October 01, 2006

Oct. 1, 2006: ... Not Enough ...

RCNP: Royal Canadian (Not-Enough) Police, By Colin Kenny via newsbeat1


[....] Am I an alarmist? Optimists point to an overall decline in crime rates, and they’re right. But that’s a factor of demographics: a higher percentage of older people means less overall crime, particularly petty crime. But it doesn’t mean fewer big-time threats from people the Mounties have told us are active in Canada: Asian Triads, Russian Gangsters, Narco-terrorists and traditional organized crime. Most of these people aren’t aging baby boomers. They’re young, mean and efficient. [....]

What Commissioner Zaccardelli should be doing is making the case that the government must be bold enough to increase the size of the RCMP by at least a third over the next decade. The force should be given the lead mandate to upgrade the domestic security of Canadians, particularly by fighting organized crime nationally and the security gaps on our borders and at our ports.

A must read article from Senator Kenny who was Chair of the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence over the past five years. The Committee has published 14 reports on Canadian security during that period.

I want to present a challenge to Stephen Harper and his new government: make better use of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The security of Canadians is full of holes. Only a bolstered RCMP has the potential to fill them.


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