October 21, 2006

Oct. 21, 2006: Nom de code: MaChouette

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Chrétien friend bragged about 'a little scheme' -- Gomery witness told ministers' aides sponsorship helped Liberals, book reveals, Tu Thanh Ha, Oct. 21, 06 -- behind a firewall


MONTREAL -- Three years before the political kickback arrangement behind the sponsorship scandal would become public at the Gomery inquiry, a friend of Jean Chrétien was bragging to aides of two cabinet ministers that the federal program was being used to assist the Liberals in Quebec, a new book reveals.

The Chrétien friend, the controversial graphic designer Jacques Corriveau, is a pivotal figure in the scandal. [....]

However, according to a book to be released next week by Globe and Mail political reporter Daniel Leblanc, Mr. Corriveau met aides for Don Boudria and Paul Cauchon and said he had "a little scheme" that made the program help the party.

Titled Nom de code: MaChouette and published by Quebecor Media's Libre Expression, the book also says: [....]

Search: Liberal fundraiser Giuseppe (Joseph) Morselli , Alain Pilon, who was Mr. Boudria's chief of staff , Mr. Cauchon, then minister for Quebec , Mr. Dezainde , Alfonso Gagliano , Jean Brault

There are names you will recognize and one, apparently, "whose name has never been disclosed."

It should make a great Christmas gift.


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