspect area(s) of the world, the one group responsible for most terrorism, and who is on the list?

A lesson from Keighley -- A Yorkshire MP tells of her fight against extremism among Britain's South Asians Ann Cryer

[. . . . ] If we do not have the courage to stand up and challenge unacceptable cultural practices when we see them, how can we ever expect others to do so? The teaching of a perverse interpretation in some of Britain's Muslim communities -- which fuels hatred, describes non-believers as "infidels" and breeds suicide bombers -- is absolutely unacceptable. Pointing this fact out does not amount to intolerance.

The problem goes beyond the teaching of violence: A patriarchal immigrant society that treats women as mere commodities, tolerates murder in the name of honour and forces children into marriages they do not want is unacceptable in a modern, 21st century society such as Britain's. [. . . . ]

So why are we allowing the recruitment of radicals from outside the U.K. when someone trained in this country, fluent in English (and other languages), is more in touch with the intricacies of our society and the needs of young people? [. . . . ]

In Canada, anyone who mentions these inconvenient facts is labelled a right wing racist. Truth is no excuse. Multiculturalism / diversity / the race industry / human rights industry rampant.

Montreal quintuplets' father tied to terrorists -- Pleads guilty to shipping materiel to Hezbollah -- "Living on welfare when the quints were born" Stewart Bell, Aug. 10, 05

Naji Antoine Abi Khalil, a Lebanese-born Canadian, admitted he had accepted a payoff in exchange for agreeing to falsify shipping records and send night-vision goggles and infrared aiming devices for M-16 rifles to Hezbollah agents in Athens. [. . . . ]

But that is not all . . .

Another fine immigrant. Incidentally, search "Jewish General Hospital" and treat yourself to a fine rage.

$20M grow-op bust -- "Xian Zhao Li, 39, of Bedale Cres. in Markham, and Han Chu Hu, 39, of Lount St. in Toronto, were arrested at the scene." Astrid Poei, Aug. 7, 05

Too few police, cheaper real estate in depressed areas, and courts which will have them back on the street in no time. Were they deprived? Should we feel sorry for them? Should the government "study" the problem?

Omar Bakri in Lebanon; vows to come back -- Is his right to return more compelling than everyone else's right to security?

[Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott] "But at the moment he has the right to come in and out."

"That is the circumstances at present and we have to change situations in this country by law," [. . . . ]

Today Gaza, Tomorrow Jerusalem Daniel Pipes, published in the NY Sun as "Are Critics Of Israel Correct?"

Given that about 80% of Palestinian Arabs continue to reject Israel's very existence, signs of Israeli weakness, such as the forthcoming Gaza withdrawal, will instead inspire heightened Palestinian irredentism. Absorbing their new gift without gratitude, Palestinian Arabs will focus on those territories Israelis have not evacuated. (This is what happened after Israeli forces fled Lebanon.) The retreat will inspire not comity but a new rejectionist exhilaration, a greater frenzy of anti-Zionist anger, and a surge in anti-Israel violence. [. . . . ]

OMHO, absolutely correct.

Does a country have the right to demand that its immigrants learn the language predominant in the country? -- "Denver plan for Spanish libraries hammered -- Proposal calls for 7 branches to make non-English material dominant"

Costs soar to increase Athabasca output -- Material prices cited: Up 80% to $7.3B from $4B estimate given in April Jan Harding, Aug. 11, 05

[. . . . ] reflects higher prices for materials such as steel as well as a decision to build the initial phase of the three-stage expansion to a larger scale [. . . . ]

Months ago, I posted that China was buying up scrap metal / steel.

Deadly Alberta oil-well explosion

[. . . . ] "You could smell the sulphur," he said. "You could smell the gas burning, but it wasn't a putrid smell or anything like that.

"Anytime you hear sour gas you get a little nervous."

The explosion happened as a contract company was working on the new oil well, which has a sour gas content, to bring it into service, said Darin Barter, spokesman with the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board. [. . . . ]

Remember Wiebo Ludwig’s War Against Big Oil, By Andrew Nikiforuk?

Maybe you'd fight too -- Many Albertans fear the name of Wiebo Ludwig, who is to be released from prison today. But many can also identify with his cause, says ANDREW NIKIFORUK

[. . . . ] Imagine you live in a country where the government owns almost everything under your feet: the rocks, the gas, the oil -- you name it. This state in turn makes billions by selling these mineral rights to a 1,000 different companies. Over time, these companies industrialize the landscape with a million kilometres of seismic lines, 300,000 kilometres of pipelines, hundreds of gas plants and tens of thousands of wells -- and all in a pretty ad hoc fashion. Even parks must sport wells and pipelines. But, hey, its all in the public interest.

Now imagine you are a landowner in this Soviet-style state.[. . . . ]

Generally speaking, no one will tell you that sour gas is a cyanide-like poison. Or that it's so toxic that the Canadian government even used it in its secret chemical-warfare program during the Second World War. Or that one gas well might to lead to another four; or a pipeline. Or ceaseless traffic, access roads and a fax machine in your kitchen so the gas company can contact you night and day in case there is an emergency. [. . . . ]

Search: funding from the oil and gas industry , the Energy and Utility Board , "there is a need"

Saboteurs : Wiebo Ludwig's War Against Big Oil -- ISBN: 1551991012

Ludwig’s claims that sour gas leaks caused two miscarriages and one stillbirth within his family cannot be proven since no direct studies have tested the . . . .


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