October 28, 2006

Oct. 28, 2006: CIDA, Kenny, Hansard, Chretien & Martin & ...

CIDA's Malaria Meltdown -- Why is the Canadian International Development Agency perpetuating malaria deaths?, By Amir Attaran, Thursday, October 26, 2006 -- Bednets, DDT, Malaria.


[....] As a biologist and lawyer who studies the problems of the world's poorest people, I have watched the politics and science of malaria programs for a decade. Never have I found a bednet program that is as efficient at saving children's lives as that of the Canadian Red Cross. The reason for their success is simple: unlike UNICEF, which in Ethiopia plans to sell bednets to families whose household income is often only a dollar a day, the Canadian Red Cross gives them away free.

This is really true: UNICEF's elite, highly paid, tax-exempt staff have turned humanitarianism into a business of selling things to people who have no money. Predictably, it doesn't work. Five years after spearheading a campaign to put 60% of Africa's children under properly treated bednets, UNICEF had to admit that only 3% of African children are covered. [....]

"The problem is with CIDA"

CIDA: The liberally funded, Liberal-staffed gift that keeps on ... stalling ... or dissembling ... or hiding ... or what? ... My assessment is that they are marking time until the ones they do business with so happily, return ... perhaps the ones they used to work with or for ... a Liberal government. I was so pleased to read this article ... to understand what happened to the committee headed by Senator Kenny -- the Dubai story.

In the Senators Defense, Kevin Steele, Western Standard

The Senate Committee on National Security and Defence has been taking a drubbing lately over the cost of their recent trip to Dubai. I take the position that this trip was well-intended and ended up being inadvertently sidetracked by the then-ongoing Operation Medusa. Sure, hammer away at the expense, but let's not lose sight of the larger issue and the greater expense. The Senators were trying to get to Afghanistan to find out what the h-ll is going on with our foreign aid.

The problem is with CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency).

Search: Dubai Ports World , unsatisfactory state of port security in Canada , Port of Vancouver , THE MOST IMPORTANT MISSED POINT: WHY WE WERE THERE , Dubai Ports Police , Dubai Ports Intelligence , WHAT HAS ALL THAT GOT TO DO WITH AFGHANISTAN AND KANDAHAR? , whether the development pillar , SO WHERE AND HOW DID THE BEST-LAID PLAN GO AWRY? , WHAT DID WE PROPOSE TO DO ABOUT IT? , COME FLY DUBAI , The Renaissance , THE COUNT, PLEASE , check their sources , “leak” and “revealed”

Check the comments, particularly those of "Justzumgai Oct 26, 2006 9:58:31 PM"

There is much more in Kevin Steele's lengthy and detailed article--here, I make a plug here for the Western Standard. I have included the Hansard excerpt because it is so important that what is reported be correct ... or corrected, where there has been an error of fact or implication.

Search in Hansard for:

Hau Sing Tse, Vice-President, Asia Branch, Canadian International Development Agency:

Phillip Baker, Director General, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka Division, Canadian International Development Agency:

If you have the time, start with:

Hon. Josée Verner, P.C., MP, Minister of International Cooperation:

Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence

Issue 2 - Evidence
, OTTAWA, Monday, May 29, 2006


The Standing Committee on National Security and Defence met this day at 10 a.m. to examine and report on the national security policy of Canada.

Senator Colin Kenny (Chairman) in the chair. [....]

The Chairman: We have been making inquiries of CIDA for a number of weeks to provide this kind of information so as to make this a more productive meeting. Thus far, we have been unable to obtain this information.
Perhaps we are asking at the wrong place and you would be good enough to tell us where we should make our inquiries, or perhaps this is new information in the last week or so?

[....] Our Committee has a collective suspicion that the Development piece of the effort is not being properly-funded; that the development efforts are not being pursued as assiduously as would be prudent; and that there might be some sort of bureaucratic entanglement that is contributing to that problem. In Afghanistan, Canada is operating in and has had a special responsibility for the Province of Kandahar. We have repeatedly asked the Government to tell us how much Canadian development money is being spent in Kandahar. They have told us how much money is being spent in Afghanistan. “That”, we said, “is not the question. How much Canadian development money is being spent IN KANDAHAR please?”.

We cannot get an answer. [....]

Puff Piece for Liberal Friends Jean Chretien and Paul Martin ... and their methods

The title (All roads lead to China - except the Tories') is somewhat misleading; read and note the tone, as well as this little piece of missing information -- Not mentioned anywhere is that Lawrence Martin (lmartin@globeandmail.com) is writing a book on Jean Chretien. Martin, then, has access and the "right" attitude. Would that not influence the content and tone of this article, the tone of approval of the these ex-Prime ministers, the business-savvy Jean Chretien (business trips China, Kazakhastan and ...) and Paul Martin (China and ...). My question is what would be their business success if they had not been in government and able to ..... well, whatever they gerrymandered ... in helping ... themselves and their network.

All roads lead to China -- except the Tories', Lawrence Martin, Print Edition 26/10/06 Page A21


On his way out of the Ottawa restaurant, Jean Chretien spots me and some other journalist hack, pulls up a chair.''You're looking fit,'' I say.''Fifty push-ups every morning.'' [....]

[Chretien] Gotta stay in shape, ... all these China trips.

[Paul Martin] ... big grin, bounding into the Chateau Laurier dining room .... He's just returned from Africa and is planning a China trip. .... Increase substantially our percentage of China's and India's growing market.

[.... Tibet, Taiwan, Dalai Lama ....] Mr. MacKay's high-profile condemnation of human-rights abuses in Tibet. No follow-up on Liberal plans to create 20 new Chinese trade offices. The apparent pushing off to the side of the "strategic partnership" relationship put in place by the Martin government.

[That last paragraph is the key. There is mention of Pat Carney just back from Beijing as part of a parliamentary delegation to Beijing. ]

The Harperites are free traders by definition, but they are also big defenders of democratic rights, and it appears that the continued crackdown in the one-party state is trumping all else.

It's nostalgia time for the good old days with both Liberals appearing and one Red Tory ... It's folksy and warm and a reminder of the time when making money was the only thing that mattered for the governments and/or the corruptos at the trough ... whoever they were/are ... a pre-election, feel good about the past era article for those who don't want the system to change ... the system that has served that gang ... so well for so many years ... the era of taxpayer money sluiced via the Canadian government (grants, initiatives, business loans, the usual agencies, foundations ... whatever) so business may soar all the way to Asia. Whose businesses? Whose prosperity?

This article absolutely infuriated me ... the good ol' boys club ... waiting ... and the mainstream media aiding them. The tone of this article is decidedly pro-Liberal with a soupcon of Red Tory realpolitick. There is a broad hint to Liberal readers: play up any differences between the pro-business Minister Emerson and Minister MacKay-- re: pro-business vs an ethical stance.

Remember: Lawrence Martin, a veteran of both The Globe and Mail and Southam News, is writing the second volume of his biography of Jean Chretien. ..., The BCTF Newsroom > Media monitor > Globe and Mail, Martin article

Related: Below is a list with urls -- an idea of what is in that week's posts.

Frost Hits the Rhubarb: June 12, 2005

Hansard: June 16/05 & Question Period -- Too Important Not to Read -- & More


Debate on C-48 (NDP Budget) Hansard excerpts - June 16/05 newsbeat1

Note: Search topics

National Security
Border Security
Government Appointments -- Do not miss this one
Whistleblower Legislation
Firearms Registry
Foreign Affairs

Question Period- Hansard excerpts- June 16/05

Mr. Guy Lauzon (Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the Conservative Party, along with every stakeholder and expert, has consistently demanded an independent office to protect whistleblowers and investigate their disclosures. [See the whistleblower entry just below today, Oct. 28, 06]


Subcommittee on Public Safety and National Security of the Standing Committee on Justice, Human Rights, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness -- EVIDENCE -- CONTENTS Wednesday, May 4, 2005 -- or read the excerpt: Chinese spying- rest assured?- government takes these matters very, very seriously? newsbeat1, June 17, 05



To read the FHTR Hansard entry:

*** Note: There is an error in the June 16, 2005 entry ... corrected elsewhere also ...

[....] In paragraph 16, the story said single refugees are eligible for $1,890 from Ottawa as a "start-up allowance, along with a $580 monthly social assistance, depending on how soon the person is able to find employment."

[....] Actually, the $1,890 "start-up allowance" - including a $580 monthly social assistance cheque from Ottawa - was a one-time payment for basic household needs such as furnishings, pots and linens. The furniture is used.


Governance 1: Hansard June 15/05, Whistleblowing, Arar, Gomery-Spin, Blind Trusts, Grewel Tapes, Public Accounts--AG, Inuit, Scandal, Global Warming

Question Period- Hansard excerpts-June 15/05


Judge Gomery: "the word is spin."

Another related item:

UN & the Communist Bloc

Bolton's Bravery
by Ion Mihai Pacepa -- or the original article here [nationalreview.com/comment/pacepa200506160738.asp]


Frost Hits the Rhubarb: Appointing, Pandering, Criticizing, Spying ...Left - Wing Monster : Ceausescu - - Canadian Connection Ion Mihai Pacepa ... Hansard. MP : Email. AG - Rpts. QP. PWGSC. Transfers04. DrugsBibliog. CdnTaxFed ...



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