August 13, 2005

Updated & PM does NOT choose the obvious candidate to chair security panel


DebkaFile: New surge in Al Qaeda’s internal electronic and human traffic via Jack's Newswatch, Aug. 13, 05

DEBKAfile’s counter-terror sources register a volume and heightened sense of anticipation in al Qaeda’s internal communications, signals, publications and Websites - mostly in code - that recall its electronic traffic in the months leading up to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. The sense of a big anti-American event in the making for September-October is marked. . . .

EDITORIAL: His name lives in infamy -- Murderer, cop killer, Allan Craig MacDonald has "his RIGHT TO PRIVACY?!?! " I posted previously today on this but this adds a bit to how the whole thing was handled.

End of update

Paul Martin does NOT choose the obvious candidate to chair security panel

Caveat: I do not know the scope of the job of this security panel so I have just included any ideas that came to mind concerning Canadians' security whether border / ports related or security in their daily lives. Some may not apply but I am assuming an advisory capacity with some clout and power to influence. NJC

Ex-senator has 'no experience' to lead new security panel -- Paul Martin should have given the job to Colin Kenny, head of the Senate's national security and defence committee who has been warning this government about the perilous state of national security for a long time, not some "top Liberal fundraiser" whose knowledge may be inadequate on national security . . . or is that the intent? We wouldn't want someone who actually KNOWS what should be done. Deputy PM and responsible for Canada's security Anne McLellan KNOWS that as chairman of this security panel, Canadians need a LIKEABLE, confidence inspiring LIBERAL FUNDRAISER and ex-Senator who was "chairman of the standing committee on banking, trade and commerce."!

Oh, yes, banking, trade and commerce. Now, it is all clear. He should/will know whose toes not to step on.

Will he have the fortitude to interfere with those triad members who managed to get into Canada along with the business network(s) . . . or are there none . . . that the government has admitted exist? He should talk to Senator Kenny and a few other MP's if that is the case. He could re-read the whistleblowers' evidence -- link posted Aug. 12, 05.

Will he be willing to re-think facilitating the entry to Canada and loosening of the border controls to Central American and other entrants via Mexico; think Al Qaeda, criminal gang members, members of Mara Salvatrucha, et cetera, massed at the US border trying to enter the US illegally, many of whom will be coming to Canada, undoubtedly? Think of the Mexico/US/Canada NAFTA--or has it another acronym?--which will allow freer entry to Canada? Which potential entrants already have their false documents ready? Will he work to end the entry of "refugees" who had documents to get on a plane but none when they land? Of those carrying false documents? Will he see that his panel facilitates their being turned around, put on a plane and deported IMMEDIATELY, not after years and years of living on Canadian's $$$ largesse?

Will he consider encouraging and advising on re-opening RCMP detachments which have been closed and hiring officers with knowledge and experience who have retired or who are about to? Will he use his position to influence in an effort to get the courts to actually sentence violent criminals as a deterrent and not to let them out to increase Canadians' security in their own homeland? Will he have the fortitude to facilitate kicking out potential terrorists, hate spewing, jihadi-encouraging scum?

Will he stand firm in the face of this or cave in to political correctness and hence compromise our security and the disruptions to peace and order in expressing dissenting views (Remember votes)? Palestinians file complaint against Ontario Police chiefs -- worth reading for the method and do not miss the comments. The author further does not miss the opportunity to portray Muslims and Palestinians as victims, even in Canada by saying that authorities do not go after Jewish pro-Israel advocates like they do with police coming against pro-Palestinian rallies and advocates. . Could it be, perhaps, because the Palestinian rallies and advocates tend toward more virulent outbursts of hatred? Could that be it? Bear in mind the intolerance, the hatred spewed at Concordia because of Benjamin Netanyahu coming to speak? Then think of the Israel Apartheid Week at the U of T last January. (check this website for more.) These activities contribute to insecurity.

Note that the name Al-Awda is associated with the letter. Apparently, Security people I have spoken to suspect this group of having ties to Islamic Jihad. Will this new chairman be cognizant of these little bits of information and other bits that can be found on various sites, often posted as well on Canadian Coalition for Democracies?

Will he know about this site?
Activities of Religion of Peace -- very informative for anyone on a security panel, particularly in the face of the above-mentioned letter to the police chiefs.

Will he be aware of this? It concerns profiling Let's not offend anybody... -- and will he try the test himself? Actually, we are told to email this so I am posting it: scroll down for "Profiling . . . "

Will he understand the influence of criminal gangs at the ports (e.g. Hells at Vancouvcer), drug gangs and their money being used to finance terrorism, to say nothing of ruining our youth and now moving into the North in places like Labrador and the diamond mining areas?

Will he realize the implications of supporting the UN (Think China, Russia, a few thuggocracies at the UN) to control the Internet? Will he support the US to keep our communication out of the hands of the UN? Does he know about the "learning" aspect of deals with China and the consequent insecurity, to say nothing of outright theft of intellectual property?

Unfortunately, above all, this newly appointed chairman has the credentials in business and in the Liberal Party and government, IMHO, to know what he must do to please Paulie's Platoon. . . to keep a lid on everything, I anticipate.

The Priority? Get Paul Martin re-elected with all that that entails. There is no other priority. But he will be likeable; even Sen. Kenny says that.

Will the security panel understand the implications of this and actually do something? This isn't about just border security; it is about citizens' confidence and ability to go about their lives unafraid. First kick out the scum and secure our borders. Stop scum from entering and address the following type of problem, along with the gangs in places like Toronto.

DNA links dead cop killer to cold case -- Brampton student's murderer had just been paroled for 'good behaviour' -- "convicted in the 1975 shooting death of a police officer and a taxi driver in Dartmouth, N.S." Why was a cop killer paroled at all? Did he claim he'd found God? BS was obviously accepted and so a promising young engineering student was brutally raped and murdered. Will the chairman understand that some people are evil through and through and they do not reform?

Search: citing privacy legislation

Article by Nicholas Kohler, National Post, Aug. 13, 05

Much too sensible to ever be considered: Why Toronto will never impose a curfew on youth Arthur Weinreb, Associate Editor, August 10, 2005

Search: including the way too politically correct police chief

Foreign government could end up controlling U.S. radio frequency identification system -- "the technology for high tech scanning of persons entering and exiting" Judi McLeod, Aug. 10, 05

What do these guys have in common? "Canadian members have included Power Corp.’s Paul Desmarais, Bombardier’s Laurent Beaudoin, former Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. Allan Gotlieb and current Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. Frank McKenna."


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