September 27, 2006

Sept. 27, 2006: Guns

Why hang onto the gun registry?

It seems quite evident that it has not helped to deter gun crime. That has bothered me and then I came upon this denial from Kofi Annan.

Day one of the UN gun ban summit, By Cam Edwards, June 27, 2006

There are four articles on this summit.

They’ve gathered in New York City, the best and brightest minds in the global gun ban movement. Oh, they don’t want you to think for a second that they’re actually interested in your guns. Kofi Annan as much as said so yesterday, when he told the attendees of the Small Arms Review Conference, “This Review Conference is not negotiating a ‘global gun ban’, nor do we wish to deny law-abiding citizens their right to bear arms in accordance with their national laws.” Got it, gun owners? There’s nothing to fear from the UN when it comes to your guns. [....]

Now, do you have some idea what is next on the UN's global governance agenda? They are going to try to ban your guns ... all in the service of doing good.

This is the same peaceful body which allowed Yasser Arafat to come to the UN ... armed WITH HIS GUN. Oh, I believe there was some hoopla about an olive branch ... but that wasn't what was emphasized in the media. Arafat was so brazen, such a despicable man, knowing that the UN would be so craven before him that they would allow it ... even welcome him ... with gun.

When human beings are beset by do-gooders and crooks on all sides and it is difficult sometimes to tell the one from the other, a free citizen needs some way to protect him/herself. e.g. in the case of an armed criminal entering the home -- e.g. the right to bear arms against a corrupt authority abusing that authority. A gun seems to fit that bill. See link at the bottom of this.

Day two at the gun ban conference, Cam Edwards, June 28, 2006

[....] It was five years ago that UN Ambassador John Bolton said something similar [no] during the first conference on small arms. Then, as now, many countries wanted the conference to discuss and implement controls on the civilian possession of firearms. [....]

(a) States will establish appropriate national legislation, administrative regulations and licensing requirements that define conditions under which small arms and light weapons can be acquired, used and traded by private persons.

(b) States will seriously consider the prohibition of unrestricted trade and private ownership of small arms and light weapons specifically designed for military purposes (e.g., assault rifles, machine guns, grenades and high explosives produced for military purposes).

When John Bolton spoke at the opening of the summit in 2001, he said, “We request that Section II, paragraph 20, which refers to restrictions on the civilian possession of arms, to be eliminated from the Program of Action, and that other provisions which purport to require national regulation of the lawful possession of firearms… be modified to confine their reach to illicit international activities.” The delegates blinked, and the language was removed. [....]

Day three at the UN gun ban conference -- Hearing Angola and Cambodia detail their plans for rounding up all the guns owned by civilians , Cam Edwards, June 29, 2006

Day four at the UN gun ban conference , Cam Edwards, June 30, 2006

[....] Nothing says “politically conscious artist” like being anti-gun, and plenty of artists were willing to make an anti-gun statement. Perhaps the most unique was Colombian musician Cesar Lopez, who played his “escopetarra”. What is an escopetarra? It’s a guitar made out of an AK-47. [....]

Chicks Carrying Guns and Kicking Tail -- dedicated to those who hate the gun registry, some of whom are women, by Mary Katharine Ham, September 25, 2006

[....] This is the kind of women’s empowerment that gets me going. A new women’s studies program just doesn’t do it for me the way a gleaming .380 does.

Highlighting stories like these is the way to get people thinking of guns that way, and I’m trying to do more of it. Other sources for empowerment are the NRA Armed Citizens Database, Clayton Cramer’s Gun Self-Defense Blog, and the Women on Target program. [....]

For every woman who has ever been afraid, these anecdotes are cathartic.

To the feminists speaking out for keeping the gun registry, earn your keep by canvassing for money from women who want to support you. That will tell you how many of us want you to speak for us. Men and women are complementary, not adversarial, given half a chance not to hear your maundering about men doing women wrong. Believe me, women are just as capable, perhaps more adept in that department; they have different weapons, in my experience, but those can be just as, or more, effective.


Blogger rosemarie59 said...

>[....] This is the kind of women’s empowerment that gets me going. A new women’s studies program just doesn’t do it for me the way a gleaming .380 does.<

What a great line! I'm going to post it over at puntedposters, "Annie, get your gun".

Thu Sep 28, 10:08:00 AM 2006  

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