September 17, 2006

Sept. 17, 2006: Various

Integrity ...

About That Mercedes: Kofi takes us all for a ride , By Claudia Rosett, National Review, September 14, 2006

Remember Kojo Annan's Mercedes? The car that reporters kept asking about last year, finally sending Kofi Annan into a temper tantrum at a televised press conference? I'm talking of course about the green Mercedes SUV that Kofi Annan's son, Kojo, back in 1998, bought in Europe and shipped to Ghana, saving himself more than $20,000 in the process by making false use of his father's name and privileges as United Nations secretary-general. [....]

Of course, in a busy and crisis-beset world, few have time to wade through the maze of details surrounding the Kojo-Kofi vanished green Mercedes. The tale spins out to include Kofi Annan sending Kojo $15,000 to pay for a car, and meeting with Kojo in Paris, during the same month, November, 1998, that Kojo was buying and shipping the Mercedes. All this was going on while Kojo Annan was still consulting for a company, Cotecna Inspection, which the following month landed a lucrative U.N. contract to "authenticate" relief imports into Saddam Hussein's Iraq, under the U.N. Oil-for-Food program. It is a labyrinth on which Volcker closed the door by saying he found no evidence of wrongdoing by Kofi Annan; merely that Kofi could have done a better job of looking into Kojo's ventures. We cannot ask for details from the former investigator, Robert Parton, who in April, 2005 defected from Volcker's probe, implying at the time through his lawyer that Volcker was going soft on Annan. Last year, Volcker went to court and got a seven-year gag order against Parton. [....]

Why isn't the UN talking about this? , posted by rosemarie59

Lebanese children being indoctrinated at Hezbollah training camps. The photo of the boy (looks to be 9 or 10 years old) brandishing an Uzi is sickening to say the least.

[.... robmik] Amnesty Int'l has, two days ago, and very surprisingly, accused Hezbollah of war crimes for rocket attacks on civilian areas in Israel. I don't believe their "findings" included any opinion on the the shield-tactics of Hezbollah in Lebanon.

[.... rosemarie] This is the hypocritical part, they have the blessing of the Lebanese Ministry of Education. Remember during the fighting, when the Lebanese were portrayed as victims of Hezbollah? Well they're willing accomplices, as some suspected all along if they're willing to let their youth fight their battles. Even if the 42,000 are children of Hezbollah supporters, this is a STATE SPONSORED program. Quote from the article: About the Islamifocation of Somalia.

'Hezbollah youth scouts' train in terrorism
Thousands of children, teens prepare for apocalyptic battle against 'evil' -- Don't miss the photos
, Aaron Klein, Sept. 14, 06

"Hezbollah established its Imam Mahdi Scouts to attract Shiite children and adolescents, to influence their hearts and minds and to prepare new generations of youth indoctrinated with radical Shiite Islam, which propounds the idea of the return of the Mahdi (messiah) as one of Hezbollah's central principles," states a report ...

[....] "Hezbollah's Mahdi Scouts was established by the terror group in 1982 and operates under the jurisdiction of the Lebanese Ministry of Education. According to the Center for Special Studies, the Scouts have about 42,000 Lebanese males and females between the ages of 8-16 organized into 499 groups." [....]

Muslim Target -- re: Oriana Fallaci who died this week, By Robert Spencer,, June 14, 2005

Oriana Fallaci .... The renowned Italian journalist [lived] in hiding because of death threats she received after the publication in 2001 of her book The Rage and the Pride. [... She was going to go] on trial for “defaming Islam.”

The complaint comes from Adel Smith, president of the Muslim Union of Italy, who was never charged with defaming Christianity after he referred to a crucifix as a “miniature cadaver” during his 2003 efforts to have depictions of Christ on the Cross removed from Italian schools.[1] [....]

His new suit against Fallaci is hardly less frivolous, but Smith was able to find a judge willing to play along. Judge Armando Grasso of the Italian city of Bergamo ruled in a preliminary hearing that Fallaci’s latest book, La Forza della Ragione (The Force of Reason), contained eighteen statements “unequivocally offensive to Islam and Muslims,” and that therefore she must be tried.[4] He was working from a list compiled by Smith, who complained that Fallaci has “propagated hate against Islam and Muslims, distorting real historical facts and inventing others, lying, offending, and defaming Muslims around the world.”[5] Smith exulted at Grasso’s decision: “It is the first time a judge has ordered a trial for defamation of the Islamic faith. But this isn’t just about defamation. We would also like (the court) to recognize that this is an incitement to religious hatred.”[6]

Italian Justice Minister Roberto Castelli was unhappy with Grasso’s decision. “In Europe,” he declared, “we are seeing the birth of a movement that is looking to silence those who don’t follow a single mindset, within which it is forbidden to speak ill of Islam….In Fallaci’s book there is very strong criticism but not defamation.”[7]

Worth reading in its entirety. Don't miss the quotations from Fallacci.

The Tehran Calculus, By Charles Krauthammer, September 15, 2006; Page A19, Washington Post, posted by rosemarie59

[....] Then there is the larger danger of permitting nuclear weapons to be acquired by religious fanatics seized with an eschatological belief in the imminent apocalypse and in their own divine duty to hasten the End of Days. The mullahs are infinitely more likely to use these weapons than anyone in the history of the nuclear age. Every city in the civilized world will live under the specter of instant annihilation delivered either by missile or by terrorist. This from a country that has an official Death to America Day and has declared since Ayatollah Khomeini's ascension that Israel must be wiped off the map.

Against millenarian fanaticism glorying in a cult of death, deterrence is a mere wish. Is the West prepared to wager its cities with their millions of inhabitants on that feeble gamble?

These are the questions. These are the calculations. The decision is no more than a year away.

CBC is still reporting that the one who shot 14 women at the Ecole Polytechnique was Marc Lepine, not Gamil Gharbi, son of an Algerian Muslim woman-hater who taught his son to hate.

Peter Worthington: CBC's idea of 'objectivity' is nuts , Sept. 14, 06

It seems incredible that the CBC would suspend a TV reporter for writing a letter praising our troops in Afghanistan.

Yet that’s what the CBC has done to Radio-Canada TV reporter Christine St-Pierre for writing an open letter to La Presse saying our soldiers deserve respect and support.

[....] The CBC, arguably, is the least “objective” of any news organization in Canada. Listen to CBC Radio’s Cross Canada Checkup for empirical evidence of CBC “objectivity.” For every caller who expresses one view, another caller is chosen to express the opposite view. It is selective balance to appear impartial and inoffensive and leaves the listener stranded. [....]

Search: Kosovo , Baghdad , Calgary filmmaker Garth Pritchard , the separatist slant , FLQ

Don't miss the examples.

List of multiple or mass murder cases in Canada , CP, Updated Sat. Apr. 8 2006 5:24 PM ET

Below is a listing of many mass or multiple murder cases in Canada, compiled by The Canadian Press:

- Three hundred and twenty-nine people, including 278 Canadians, killed when bomb explodes on an Air India jet flying from Toronto to Bombay in June 1985. Two British Columbia men were tried for murder but were found not guilty.

- Fourteen women killed by anti-feminist Marc Lepine [Gamil Gharbi] at Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique engineering school in December 1989. Lepine wounded another nine women and four men and fatally shot himself.

- Thirteen people died after being herded into a storage room in Montreal's Gargantua nightclub in 1975. Some were shot but most suffocated when the building was set on fire in what was believed to be an underworld contract hit.

- Nine people gunned down by Mark Chahal, a spurned son-in-law in Vernon, B.C., who killed his estranged wife, her bride-to-be-sister and seven other relatives before killing himself in April 1996. [....]

- Bodies of four adults and a baby associated with the doomsday cult Order of the Solar Temple found in the burned-out remains of a chalet in Morin Heights, Que., in 1994. The couple believed responsible fled to Switzerland where they were among 53 cultists who were killed or committed suicide. [....]

- Four members of engineering faculty at Concordia University in Montreal gunned down in 1992 by Valery Fabricant, a disgruntled colleague sentenced to life in prison with no parole for 25 years. [....]

Today might be a good time to review how we came to have a gun registry. Remember Gamil Gharbi aka Marc Lepine?, News Junkie Canada, Aug. 17, 2003.

Update: Monday, July 14, 2003

Canada's First Muslim Terrorist

The following is related to the coming of the gun registry -- and to the depiction of Canadian males as violent toward women -- as every anniversary of the Montreal Massacre at the Ecole Polytechnique reminds us. The feminists see to that. [....]

Politics over principle?

Charest vows to take on feds over gun control -- Quebec Premier Jean Charest has vowed to oppose the federal plan to scrap the long-gun registry in the wake of a brutal Montreal shooting that left 19 wounded and one dead.

Scroll down for related: Memory Lane: A climate for crime
Maybe Premier Charest and a few others should look at these posts.

IAEA: U.S. report on Iran is 'dishonest' -- A House of Representatives report on Iran's nuclear capability is "outrageous and dishonest," a senior official of the UN nuclear watchdog has said.

U.S. politicians favour Canada border fence study, Sep. 15 2006, CP

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. House of Representatives has again endorsed a study on building a security fence along the Canada-U.S. border.
The politicians passed the measure by a vote of 283-138 Thursday in a bill that also authorizes a 1,126-kilometre barrier along the border with Mexico to deal with illegal immigrants.

Yemeni authorities foil two oil plant bombings -- Four suicide bombers were killed by security forces in Yemen trying to blow up two oil facilities with explosives-packed cars, Yemen's Interior Ministry said Friday.

Ford cuts 14,000 jobs, closing Canadian plant -- Ford Motor Company announced Friday morning it is cutting 14,000 salaried jobs across North America in a bid to save $5 billion US in costs

Palestinians May Walk Away From Self-Government -- "the worst-led people on the planet." , Posted by Capt Ed on 16:28:58 2006/09/13

The Washington Post reports that the newly-declared unity government might not last very long if its leaders cannot convince Israel and the West to lift economic sanctions imposed after Hamas took power earlier this year. More Palestinians believe that the Palestinian Authority should collapse if it cannot meet its payroll:

Created a dozen years ago to administer the occupied Palestinian territories, the frail political system called the Palestinian Authority is now broke, paralyzed by months of partisan infighting and depleted by Israeli arrests. A growing number of Palestinians -- a group that has expanded in recent months from a core of secular intellectuals to include officials from the leading political movements -- have begun advocating openly for the authority's dissolution. [....]

Very interesting ...

Until Fatah and Hamas charters end call for Israel's destruction, Canada must deny funding to Palestinian Authority

Toronto, Canada, Tuesday, September 12, 2006 - Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh announced an agreement yesterday to form a Palestinian unity government. The article in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida makes it clear that the reason for this arrangement is the "resumption of [Western] aid".

"Western aid was stopped with the election of Hamas, because Hamas refused to renounce violence and recognize the state of Israel," said Alastair Gordon, president of the Canadian Coalition for Democracies. "To this day, the charters of both Fatah (PLO) and Hamas both call for the destruction of Israel through violence."

Were Canada to resume funding of the Palestinian Authority, it would be funding a government whose guiding principles are clearly stated in its governing charters:

* Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.'

* Initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement [Hamas].'

* There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad.'

* Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavours.'

* Nor do Jews constitute a single nation with an identity of its own.'

"The Palestinian Authority has received billions in Western aid, while violence and incitement have grown dramatically," added Gordon. "If Canada resumes funding the PA while the Fatah and Hamas charters call for Israel's annihilation, and before there has been a lengthy period without attacks or incitement, then we are supporting a government whose words and actions do not even pretend to be interested in anything but the violent destruction of Israel and her people.

"Unconditional funding has rendered Palestinian society violent, dysfunctional and dependent. We now have a chance to introduce incentives that may start to change that tragic situation."

If you would like to express your views on this situation to The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of Foreign Affairs, please send him an email at
Hamas Charter:
Fatah (PLO) Charter:

Related: The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas Feb. 14, 06

In view of the recent victory of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in the Palestinian Authority Legislative Council elections, it is important to make the Hamas covenant [1] available in English for English speaking readers. The English version which is currently posted in a number of websites is not satisfactory, and therefore MEMRI is providing here a closer, more accurate translation. [....]

Montreal's Trudeau airport safe, say officials -- Earlier this summer, Journal de Montréal reporter Fabrice de Pierrebourg says he entered several ... Cargo zone security lags at Montreal's Trudeau airport ... , 12 Sep 2006

It's so easy to get in, it's scary -- Journal de Montreal reporter Fabrice de Pierrebourg was able to easily gain access to restricted areas of Trudeau Airport without being bothered by security ... , 12 Sep 2006

Memory Lane: A climate for crime

Maybe Premier Charest and a few others should look at these posts.

News Junkie Canada, April 1, 2004

Sponsorship Scandal--Inconsequential Compared to This. Who Benefitted by Allowing It to Grow to These Proportions?

Watch for Dr. Schneider's Report.

Why did the Liberal government cut back the RCMP while knowing this activity was going on? $30 billion can corrupt a whole society; yet, Canada's government consistently underfunded the RCMP and the prosecution. Canada's government has created the best climate in the world for carrying out the type of activity detailed here and in so many news outlets today. Was it was part of the job creation strategy? This is so pervasive that--were it properly funded, manned and investigated--the sponsorship scandal would be inconsequential compared to this. Who benefitted by allowing it to grow to these proportions?

Police 'losing war' on dirty money -- Criminals using banks, other institutions to launder money, RCMP probe finds, Adrian Humphreys, National Post, Apr. 1, 04

Friscolanti, Alberts, Humphreys: (Alleged) Drug Kingpin, a Deportee Who Deigned to Leave Canada

Police nab U.S. ecstasy ring based in Ottawa -- 170 arrested in joint bust, Michael Friscolanti and Sheldon Alberts with files from Adrian Humphreys, Ottawa Citizen/National Post/CanWest

Quote to Note:

*** The alleged kingpin, Ze Wai Wong, 46, was picked up early yesterday while he slept at his Scarborough condominium. The Chinese national is well-known to police; he was arrested in 1994 and later ordered deported, but it appears he never left. "He was the mastermind," said Chief Superintendent Ben Soave of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, a task force of investigators from Toronto police, the Ontario Provincial Police and the RCMP. ***

There are other posts concerning security, as well.


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