September 14, 2006

Sept. 14, 2006: Kimveer Gill -- Montreal

Update: Kimveer Gill's blog --

There is a photo of Kimveer Gill here, entitled "You're next". There are other photos, also.

Blog of Dawson College gunman paints dark portrait -- Kimveer Gill's image gallery with more than 50 photos of him "holding a Baretta CX4 Storm semi-automatic rifle, CP, Sep. 14 2006 6:52 AM ET

In an online blog, Kimveer Gill includes a photo of a tombstone with his name printed on it - below it the phrase: "Lived fast died young. Left a mangled corpse."

The blog, posted on an online hub of goth culture, paints a dark portrait of the 25-year-old man published reports have identified as the trenchcoat-wearing gunman who opened fire on students at Montreal's Dawson College Wednesday, killing one and injuring 19 others. [....]

Was the semi-automatic registered?

Gunman wore trench coat, mowhawk -- 25-year-old Montreal man took 3 weapons into college re: Kimveer Gill, Graeme Hamilton, National Post; with files from CanWest News Service, September 14, 2006

Provincial police, who are called in to investigate any shootings by Montreal officers, said the gunman was a 25-year-old man, born in Quebec, who lived in the suburbs of Montreal. [....]

'Hate' blog attracts suspicious minds
'Montreal people I hate'
, Siri Agrell, National Post, September 14, 2006

[PeopleIHateinMontreal blog -- now unavailable ....] Last night the unknown blogger updated his site to note he was not involved in the tragedy at Dawson, and that he hated the people who speculated about it.

The Web log, posted through the Blogspot site owned by Google, was started on Sept. 3. [....]


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