September 17, 2006

Sept. 17, 2006: Violent Kids

The Scarred Heart: Understanding and Identifying Kids Who Kill

[....] Politicians would have us believe that if we can pass new and better laws, we can cut down on juvenile crime. But this is not the case. We must first understand what it is that leads a kid to kill in the first place before we can go on to the next step towards a solution to juvenile violence. Is there a new breed of kids who are bred with a gene for violence or is it today's society that plays a part in exacerbating the traits these "bad seeds" already have? [....]

As a forensic psychologist who works with violent children, I have conducted research and written a book based on the results of my nationwide Internet violence survey. [....] click results .

Note the results for : People make fun of me and I got hit myself

The Scarred Heart
Understanding and Identifying Kids Who Kill -- pdf format
-- You may have to click on the url for the .pdf format report.

Preface and Acknowledgements
Chapter 1 - Introduction: The Problem
Chapter 2 - "Inner-City Killers": The Traditional Worry
Chapter 3 - Kids Who Kill - Themselves
Chapter 4 - From Pearl to Littleton and Beyond
How Personality and Environment Influence Violent Kids
Chapter 5 - Violent Girls - The Fastest Growing Problem
Chapter 6 - Profiling Dangerous Kids
(and Understanding Normal Ones)
Chapter 7 - Suggestions for Schools, Teachers and Parents
What Can Help? What Can Hurt?
Chapter 8 - Success Stories
Chapter 9 - Frequently Asked Questions / A Final Note
Appendices, Index and About the Author


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