October 26, 2006

Oct. 26, 2006: Bombardier wins in France

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FHTR November 11, 2005
via Need Inquiry into CSL/Earnscliffe Strategies etc -- written November 09, 2005 by Beryl P. Wajsman -- A reader posted a few items in CNEWSForum -- via Small Dead Animals

[. . . . ] Nor why there is no Inquiry into the $1.5 billion dollars in guarantees awarded under Mr. Martin’s watch as Finance Minister in favour of Bombardier whose lobbyist was Mike Robinson, a principal in Earnscliffe and national campaign co-chair for Mr. Martin, who admitted on CTV to having talked with Mr. Martin’s Chief of Staff on this file.

Look for mention of:

Canada Steamship Lines contracts

contracts awarded to Earnscliffe Strategies

according to Radio- Canada’s “Enjeux” documentary, avoided $300,000,000 of taxes

not “mad as hell” [....]

Bombardier won with "a price that was well below the others"

Think about that in considering that winning the contract in France comes after Bombardier has had many infusions of Canadian taxpayers' dollars. There is mention of 'components' and 'China' in the following.

Bombardier wins $5.7B contract for French trains -- Beats out Alstom and Siemens , AFP, October 26, 2006


[....] All of the trains awarded to Bombardier will be built in France, according to Jean-Paul Huchon, a senior member of the opposition Socialist party who heads the council and transport authority for the region around Paris called Ile-de-France.

A spokesman for Bombardier later said 85% of the cars would be made in France. [....]

Search: sub-contract , Alstom chairman Patrick Kron , China , components

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