November 10, 2006

Nov. 10, 2006: Note & Bud Talkinghorn

Updated and a link to some background possibly of use to anyone who has not already seen it.

Update Nov. 11, 06: A friend has said he now is able to find some of my posts using a search with Google. I shall post for a bit and see what happens. However, what I wrote below is what has been happening periodically ... especially after I post sensitive information or touch upon a sensitive topic. I leave it to readers to figure out which those would be.

One thing I did not mention is that, occasionally, my computer is shut down for no discernible reason, especially when I am working on files with that same sensitive information. Wherever and despite firewalls, routers, whatever, it seems that certain topics, words, information may trigger action and they or portions ... just disappear. Once you know that ... just follow the yellow-red-green brick road ... the path to knowledge and enlightenment.

To the black arts lads and / or lassies, remember, that is the kind of activity which develops my own ornerny persistence ... and renewed effort. FHTR

Nov. 11, 2006

Update 2 Canada, China, business networks and business councils, et cetera. I had forgotten how much information was posted ... that may be in some way related to this post Nov. 6, 2006: Charity begins ... in Hong Kong - China

News Junkie Canada January 4, 2005 -- Background possibly of interest.

Note that is News Junkie Canada, not Frost Hits the Rhubarb.

Search the following headings or topics which are not all, but enough to give an idea of the content:

Updates & China Conference-Vancouver Port, Maurice Strong-China Car Salesman, China's Bricklin & Strong, China-Copied Chevy Design?

Business: The China Connection, Canada China Business Council--Founding Sponsors, the Networks, Connections & Other Information

There are three compilations [....]

Canada China Business Council (CCBC) -- its mandate

Mandate: The Canada China Business Council (CCBC) is a private-sector, non-profit membership organization incorporated in 1978 to facilitate and promote trade and investment between Canada and the People's Republic of China.

Companies and Organizations -- the Founding Sponsors

Selling Ark of Hope through the classroom -- Earth Charter -- UN and Maurice Strong, our PM's mentor's influence or the original article, Judi McLeod,, Dec. 17, 04

Maurice Strong, mentor to PM Martin, advocate of global governance, Kyoto -- and more -- on his background and interests past and present -- oil, Power Corp, et cetera, with many links on this site to other information.

* Globalization

* China's 'Haves' Stir the 'Have Nots' to Violence

* Into the Tar Pits -- Dinosaurs either evolve or die.

Pipeline-Natives, UN, Lawsuit-Arab Bank, Asian Crisis-Clinton-UN, Bin Ladin-Al Jazeera, Chinese Dragon Submerges, Sask-Aboriginals-Taxes, "Refugees"

Export Development Canada -- Crown Corporation

Diamonds Fund Terrorism, Osama-Heroin Pusher, China-Russia, Racial Profiling, Border-Security-US-Canada-DART [....]

Nov. 10, 2006

For those who visit this website, you know this website exists. For anyone else who comes upon this website through happenstance:

* Despite trying various search terms over the last week or so, Google seems not to be listing my website for anything I searched ... even though I knew I had put posts up containing the particular words. Perhaps you might make an educated guess who would benefit from any of my posts not being found. Fortunately, I found some items through Technorati.

* Not only that, but more links have been changed. One was not my error; the correct link is within the post ... or was, within the last few hours. (I had started putting in the links because I found other links "corrupted".)

For example, the title at the top of the post has a link which should take a reader to the National Post / CanWest.

Instead, I found this link with a line added. (Place on one line.) It won't take you to CanWest.



Sept. 10, 2006: Kill the Court Challenges Program, Lorne Gunter, National Post, Published: Friday, September 08, 2006

In view of what our Supreme Court Justice Beverley McLachlin is reported to have said lately, in reference to Justice Minister Vic Toews's plans, I looked for anything on our SCOC, the courts and related items. It does seem to be pointless to continue but for a time, I shall monitor this, then decide. There is little real freedom of speech in Canada.

What would it cost to ensure searches and search engines would not find certain information? The payoff? ...

Bud Talkinghorn

Don't count on the body counts

Take your pick: Either 400,000 died during the firebombing of Dresden, or the actual number was only 48,000. Or take Winston Churchill's dictum: "Truth in war is so precious that it must be surrounded by a bodyguard of lies". Vietnam was probably the death knell of the body count stat. As one old American friend, who was a cobra helicopter pilot in 'Nam told me, "Well, we were hustled out of our grass hallucinations to mount an offensive against some Vietnamese hamlet. Supposedly, there were Cong guys there. So we sprayed the place with 50,000 bullets, till there was not a hut or blade of grass standing. Whoever was down there, Charlie, children, women, goats, all were now very dead. You didn't even want to think about it." But they all probably became part of the body count.

Canada's General Fraser has tried to distance himself from these statistics. Going back to the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, it was part of the psychological warfare by the Mujahadeen to take away their dead. Then we hear that many of the "Taliban" are the sons of disgruntled opium growers, who loan their sons to the Taliban for protection from drug eradication forces. So even the "Taliban" body count is suspect. On paper, the U.S. was winning the Vietnamese war. In fact, ironically, the infamous Tet Offensive by the Cong was a horrendous defeat for the Viet Cong; however the American public was so shocked by the audacity of the attack that they freaked and saw it as a defeat.

As for our present Canadian mainstream media's obsession with our own body count in Afghanistan, thank God, they weren't around when Canadians fought a similar monstrous foe on the beaches of Normandy. Mark Steyn has called this ghoulish obsession "a Dianaesque orgy of grief". Canadians have to get a grip on Islamofascism and its grand plans for them.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Frosted gym windows ... for the sake of the children

It has been reported that the YMCA on Montreal's Park Avenue has acceded to the Hasidic Jews' demand that the Y hide their gym from the lustful gazes of their young people, men. It appears that kids from the Hasidic school next door are actually seeing leotard-clad women exercising. The elders of this puritanical sect think this is tantamount to their witnessing hard-core porn. They even send these kids to remote summer camps to keep them from being polluted by the louche outfits of the Montrealers.

This capitulation to the fashion dictates of a tiny minority has ruffled the feathers of others. Since when did we allow such retrograde groups to decide our daily lives? What's next, that the Muslim community demand the women wear burqas while exercising? Last year's beach riots in Sydney, Australia, were over Muslim youths harassing the Aussie girls in their skimpy bathing suits. The local lads were not about to have immigrants tell them what their wives and girlfriends could wear. Canadians must hold the line about what influence anti-female or minority groups may have here. Enough of tolerance for the intolerant.

© Bud Talkinghorn


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