September 14, 2006

Sept. 14, 2006: Intriguing ...

When one news article of two is no longer available (Casino Connections 1), yet, the other (Casino Connections ll) is available, it gets my notice. Below is a re-posting, what I posted of the missing one previously, plus its companion piece.

Update and more information on Stanley Ho, triads, banks, gambling / gaming and China-related on which I posted: FHTR Sept. 12, 2006: Stanley Ho -- re: Gambling / Gaming

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Memory Lane: Only "Casino Connections 1" is blocked. Why?

Why can we read so many articles on the website of the Asia Pacific Post but not this one? Link to the Asia Pacific Post here and search: China for Casino Connections 1. It is no longer available though, strangely, Casino Connections 2 is, still, so I am repeating an excerpt from FHTR April 17, 05: Canada's Immigration System -- In Action -- Casino Connections 1 -- A lavish feast to signify the reemergence of the 14K Triad in Macau will have ripple effects in B.C. -- , Jul 8, 2004. Note, [???] were used in place of punctuation marks in the original, so I put in apostrophes and quotation marks -- which may be incorrect, though they made sense to me.

As the final touches were being put to the River Rock casino resort in Richmond "B.C.'s latest gaming complex "a lavish banquet was held in Macau attracting Asia's A-list of tycoons and Triad bosses.

[. . . . ] On an international scale, Asian Organised Crime investigators said the 14K and their affiliates will use casinos around the globe for loan sharking, money laundering and a host of others signature organized crime activities.

[. . . . ] As for the 14K, a U.S. government study on the scope of Asian organized crime in Canada released last year said the Chinese Mafia gang is the fastest growing Triad group in Canada.

[. . . . ] "14K's global network has allowed it to steal credit card data from all over the world, including the United States and Canada, by installing magnetic recorders in credit card terminals," the U.S. report to Congress stated.

The 14K has a well established cell in Toronto while individual chapters operate autonomously across North America.

[. . . . ] Scores of them like Lower Mainland residents Kwok Tam, who had his picture taken with former B.C. premier Glen Clark to show off to his buddies, Betty "Big Sister" Yan, a prolific loan shark according to police reports and others with nicknames like Stupid Ricky and Black Ghost Ming are on casino blacklists.

Yan, for instance is a mother of a two-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl. She has been on the police radar ever since she landed in Vancouver in 1995 to claim refugee status.

[. . . . ] As she fights the deportation order on humanitarian grounds . . . .

[. . . . ] The ostentatious Lisboa Hotel, is the flagship of Macau gambling czar Stanley Ho who has extensive business dealings in Vancouver and Toronto. His daughters had applied for casino licences in B.C. under the NDP government.

Stanley Ho, the Asian casino king, is listed in a variety of intelligence reports in Canada and the U.S. as having strong Triad connections. Australia has banned him from operating casinos. His office has vehemently denied any criminal links.

[. . . . ] Aside from the Ma brothers, others in attendance included Broken Tooth's Triad big brother "Blackie Hwa" who is the director general of the newly-minted Heng Son Sports Club and boss of the Casino Lisboa, Four Seas gang boss Chia Jun-nien and a high-ranking member of the Bamboo Union – one of Taiwan's most powerful organized crime syndicates.

A number of high level representatives of gang lords in Hong Kong with affiliates in Vancouver and Toronto also attended the banquet.

"It is only a question of time before we see how the events in Macau will play out locally," said a Vancouver-based Asian organized crime expert.

You may have missed this one. Because of the reference to banking, on which I have posted today, this might be worth reading in its entirety on the Asia Pacific Post website if it doesn't disappear too. In case it is not there today, here is my excerpt.

-- CASINO CONNECTIONS Part 2 - Stanley Ho's house of cards -- Money laundered through Macau casino ended up in Richmond and Vancouver banks , Jul 22, 2004

Stanley Ho, the undisputed gambling czar of Macau has friends in high places in virtually every corner of the globe.

In Canada, he has been feted and wooed and given medals by the likes of [. . . . link for the list on the Asia Pacific website -- Canadian, US and other politicians.]

But there is a dark side to the casino magnate, one which is secretly recorded in Canadian, American, British and Australian intelligence files.

The intelligence data, which has been vehemently denied by Ho and his friends in high places, state the operations of the gambling king are intricately linked to Asian organized crime.

A RCMP document called the Asian Organized Crime Roster has him listed as Triad leader while a similar American report put Ho on a watchlist.

[. . . . ] Far Eastern Economic Review magazine [. . . . ]

A report by prize-winning writer Barry Wain alleges that Ho‘s multibillion-dollar gaming flagship Sociedad de Tourism e Diversoes de Macau (STDM) is allegedly at the centre of a money-laundering scheme moving billions of dollars out of China through Macau into Hong Kong. [. . . . ]

[. . . . ] Funds sent abroad typically go into property in the US and Canada to pave the way for the emigration of family members, according to Chinese officials and Hong Kong police.

[. . . . ] He has tried several times through his daughters Pansy and Daisy to apply for casino licences in B.C., Alberta and Ontario.

[. . . . ] Unlike Canada or the United States, Ho has never been able to make much headway into Australia because of extensive Australian Security Intelligence Organisation reports on his background, connections and links.

[. . . . ] The New South Wales Gaming Licensing Board (now defunct) has a report on Stanley Ho which is stamped “never to be released.“ Its officials have deemed Ho “an unsuitable person to hold a casino licence”.


Bank of China scandal
entered Canada via Vancouver using false identities
Royal Bank Canada branch

Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
takes gamblers to so-called VIP rooms
"at Ho‘s crown jewel, the Hotel Lisboa, STDM‘s flagship casino and heaquarters in Macau"

offsetting arrangement
Documents provided to the Review by Winnie Ho [Stanley Ho's sister]
a bloody gang war in Macau
Asian Organized crime sources
involving him in the Philippines

I think it is time to re-think just what our immigration and refugee policies should be and who they are intended for.


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