September 24, 2006

Sept. 24, 2006: Muslim Honour Killing Suspected

Honour Killing in Canada?

But we are a diverse, multicultural, peaceful nation ... Where are the feminists speaking out about this?

Hasibullah Sadiqi in Ottawa Police Custody, Sean Connolly, September 23, 2006 -- via, posted by: maz2, September 23, 2006 09:07 PM

The main suspect in the city's 13th homicide of 2006 turned himself over to Ottawa police this morning. 20-year-old Hasibullah Sadiqi, brother of slain Khatera Sadiqi, entered the Elgin street police station without incident.
He was charged with First Degree Murder, Attempt to Commit Murder, Use of a Firearm while Committing an Indictable Offence, and Possession of a Firearm. He will appear in Court on Sunday.

A young woman shot to death in a car at an east end mall -- "Just last Saturday, Sadiqi was modelling clothes for the store's customers"

[....] Hameed Mangal said he heard Hasibullah Sadiqi had issues with the relationship.

"He wasn't happy because they were engaged,"
Hameed, 24, said.

The possibility of Khatera Sadiqi's death being related to an honour killing baffled Hameed as he tried to relax in the hospital's emergency room last night. [....]

There is mention of "Afghan communities". How will this be processed to fit into the multicultural studies programs around Canada? Do you suppose in the "all cultures are equal" lesson this will be mentioned? Remember, "Islam is peace", unless you happen to be a woman who displeases an Islamic man.

Repeat: Islam is peace


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