January 12, 2006

CBC & What voters should look for: a Primer -&- Liberty

Romeo St Martin on who approved the attack ads -- via Newsbeat1 You could just guess and probably be right. I think he's losing it, anyway.

I have one ear tuned so I don't get all, but CBC has just called the Conservative campaign "slick" ... the lead-in to more cr**. What follow are not the exact words but as close as I could come in a hurry. Check the CBC website.

According to the CBC program, the Conservatives have had a 'free ride' and more questions need to be asked: People need to ask what kind of Canada the Conservatives would have, how they would govern ... LibPropOrg/Pravda is in full spate, flooding the airwaves with talk about:

* Stockwell Day -- who has turned into an excellent MP, by the way, but he would never get credit from the Librano$ media spokespeople

* The Conservative/Alliance -- Maybe they even mentioned Reform, though I didn't catch it. CBC think Canadians are so afraid of Westerners and Christians that CBC reminds us at every opportunity of Conservatives who might actually believe in something besides Liberal lies and Big Government. Christians also pay for this from CBC, where a hushed, respectful tone is used for a murderous mullah but Christians and Christian faith earn only CBC's derisive tone.

* No cracks showing through -- so CBC are hinting broadly or they are telling listeners what to ask about... anything that they can mention in hope of defeating the Conservatives. For example, be sure to ask about: social issues, women's right to choose--abortion, and this quote from someone on the program, "We would be in Iraq now if the Conservatives were in power" ... and more similar bilge.

Liberal values are not Canadian values but, to CBC and its hangers-on, If you don't buy into the Liberal concept of values, you're a right-wing nut case. Well, CBC, I have gay friends and relatives but I want children to have two opposite sex parents so, no, I don't want "gay marriage" as a prelude to adopting children. What gays do in their own space, privately and not in public, I care not a whit about. They are welcome to "civil union" if they really want to be tied together legally.

I did hear one Conservative who suggested that voters remember the HRDC scandal, gun control and other assorted scandals. Go to BlueBlogging Soapbox and Technoscam for lists. There are others. Scroll down for one listed earlier today.

CBC may run the tribe ... as well as supply the GG's -- yes, four of them, as Bud has noted.

In full Pinocchio tribal growth spurt is our taxpayer-funded media's nose as it pretends to be giving "news". More to come, folks, and this is from one who loves public broadcasting for much viewing and listening -- just not CBC as it is, presently. I am beginning to viscerally HATE it.

It ended with that cabal of CBC's "ordinary Canadians", the ones always at hand, who always spout just about what CBC wants listeners to remember:

* tolerance -- of anything that isn't people like Christians and me--not necessarily the same thing -- tolerance of "militants" and the like, you know, the backpack bombers so treated with CBC tolerance (Listen for the hushed tone of respect)

* strong economy -- taxpayers' $$$ garnered through Liberal overtaxation and robbing the EI fund -- now about to rob EI more for people who hardly have worked for it, artists, just to garner votes -- no, I don't hate artists, just Liberal vote-buying so evident.

* gay marriage -- a newly-discovered "right which not all Liberal MP's could support; 31 Liberal MP's did NOT support gay marriage.

* instability of Canada continually having elections ... so should PM end that, along with the notwithstanding clause, perhaps?

Those are the views of some of the CBC's "ordinary voters" via Nancy Wilson ... and a typical CBC program -- a poison sandwich from what I could gather in the time I was listening. Listen to them yourself and see what you think or better, go online and look at some of the websites of decent people who are trying to develop news sites: Western Standard / Shotgun, Canada Free Press, and any number of others whom I have mentioned on this site, previously. NJC

Before You Vote

Election is a good time to explore your concept of liberty and this site is a good place to start -- Philosophy of Liberty -- Flash .swf I often will not check anything like this because of viruses but I have checked this and it simply made me look for more.

I didn't have enough time when I gave this link earlier today (Scroll for "Justzumgai") to explore the site earlier but I have since. It's intriguing.

But don't take my word for it; check for yourself.

Before you do, I am including an excerpt here and a bit more to assure you of its credibility because it took me a while to find out whether this would be another of those sites which is a source of viruses or hacking. The name JonathanGullible has that effect. I'm very wary of anything "free" ... have been ever since I entered a contest in grade three--a boring tale--costing me only a stamp. However, I had focused, as a child does, on what I was going to get, instead of reading the fine print. A cheap lesson, instructive for the only one who cared ... me. Our society doesn't let citizens learn from their mistakes enough and so, we have Big Government-Big Brother. Anyway, it took me a while to find this paragraph which lends the site more credibility, if you need it.

So Small Business Hawaii is really very much responsible for this coming into 23 languages before this edition, and I think it's taking off because just in the last two years we've had about 10 new languages added to it. It's also won more awards, (Noble laureate economist) Milton Friedman has endorsed it, and more interesting, I think, it's been picked up by almost 20 public policy institutes around the world -- adopted and used or promoted by those organizations.

Editor's Cut: Opportunity Lost -- a parody of Bastiat's famous tale of "The Broken Glass."

Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850). He's famous among economists for his story of the broken window, about that which is seen and unseen.
[ http://starbulletin.com/columnist/column.php?id=6718&col_id=50 ]

The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Free Market Odyssey

"It certainly presents basic economic principles in a very simple and intelligible form. It is an imaginative and very useful piece of work."
-Milton Friedman, Nobel laureate in economics

From Valerija Dasic in Belgrade: "We can see supervisors restraining the creative and the inventive."

has a link to -- Read the text here: First Sunday: Found in translation Mark Coleman, June 6, 2004, Honolulu Star Bulletin

MC: Why did you name your main character Jonathan Gullible, because as a practical matter, he isn't really gullible.

KS: No, that's right. I just wanted something to give that sense of "Gulliver's Travels." I was also influenced by "The Little Prince." I was very impressed with how very profound statements about life could be made in a very simple way, and the "The Little Prince" does that beautifully.

Search: China during the Cultural Revolution , argue for immigration , welfare , magnet for immigrants , population-pressure argument , people move to cities , 5 percent of the land area

There are many links and, at the bottom, this one: International Society for Individual Liberty and ISIL World Freedom Summit 2005 – Gummersbach, Germany by Vince Miller

Surprise Meeting With Iraqi Constitutionalist
The Moral Hazards of "Orange" Revolutions
Why The EU is Doomed
The EU – A Pragmatic View
French Anti-Liberalism: Don't Do It the French Way

Don't do it the French Way

Vincent Benard, science writer for the Hayek Institute in Brussels, Belgium, began by saying that French anti-liberalism and its dominance within every level of decisional powers, is turning France into the main impediment to liberal reforms in Europe.

"Other countries of the world are not immune to what is happening to us," he stated. "Marxist forces are challenging liberal values (such as globalization and its benefits) on a daily basis . . . there is a French paradox: liberalism has become the center of political debate, but it virtually doesn't exist in France.

Gramscism Benard explained that there were some historical factors which contributed heavily to the present situation in France. One is "Gramscism", named after Antonio Gramsci.

He was a Marxist activist who advocated strong penetration by communist militants into key French institutions – especially education, media and culture. National state-run education has been a priority target and has been responsible for inculcating strong anti-capitalist dogma into young people's minds.
[. . . . Search: unions ]

In Praise of Non-Centralism: The Swiss Experiment
Tax Competition As A Means To Control Leviathan
Globalization As A Peace Strategy
The Limits of Democracy
Africa's Scars Will Take More Than Live-8 To Heal
Africa: Cultural Impediments To A Free Society
Networking Panel: Free Market Thinktanks
Religion: Fundamentalism vs. Liberalism
Religion: Are Religion and Capitalism Compatible?
Report: International Free Student Network
Celebrating The "Year of Ayn Rand"
Banquet: Awards Ceremony
Post-Conference Tour

Index of Topics in the Book

Links of interest to learn more

Samples; there are many more:

4578 N. First #310 Fresno, CA 93726, USA
T: 559-292-1776, F: 559-292-7582 Toll-free: 888-338-1776
Office location: 3114 Willow #101 Clovis, CA

A Drug War Carol [ http://adrugwarcarol.com/ ]

30 South Broadway, Irvington, NY 10533, USA.
T: 914-591-7230; F: 914-591-8910; http://www.fee.org

At the bottom of the jonathangullible website, is a list of "RECOMMENDED READING"


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