September 26, 2006

Sept. 26, 2006: Various

Prime Minister Harper's Official Address to the United Nations , Posted by Naresh on 17:29:09 2006/09/21

[....] We must focus our considerable but limited resources where we can make a real difference.

So let me turn to one particular and key area where global interest and higher purpose come directly together: the mission in Afghanistan.

The United Nations recognized shortly after the attacks of September 11th, 2001, that the Taliban regime, by its promotion of terrorism, was a threat to international peace and security.

Kofi Annan, .... said, "is a direct attack on the core values the United Nations stands for: the rule of law, the protection of civilians, mutual respect between people of different faiths and cultures, and peaceful resolution of conflict."

That is why we in the United Nations have the responsibility to defeat terrorism.
That is why, with unity and determination, the United Nations undertook its responsibility and its role in Afghanistan. And that is why Canada, which lost 24 of its own citizens on 9-11, answered the call.

And there we are. The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan is the UN's single largest special political mission.

It is also, by far, Canada's biggest and most important overseas engagement. So the UN's mission is Canada's mission.

No fewer than 19 UN agencies are in Afghanistan. They are working tirelessly to help the Afghan people and their national government shake off the perpetrators of terrorism and build a democratic and secure society. [....]

After all, if we fail the Afghan people, we will be failing ourselves. For this is the United Nations strongest mission and, therefore, our greatest test. Our collective will and credibility are being judged. We cannot afford to fail. We will succeed. [....]

Re: Al Gordon Addresses the United Nations (National Post) , Posted by Bill on 14:56:13 2006/09/21

I would like to offer an invitation. There are a few members of the UN who recognize that a brutal global jihad is being waged against the free world, but more who are friends or appeasers of that jihad. Today, I am inviting the leaders of those democratic nations who have proven their commitment to defending freedom and tolerance to join me at a Conference of Free Nations to be held in Canada. There, we will take the historic first steps in forging a Western alliance to defeat this brutal common enemy. [....]

I might take it a step further and call this a "non-Muslim" alliance of free nations and religions opposed to Jihad and Islamism (holding to the idea of eventual world domination of Islam). Just imagine what motivation it would give the so-called "moderate" Muslims if they see the entire world coming together in opposition to Islam. Self preservation might be the catalyst to drive the necessary reform. We are not going to win the "hearts and minds" of Muslims while it appears we are caving in to the extremists.

Tories' program cuts see $1B savings -- Another $1B planned -- axed "the Court Challenges Program, which paid tax dollars to the lawyers of special interest groups to fight government legislation in court,", James Gordon, CanWest, September 26, 06

Mr. Baird said the savings identified satisfy the government's request. It will result in the loss of between 300 to 340 public service jobs.

The job cuts will be dealt with through normal attrition.

[....] John Williamson, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, ... complaint ... more schemes were not eliminated.

[....] The Law Commission of Canada [Heritage Department], an independent agency which advises Parliament on how to modernize and improve legislation, and the Court Challenges Program, which funds special-interest groups to challenge federal laws on equality grounds, were both eliminated.

[....] Mr. Baird argued the government is no longer interested in funding opposition to legislation it believes is right.

Also gone are $78-million worth of tax rebates for tourists, a $13-million military radar program and $42-million worth of industry grants and funding programs. [....]

Now, go after that SOW. Go after NAC and unelected commissions and NGO's who do NOT support anything but the people who appointed them.

The distaff side ... in high dudgeon
SOW and NAC, Posted by: 'been around the block at September 25, 2006 11:11 PM

[....] Jeff, don't talk to me about CPC cuts to these groups "costing Canadian women millions." NAC and SOW programs have been costing Canadian women millions for almost 30 years--for very little return on our tax dollar. They've done a lousy job of representing or helping Canadian "women." Their constituency has been left-leaning, often lesbian, women-need-men-like-a-fish-needs-a-bicycle, feminists whose modus operandi has been, "if you don't agree with us, too bad and take a flying leap. We'll keep the government loot and to H*ll with you. Not only that, we'll put you down and accuse you of being 'anti-equality,' which means that you can never expect a penny from us. Ha, ha, ha..."

It's past time for them to go. The majority of Canadian women were never helped by their initiatives and perhaps that's about to change.

Tories announce spending cuts, By Jennifer Ditchburn, Sept. 25, 06

[....] -Smaller cabinet announced last February: $46.8 million.

-Administrative reductions to Status of Women: $5 million.

-End to medical marijuana science funding: $4 million. [....]

-Elimination of of Court Challenges Program: $5.6 million.

-Cancellation of National Defence radar project: $13.9 million.

-Consolidation of foreign missions: $4.5 million.

-Cuts to Law Commission of Canada: $4.2 million. [....]

-Elimination of $10.8 million First Nations/Inuit tobacco control strategy. [.... What tobacco control strategy? ]

Overheard on CBC today: much faux outrage about how the poor will be affected .... and special hot air generated over the fact that Diane Ablonczy actually answered a question in English. Oh, woe, Diane has got to go. She doesn't speak the only language that counts in CBC land when it is time to bash Conservatives. BS! This is a country of 70% plus non-French speakers. Get a life, Susan Bonner ... persistent CBC knock in the heads of Canadians who are not leftists/francophones.

Conservative Budget

Global warming cannot be questioned , by John Ratchford

Re: Liberals Nathan Cullen and John Godfrey, MP, and a tour of why "Scepticism is merited".

Nothing to see here, folks, Sept. 24, 06 -- "She's got it! By God, she's got it!", RightGirl on September 24, 2006

Just the Religion of Peace(tm) going about its daily business. A young Pakistani woman has been kidnapped, raped and beaten by .... This is what we're protecting every time .... Haul me in front of a kangaroo court. Hate and defile me, because its safer than seeing the truth, and directing your anger appropriately.

Do not miss reading this one -- and check the comments by jema54, vitruvius, SheilaG, NCF TO and others .......

Islamic Fascism 101 -- On all they’ve done to earn the name., By Victor Davis Hanson

Make no apologies for the use of “Islamic fascism.” It is the perfect nomenclature for the agenda of radical Islam, for a variety of historical and scholarly reasons. [....]

Fourth, just as it was idle in the middle of World War II to speculate how many Germans, Japanese, or Italians really accepted the silly hatred of Hitler, Mussolini, or Tojo, so too it is a vain enterprise to worry over how many Muslims follow or support al Qaeda, or, in contrast, how many in the Middle East actively resist Islamists.

Most people have no ideology, but simply accommodate themselves to the prevailing sense of an agenda’s success or failure. Just as there weren’t more than a dozen vocal critics of Hitler after the Wehrmacht finished off France in six weeks in June of 1940, so too there wasn’t a Nazi to be found in June 1945 when Berlin lay in rubble. [....]

The media doesn't get it, blogger says -- Advertising holds back 'needed' changes: Jeff Jarvis , Diane Francis, Financial Post, September 22, 2006

Jeff Jarvis is a blogging icon and new media expert who thinks the industry and its partner -- advertising -- are on the wrong track.

Mr. Jarvis writes a blog called, is a consultant to The New York Times, a columnist with the online version of Britain's The Guardian and newly minted professor at the City University of New York's Graduate School of Journalism.

[....] Q. What's happening in the media?

A. Advertising is holding back the changes needed in the media. Newspapers and others have to figure it out. On the one side is declining circulation and revenue and on the other is the thirst for information/news/entertainment. Unfortunately, advertising still values this [old] thing and people value this new thing.

The margins are not the same and I hear editors complaining about how they can maintain the [size of their] newsrooms. No other industry talks about how to maintain its shop floor. The world's changing and everybody must. It's a ridiculous place to start. Newspapers right now are too wasteful, commoditized and too much about supporting egos. [....]

Search: the creation of ad hoc networks , Dell Hell

Obviously, he's made a greater success of blogging than have most of us.

UK: Christian Coffins Should Be Aligned To Mecca , Western Resistance, Sept. 21, 06

In one of the most outlandish examples of how Britain puts the sensitivities of its minority Muslim population before others, a multi-faith cemetery is ensuring that ALL graves are aligned towards Mecca (northeast), even though Christian graves are normally aligned to face east. The news comes from Nottingham Evening Post . Mecca is in a southeasterly direction, but Islamic belief maintains that the dead look over their shoulder towards Mecca.

We have had the lavatories realigned in Brixton prison in April, so that no convicts' rears or dangly bits, whatever their faith, do not point towards Mecca while they do their business, but the move to make all graves align towards Mecca is ridiculous. [....]

US: Tariq Ramadan - Terror Supporter - Still Denied US Entry Visa, September 25, 2006

Tariq Ramadan (pictured) is a Swiss citizen, and regarded as an authoritative Muslim scholar. There has long been a controversy about whether or not Ramadan is a genuine "moderate", if such a creature exists, or if he is a supporter of extremism. His brother Hani Ramadan runs a Muslim center in his native Switzerland, the Islamic Center of Geneva, and is certainly no moderate. Hani believes that women should be stoned to death for adultery and has said AIDS was Allah's punishment for sin. (Try telling that to a child born with the disease). Tariq Ramadan is an executive director of his brother's Islamic Center.

Both Tariq and Hani Ramadan are the grandsons of Hassan al-Banna (1906 - 1949), the founder of the notorious Muslim Brotherhood (al-Ikhwanu I-Muslimin or Hizb al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimoon). Hassan al-Banna, who had been influenced by Sufi and Deobandi traditions, originally founded the MB in 1928 as a youth club, but allowed it to become a political entity in 1939. He said: "It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated; to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet." Al-Banna was assassinated in February 1949, killed by Egyptian government agents in Cairo. [....]

What I find sickening is that in Britain last year, in the aftermath of the 7/7 attacks which killed 52 people, the UK government included him in a secret consultation committee as an adviser. Though not a citizen of Britain, and despite being a closet supporter of terrorism, this Islamist actually was invited to help influence government policy. One of the anti-semitic proposals which was decided by the "Working Group on Tackling Extremism" in which Ramadan took part was the abolishing of Holocaust Memorial Day.

Note: "killed by Egyptian government agents in Cairo"

Are Canadians going to be able to protect themselves today in the face of madness? Or might it interfere with any number of their current pleasures?

The enemy within -- and it's not who you think (David Warren nails Islamofascism's 5th column) , David Warren, Ottawa Citizen - Canada, September 13, 2006, Posted on 09/13/2006 8:43:18 AM PDT by GMMAC

[....] My pessimism is founded in the fear that this robust and unified response cannot be mobilized. We have a huge fifth column in the West, and it is not the Muslim immigrants. They become radicalized only because our "victim culture" encourages them to nurture their grievances. Yet most, despite temptation, remain good, decent people, doing their share of the West's work.

Our real enemy is within us, in the immense constituency of the half-educated narcissists pouring from our universities each year -- that glib, smug, liberal, and defeatist "victim culture" itself, that inhabits the academy, our media, our legal establishment, the bureaucratic class. The opinion leaders of our society, who live almost entirely off the avails of taxation, make their livelihoods biting the hands that feed them, and undermining the moral order on which our solidarity depends. [....]

Sheema Khan, CAIR-CAN in RCMP & CSIS? , Posted by Denis on 16:30:12 2006/09/18

CAIR-CAN's parent organization has lost several of its principals to terror arrests, and here they are suggesting that they should enjoy an intimate partnership with CSIS and the RCMP, including being appointed as judges. Especially view the final recommendations and ask if this enhances or threatens our security against Islamic terror. [....]

Islam Needs a Pope , By Rachel Marsden, Toronto Sun September 26, 2006^

[....] The contestants will be chosen from among high-profile Islamic loudmouths and the Canadian federal Liberal party fundraising list. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad must be chosen, because he’s the Paris Hilton of world politics, always saying crazy stuff that’s good for ratings. The networks dig him—especially CBS. [....]

Showing common sense, Peter Worthington, Sept. 26, 06

Mercifully, a smidgen of common sense returned to Parliament Hill when the speaker revoked an order that uniformed staff cannot wear red ribbons to honour our soldiers in Afghanistan.

So, at the massive public turnout on Friday in Ottawa to show appreciation for our military, with thousands wearing symbolic "red," Commons security guards, bus drivers, cafeteria workers -- whoever wears a uniform -- could, if they wished, wear token red in support of our troops. [....]

NDPer Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre) apparently urged Commons staff to defy the order and wear red ribbons because "support for our troops in time of war transcends any kind of dress code." [....]

There must be another political party NDPer Pat Martin (Winnipeg Centre) fits better.

The unfairness of things: She's struggling to make ends meet while the government looks after the man who destroyed her life , Mark Bonokoski

Worth reading ... One of the reasons there are problems like this is that, probably with the best of intentions, rules were written to guide bureaucrats. Unfortunately, simple human common sense is missing, is against the rules ... but the rules will be followed.

Wrong arm of the law

The city of Prince Albert, Sask., has announced it plans to become violence-free. Last Friday, they proclaimed a law to that effect. Violence is now illegal in Prince Albert. [....]

A trade puffed up into a profession -- Law schools would be more useful if they taught students how to actually practise law , Murray Teitel, National Post, September 22, 2006

[....] The study of history, literature and philosophy can broaden horizons and impart depth of thought to the student. (Or at least, such was the case in the days before scholarship was replaced by propaganda in many Humanities departments.) Court judgments, however, lack the profundity found in Gibbon, Shakespeare and Hegel. [....]

People who parse law cases for meaning are likely to end up with a constricted rather than expanded vision. (Just ask my wife.) Sure, you can insert a philosophy course on the politics of Hegel into a law curriculum, but you could equally insert a course on hairdressing as an instrument of the oppression of women into a hairdressing curriculum.

Law is a trade puffed up into a profession. The public needs people trained as lawyers, not academics. [....]

Fauxtography , via newsbeat1

First of a five-part series

Children of 'the resistance' -- Canadian teens recruited in plot to overthrow Iranian government , Stewart Bell, National Post, September 23, 2006

A National Post investigation has found the banned terrorist group Mujahedin-e Khalq recruited teens in Canada and sent them abroad to overthrow the Iranian government by force. Today, we begin a five-part series about a Canadian family that got deeply involved with the guerrillas -- and now regrets it. [....]

"I trusted them," Mustafa, himself a former activist in the group, said of the guerrillas, better known as the Mujahedin-e Khalq, or MEK. "At the time I sent my daughter, I trusted them.... I thought this organization respect the human rights. I never thought they would do the same thing [Ayatollah] Khomeini did to his people."

An investigation by the National Post has found that the MEK sent recruiters to Canada to enlist teenagers and send them to Camp Ashraf, where they were armed and trained to overthrow the Iranian government by force.

One Iranian group in Toronto, the Centre for Thought, Dialogue and Human Rights in Iran, says three boys and seven girls under the age of 18 were sent to Ashraf.

The teens were sent from Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. Dozens of others older than 18 have attended the camp.

To date, only one Canadian is known to have returned to Canada from Ashraf. The rest remain at the camp to this day, either unable or unwilling to leave, and Somayeh is among them. [....]

George Jonas-Jihadists don't care about logic

Robert Fulford- "the lessons I learned at theCBC"-

Salim Mansur- perpetual rage machine


An eye-opening list: "Man run down by car, hacked with machete" , Kelly Patrick; with files from Melissa Leong, National Post, September 25, 2006

Review of Cold Terror by Stewart Bell -- Canadians will be madder than hell after they read Stewart Bell's shocking account of how the Canadian Government has allowed Sihk, Tamil and Islamic ...

With a help-mate like this, a man could ... run the world ... or hide

Authoritarian authoritarian -- Colleen Klein, Colby Cosh, National Post, September 22, 2006

[....] One might expect the underlying political ideology of such a person to be instinctively authoritarian, and the evidence can be found in the final report of the Premier's Task Force on Crystal Meth, which was co-chaired by Colleen Klein and released on Tuesday just in time to be mercifully veiled by the hubbub surrounding the Premier's resignation. The big attention-getter amongst the 83 recommendations was number 61: "The Government of Canada should enact and/or amend legislation that places a reverse onus on the accused [in meth cases], requiring them to prove that the possession of [chemical] precursors was for a purpose other than meth production." As written, this is not merely the sort of "reverse onus" that the federal government has occasionally tried to impose upon the peripheral elements of criminal justice, like bail proceedings. It's an explicit attack on the presumption of innocence within its innermost sanctum, the courtroom.

Ron Stevens, the Minister of Justice of Alberta, dismissed the idea of negating the definitive individual right of English-speaking civilization in order to battle abuse of a trendy drug. But his words weren't exactly ringing. He told the Edmonton Journal that the onus on the Crown to prove its case is "pretty much a standard in criminal law." Pretty much? The Supreme Court of Canada, for its part, has shown an extreme distaste for attempts by legislators to reverse the evidentiary burden in criminal cases and trample on section 11(d) of the Charter of Rights. [....]

Looney Left 2006 AIDs conference's gabfest , Posted by Stanley Reitsma on 13:07:21 2006/09/15

Reporter: Clinton's anger like a 'mountain coming down' -- Former prez loses cool when asked by Fox News about hunt for Osama on his watch -- with photo, Sept. 25, 06

[....] But when he started reacting to interview questions as if attacked personally, Wallace said it was startling.

"Former President Clinton is a very big man. As he leaned forward – wagging his finger in my face – and then poking the notes I was holding – I felt as if a mountain was coming down in front of me," Wallace reportedly said. [....]


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