October 29, 2006

Oct. 29, 2006: Phone in: CFRA today

Canadian Parents for French and Brian Gibb

Join in: Enrolment is drastically down and many English schools have closed over the past 30 years. There are now so few left that they will soon be forced to merge with existing French language schools. This will be extremely traumatizing ...


Brian Gibb will be on Prof. Cammy's show along with Ann Madison & James Shea of Canadian Parents for French tonight between 5 - 7 pm. Callers to the show are encouraged to call (613) 521-8255 & out-of-towners can listen on the CFRA web site (www.cfra.com). [....]

Bill 101 will wipe out English schools in Quebec, critic says -- Says making schools share space won't reverse decline, Dave Rogers, The Ottawa Citizen, Saturday, October 28, 2006

A recommendation that Quebec English-language schools share buildings with the francophone majority will do little to stop the decline of anglophone education, according to the director of the Regional Association of West Quebecers.

[....] The report said enrolment in most of Quebec's 350 English-language schools is declining .... Quebec's nine anglophone boards must choose between partnerships with the francophone majority and erosion of influence and student numbers.

Under Quebec's Charter of the French Language, children can attend English-language schools if one parent has had most of his or her education in English somewhere in Canada.
Immigrants and children whose parents can't prove they are legally entitled to an English-language education must attend French-language schools. [....]

More here: BC-Yukon -- Search: "Canadian Parents" ... "national network of volunteers" -- Manitoba, Ontario, PEI


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