September 25, 2006

Sept. 25, 2006: In Memoriam

Fallen police officers remembered on Parliament Hill

Police & Peace Officers' Memorial Ribbon Society: Photo Gallery

Honour Roll 2006: photos and brief biographies

There are links for other years, as well as a link to an RCMP Video with music

Honour Roll 2005: photos and brief biographies

Fallen police officers remembered on Parliament Hill, Tony Lofaro, CanWest, Ottawa Citizen, September 25, 2006 via newsbeat1

OTTAWA - Under a bright morning sun and blustery winds that threatened to topple the flags on the steps of Parliament Hill Sunday, thousands of police officers, peace officers and family members came to honour 10 fallen police officers who died in the line of duty in the past year.

The 29th National Police and Peace Officers' Memorial Service attracted police officers from across Canada and the United States who were there to reflect on and remember their fallen colleagues. This year, the names of 10 officers were added to the honour roll which already bears the weight of 729 police officers who have been killed while on duty. [....]


Blogger David Wilson said...

yeah, I read in the Globe that Stockwell and Giuliano were keeping their distance

I have known some Mounties, drank whisky with some of them, got to know them, I honour their dead, surely I do

God counts all of the sparrows that fall though does He not? so I have to ask, not for Maher Arar because he lived at least and has attained some justice, but I have to ask ... when do we honour Ian Bush on parliament hill?

Mon Sep 25, 09:26:00 PM 2006  

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