October 25, 2006

Oct. 25, 2006: Aga Khan

Aga Khan visiting Canada Oct. 25, 2006

October 24, 2006
Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced that His Highness the Aga Khan, the 49th Hereditary Imam of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims, will visit Canada on October 25, 2006.

Do you suppose the MSM will report his words? I remember on the occasion of Prime Minister Howard's speech to Parliament, the broadcast on CBC was interrupted for another story. With tape, both could have been run, one after the other, but no. Why? Howard is too conservative, it seems. See what happens today. What are the odds of a fawning MSM account?

The fact that Paul Martin's government gave the Aga Khan $30 million taxpayer dollars for his Peace Center/Centre in Ottawa last year should get taxpayers' attention. After all, the Aga Khan's fortune is estimated at $6-billion Euros. [see below]

In 2005, at about the same time as the Liberal government gave $30-million, the Aga Khan was able to contribute to another endeavour:
Aga Khan gives £27m to Chantilly restoration -- " to help restore France's largest privately owned estate", Jon Henley in Paris, Thursday March 3, 2005, The Guardian


"The Aga Khan is to donate €40m [Euros] (£27.4m) [£27,400,000.00 -- GBP / United Kingdom Pounds = $57,987,992.04 CAD ***] of his fortune to help restore France's largest privately owned estate, which includes a park, a Renaissance chateau, a racecourse and the biggest classical art collection in the country outside the Louvre.

The billionaire businessman and racehorse owner, who is a British citizen [elsewhere reported as a French or a Swiss citizen], will provide more than half of a €70m [Euros] fund set up with the French state, the Institut de France - which owns the magnificent but badly decayed Chantilly estate - and local authorities. [.... more details on the estate here]

The Aga Khan, 68, spiritual leader of the world's 15m Ismaili Muslims, has lived and stabled his horses on the nearby Aiglemont estate for years. He became interested in Chantilly's fortunes a decade ago, when there was talk of its racecourse being closed. [....]

The Aga Khan, whose fortune has been estimated at €6bn [Euros 6,000,000,000] [....]

*** Previously checked and the rate on that date was 1 Euro = 1.4370 / 1.44 CAD Currency converter

I welcome the Aga Khan as the leader of an important and large group of Muslims.


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