October 25, 2006

Oct. 25, 2006: Funding terrorists from Canada against Cdn. troops

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Security Minister Day: Afghani Islamists banned by Ottawa as terrorists

Group gets funds here to kill our troops

"this is the first indication that some Canadians have been actively bankrolling the fight to oust Canada's military from the country."
, Oct. 25, 06, via newsbeat1.


[....] "It was important that we do this," [outlaw the HIG, Canada's Security Minister Day] said. "We know that the group itself, Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin, is involved in terrorist activities, a very violent anti-Western group with a violent ideology. They are trying to disrupt the situation in Afghanistan and take out the legitimate government there."

He added that the Afghan group [Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin, or HIG] had been "working closely" with other terrorist groups, including Al-Ittihad Al-Islam, a Somali terrorist group that is also outlawed by Canada. The Post revealed last week that a Somali-Canadian living in Mogadishu was working closely with the founder of Al-Ittihad, Sheikh Hasan Dahir Aweys. [....]

Drugs and Taliban

38 insurgents killed in fighting in Kandahar's Panjwaii, Zhair districts, Fishnik Abrashi, Oct. 25, 06


[....] Opium cultivation has surged since the ouster of the Taliban in late 2001. The Taliban had enforced an effective ban on poppy growing by threatening to jail farmers - virtually eradicating the crop in 2000.

But Afghan and western counter-narcotics officials say Taliban-led militants are now implicated in the drug trade, encouraging poppy cultivation and using the proceeds to help fund their insurgency. [....]

Video Documenting Car Bomb Attack, October 25, 2006, MEMRI, Islamist Websites Monitor No. 13


This six-minute video, titled "The Abu Hajir Al-'Aziz Al-Muqrin Attack" (http://switch3.castup.net/cunet/gm.asp?ai=214&ar=M4-007&ak=null ), features a minute-by-minute documentation of a car bomb attack carried out in Iraq, along with instructions for operating a car bomb.

[....] According to Al-'Ali, there are two major ways to attain the goals of jihad. First, the Muslims must "purge the Islamic lands of the occupying armies by driving the tyrannical Western Zionist-Crusader Imperialism" out [of these lands]. Secondly, the Muslims must fight the Islamic regimes which have turned away from Islam (murtaddun) and force them to revoke their United Nations membership.

At the end of his sermon, Al-'Ali urges Muslims to hold themselves to high religious standards, and calls upon Allah to unleash His wrath upon the enemies of Islam.

The Boy Inside
The world of a bright, but lonely 11 year-old autistic boy and his Mother’s heroic efforts on his behalf.
, documentary October 25, 2006, 1:00 a.m. The Lens


Repeat: October 28 at 10 PM ET/PT on CBC Newsworld

Filmmaker Marianne Kaplan turns the camera on her own family, creating a rare and intimate first-hand portrait of living with Asperger Syndrome (AS)-a form of high-functioning autism characterized by socially and emotionally inappropriate behavior, and an inability to interact successfully with others

The film follows Kaplan's son Adam, a sufferer of AS, as he makes his way through Grade 7. His condition creates many challenges for him among his schoolmates and he is painfully aware of his separateness, "I have no clue, really… Am I retarded? [He appeared to be highly intelligent. ....]

More here -- and here

This is affecting for the viewer and wrenching for a parent. Worth watching.

Venezuela is proposing its ally Bolivia as an alternative candidate for the UN Security Council in hopes of breaking a deadlock with U.S.-backed Guatemala, top Venezuelan diplomats said Wednesday. , Oct. 25, 06


What does the Rockford Register Star’s annual Big Fish list have to do with the economy?, Freakonomics, Oct. 22, 06, via Small Dead Animals.

Well, since 2000, the total number of Big Fish called into the paper to be published on Sundays has tracked perfectly with the jobless rate.


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