September 20, 2006

Sept. 20, 2006: Is it what ... or whom you know?

Harmony Airlines -- David TK Ho

Harmony to start transpacific service with partners' help -- Hawaiian Airlines and Air Pacific , Chris Sorensen, Financial Post, September 20, 2006

Harmony Airways Inc. is set to expand its reach across the Pacific after receiving permission from Canadian regulators to operate flights to Australia and Fiji. [....] Harmony has a similar codeshare relationship with China Eastern that allows it to sell tickets to destinations in China.

Who owns Air Pacific? It's not completely clear to me -- more research needed. Qantas owns 46.5 percent of Air Pacific, so don't be surprised if you're ushered onto an Air Pacific plane when you thought you'd booked on Qantas. ...

Air Pacific Annual Report pdf -- Air Pacific Limited currently owns 100 shares in Richmond Limited ...

Air Pacific, Fiji's International Airline -- "During the year, the previously fully owned subsidiary, Richmond Ltd, was launched as a joint venture with Colonial Life Fiji Ltd to construct the Novotel Denarau Island Resort and ... services to Apia, Nukualofa and Port Vila." -- "service to Los Angeles ... Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland"

Novotel Denarau Island Resort

The Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa is owned by Richmond Ltd -- Gerald Barrack, Chairman of Richmond Limited, said the decision to upgrade the hotel to Accor’s premier Sofitel brand reflected the growth in demand for upmarket accommodation from Fiji’s principal source markets.

Will it be a gambling resort? Another rest and recreation spot for those members of the UN overworked from doing so much good throughout the world?

Memory Lane: David TK Ho and Harmony Airlines
... networks of friends and associates

Frost Hits the Rhubarb: May 15 - 20, 2005

Harmony to have China flights , Financial Post, May 19, 05 [....]

Business Deals: Harmony Air China Flights [....]

Winning in Business in Canada: More Tripping Along the Yellow Brick Road

I have noted a great degree of cross-pollination between educational institutions, honourary degrees, other awards, political donations, civic celebrations, networks in Canada which have gone global, powerful figures in our government, what appear to be political favours and great success in business. See what you think. [....]

China, Canada, Networks & Connections, Harmony Airways, Donations to PM, Awards Received & More

For an airline begun such a short time ago, in the face of extremely difficult times for the air industry, David TK Ho's Harmony Airlines' rise has been meteoric. Of course, it helps to have studied in Canada years ago, to be very wealthy, and . . . . [....]

The HSBC (bank) is one of Li Ka-shing's companies, along with Cheung Kong Holdings, involved in construction of the Black Tusk Highway leading up to Whistler and the Olympics 2010. HSBC was mentioned as a sponsor, along with TK Ho and Harmony Air, of the "HSBC Celebration of Light" , Radical Press, 2/19/2003. Note the date. [....]

2003 October -- CSL wins award in Hong Kong [CSL used to belong to Paul Martin, ex-PM, now belongs to his sons, according to my information, but check what has happened since Martin lost in the last election.]

There are other connections and networks of interest -- and awards.

The winning campaign: Citation For Outstanding TV Campaign -- “One2Free ‘SMS Lovers’" -- Hong Kong CSL Ltd. -- Paul Martin's CSL--ex-company--divested to his sons. Check when. [....]


The former deck-hand who bought the company -- Paul Martin will be the first Canadian prime minister with a true, blue-ribbon background in business , November 4, 2003, Glen McGregor, Ottawa Citizen [....]

The donors' list shows that Mr. Martin's support from the business world is transnational, with Chinese billionaire Li Ka Shing and Hong Kong airline operate David TK Ho donors to the Martin leadership campaign, through Canadian companies. [....]

May 27, 2005 ... Growing an Airline in Canada .... Ho of Harmony Airlines & DTKH Robson Developments .... Hainan Airlines


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