November 19, 2006

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Media - Tyrants and the Left - the Prime Minister - the Fraser Institute - Hayek - Laski - Basic Economic Theory - and More

Salim Mansur: The lessons of a tyrant -- The Left's love of mass killers undaunted, October 28, 2006, Toronto Sun

The cruelest and most monstrous tyrant of the 20th century chose the name Stalin because it meant "man of steel," As a young man, Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili of Georgia had a habit of giving himself nicknames, and one was Koba.

Martin Amis' book, Koba the Dread, ... Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn, ....

Josef Stalin, and Lenin (the nickname of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov) were responsible for more deaths by murder, torture, exile, starvation and war than all the tyrants of the previous several centuries. They killed, between them, more than 20 million people.

[....] More importantly, Amis, as Robert Conquest did in his famous book on the same subject, The Great Terror, reminds us once again how many intellectuals in the West romanticized Stalin, and Lenin.

There were the Webbs (Beatrice and Sidney), George Bernard Shaw, Jean Paul Sartre, Harold Laski, Theodore Dreiser, Romain Rolland, Edmund Wilson and countless others who sought the favour of Koba, and continued to deny or make apologies for his criminality, even as evidence emerged from the dungeons of communist Russia. [....]

Search: toxin of tyrants , the politics of the lib-left ideologues , "have made a virtue of the politics of "cut and run," from Vietnam to Somalia to Iraq."

Interview with Salim Mansur re WW4, Posted by Steve Madely on CFRA on 10:59:53 2006/08/25

Steve Madely of CFRA Radio Ottawa interviews Salim Mansur, CCD Senior Fellow, on the baffling refusal of Western leaders, media, academics and politicians to accept the reality that the Islamofascist world has declared war on us as surely as Hitler declared war on the democratic world in 1938. Audio clip below...

Audio Clip - Salim Mansur interviewed on CFRA by Steve Madely re World War 4

Interview link

There are two parts to the following:

The Free Market -- Background items on liberty and economic theory (basic)

The Point -- or why all that background was included

The Free Market -- Background

Frost Hits the Rhubarb January 12, 2006 - "a good time to explore your concept of liberty and this site is a good place to start -- Philosophy of Liberty ..."


Philosophy of Liberty -- Flash .swf

Editor's Cut: Opportunity Lost -- a parody of Bastiat's famous tale of "The Broken Glass."

Frederic Bastiat

The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey ... presents basic economic principles

From Valerija Dasic in Belgrade: "We can see supervisors restraining the creative and the inventive."

has a link to -- Read the text here: First Sunday: Found in translation , Mark Coleman, June 6, 2004, Honolulu Star Bulletin

French Anti-Liberalism: .....

Background: for information on Hayek ... Laski, socialism, and a few other items

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Jan. 8, 06



Gramscism - Marxist activist - infiltrate education, media, culture

There may be something in that about Paul Martin, "PM: appointing justices" as well.

More background ... or how I spent my summer vacation

Frost Hits the Rhubarb July 30 to August 5, 2006

Aug. 5, 2006: #12 Trudeau & Adam Smith

This serves as #12 in the series of posts on Aug. 3, 06. This rounds out my exploration of why leftist thinking is so ubiquitous in Canada and how its tentacles wind throughout just about everything. How this happened and continues I explore a little with the Cultural Tentacles #1 & Cultural Tentacles #2. There is much more information for anyone interested.

For the rest, scroll down the page from Aug. 3, 2006: Gotcha, Gremlin -&- Table of Contents

First Series

#11 Why ... [Why does leftist thinking permeate Canada?]
#10 Charisma, the intellect ... [Trudeau, Laski and Hayek]
#9 Trudeau, China, Laski & Socialism ...
#8 Christianity and Liberalism ... [Two Alternative Religious Approaches]
#7 Hayek and Capitalism, London Sch. of Econ.
#6 Come By Chance Refinery, Vitol, UNSCAM & More
#5 Global aspirations ... [Background ... Many Voices, One World]
#4 Maurice Strong & UN University / UPEACE
#3 UPEACE Toronto
#2 UN University: Learn how or what to think?
#1 Pugwash conferences ... [Nova Scotia, Cyrus Eaton and Others]

Second Series

Culture's Tentacles #1
Culture's Tentacles #2

[It is lengthy and there is more on that webpage. It skips from Aug. 3 to Aug. 5 for the first group.]

The Point -- or why all that background was included

There was an "anti-Fraser Institute" letter to the editor in a newspaper I read lately. Considering that the Fraser Institute's essays are hardly the stuff of the mainstream press--heavy on old or non-news (locally-owned, severely-controlled news -- Inconvenient information never hits the locals), the letter caught my attention. Then, a little more reading lately showed that there is a concerted, area-wide, possibly country-wide, even possibly politically backed (global?) "initiative" ... to dismiss, out of hand, any conservative ideas in the MSM. This letter to the editor was only another example of it. What a roster of signatures ... designed to impress. I have a copy of it and ... well, in that news source, a list like that passes for "expert opinion". After all, these people have the names of groups after their names.

Bah! Humbug! Designed to snow the local yokels? To tell them what to think? (Business involved? Need to help people think with a few pointed articles?) Some people are too ornery to let that pass without a little more investigation.

Anyway, that letter caused me to perk up when, while researching the Civitas Society Canada, I came upon a reference to "Harperstein". Was that to remind readers of 1984's "Goldstein", counterpart to Big Brother? (if my memory serves) I wondered why it, too, was so negative about the Fraser Institute.

Harperstein, By Donald Gutstein, Publish Date: 6-Jul-2006

[....] Credit the Fraser Institute? .... Like the Fraser, [PM Stephen Harper] is dedicated to the ideas of Friedrich Hayek, leader of the Austrian School of economics. Margaret Thatcher was an outspoken Hayek devotee. Hayek urged reducing government intervention in people’s social and economic lives to a bare minimum. [....]

Search: Fraser fellows Preston Manning and Mike Harris , a Hayekian-inspired child-care initiative

"No social programs, no environmental or consumer regulation."

That statement from "Harperstein" is not true, a lie, but I realize that this kind of thing is being perpetrated by many in the media to get rid of any politicians who would dare to do what is right--what Canadians want--and to bring down a Conservative government attempting to clean up the corruption.

According to this group, the market is not adequate; there must be intervention by ... governments and union leaders ... who seem to do fine for themselves, not necessarily as well for workers ... intervention by political panderers such as the corrupt ones, so adept at programs and initiatives ... to support their friends ... the ones or similar, like-minded fellows who were turfed in January, 2006.

Note the language in italics.

"hobble provincial governments’ ability to tie timber supply and pricing to community economic development and job creation and retention."

"the Civitas Society. This secretive organization is a network of Canadian neoconservative and libertarian academics, politicians, journalists, and think-tank propagandists."

Note: Leftist think tanks and funding agencies, even from other countries (e.g. Tides Foundation), are acceptable; however, conservative organizations devoted to discussion are not.

"And social conservatives want government intervention in people’s lives to enforce the values they believe in: no abortion, no gay marriage, the right to bear arms, a tough approach to crime."

This is definitely not true. Conservatives cover the spectrum in viewpoints ... They want free votes on contentious social issues, not coercion out of the PMO, as has been the case over several Prime Ministers. They don't want the social engineering to which they and their children have been subjected, either. Think of the education system's usurping education in areas which should rightfully be the province of parents. Education has moved from teaching "protection" of oneself to teaching "attitudes and values" concerning sex and sexuality, disease (AIDS, STD's), etc. (e.g. the content of that 'helpful' little book for teens, the Little Black Book, about which I wrote in September, I think.)

Quotation: "libertarian Maxime Bernier" [Industry]

[....] He was a vice-president of the libertarian Montreal Economic Institute, the Fraser’s sister think tank in Quebec, where he wrote a book arguing for a flat tax. (A progressive tax system discriminates against the rich, so it’s not fair, he wrote.)

Actually, many of us have no problem with liberty nor libertarians; I have often wanted a flat tax which, I think would be fairer, in the long run. There is nothing wrong with people making money. My and others' problem is with the confiscation of taxpayers' money to fund friends of corrupt politicians in power, to fund foundations and agencies which serve the politicians and the left.

Think ADSCAM-Gomery inquiry, money wasted funding the UN / UNESCO which ends with fiascos such as the UN oil-for-food program, the rapes for food in Africa by UN "peacekeepers", the funding of international leftist organizations in Canada, et cetera. (See the UN's fifth column influence, its network in Canada. For example, in my opinion, this includes ex-UN Deputy to Kofi Annan, Louise Frechette / Fréchette. Look into her institute's activities on behalf of the UN, global governance and the allied leftists. In Canada, that group with global networks includes businessmen (e.g. human rights vs deals with Communist China) and politicians, whether Liberal, NDP, or from any other political party or rump, which will keep power in the hands of those who have garnered more and more since the days of Trudeau. Make an educated guess as to who they are.

From everything I have read, it is loss of power they fear ... the power to change Canada irreparably, so they expand their clout and remain in power forever. They work for the return to office of the gang who so graciously sluiced taxpayer dollars their way. Right now, they see their funding dropping away under a Conservative government ... funding for their particular issues (think Court Challenges and the like), networks, foreign jaunts on other people's money, global business deals, globalization and world government ... as long as they run Canada ... Think of the implications of a world government under the corrupt UN ... the implications for Israel of a World Court/International Court at the Hague run by ex-Supreme Louise Arbour ... True liberty these people do not want. Libertarians scare them. Those who want to return to power might lose control ... to say nothing of access to that funding mechanism, the taxpayer trough ... Did I mention extensive travel? ... Think about it.


[Prime Minister] Harper created a Public Appointments Commission as part of his government accountability package. He nominated recently retired oil tycoon Gwyn Morgan to be its chair at a $1 a year. (This was not a hardship for Morgan because he took home $18.2 million in his last year as EnCana CEO.) This commission would oversee the selection of cabinet appointments to government agencies, boards, commissions, and Crown corporations. It would have great influence over the staffing of key government posts.

Gwyn Morgan has a reputation as an honourable man. Read what he wrote about income trusts, that the decision taken was correct. He has been in business and he knows something about the effect of spinning a business off into an income trust. Being rich should not disqualify one from speaking out, but the problem with Gwyn Morgan is that he is not a leftist who is rich ... ah, therein lies the rub. There was a despicable article in the Globe (BCE / Bell Globe Media) about him after he wrote that PM Harper did the right thing re income trusts. I believe it must have hurt the BCE trust plans; G & M reporting has been so negative. Gwyn Morgan responded in the letters. He sounds like a man of substance.


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