October 24, 2006

Oct. 24, 2006: Updates and related items

Related to security and other items currently in the news:

Update to this post: Oct. 23, 2006: Dubai-based ring & Hawala Banks

A Mideast Money-Laundering Bust -- In a sting dubbed "Operation Khyber Pass," Italian officials have cracked a Dubai-based ring that exploits the hawala system of funds transfer

Related: FHTR Oct. 8-13, 2006

Scroll to the following:

Debbie Schlussel: Western Union: Hawala for Illegal Alien Paymasters

That's how illegal immigrants became "undocumented workers" and global warming became a certainty.

Senator Colin Kenny .... security shortcomings

CBC whose bias coverage during Adscam ...

an obvious Hoax [Kyoto]

Oct. 12, 06: Crime, Business & Politics in Asia

Kyoto may not have died for leftist mainstream media today, but it never started in China.

Sept. 2005: Kyoto & Liberals: China won't agree to target for cutting greenhouse emissions, says Dion -- "not even in the post-2012 phase of the Kyoto climate pact."

Why bring these things up? I have listened to the news and the tone today.

CBC is hardly unbiased in news it chooses to report.

CBC / Liberal Propaganda Organ network: Friends? For a Taxpayer-Funded Broadcaster?

Satellite Radio: Do you believe this poll from Ipsos Reid which conveniently states what Friends of Canadian Broadcasting and the Heritage Minister from Quebec want? . . . especially when you read at bottom, SOURCE: FRIENDS OF CANADIAN BROADCASTING


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