January 09, 2006

Leaders' Debate, A Man Needs a Little Madness -&- Tongsun Park Arrested & More

Reminder: Don't forget

Leaders' Debate tonight

A friend just reminded me to watch for a desperate PM's equivalent of Stephen Harper is the Spawn of Satan kind of remark -- and I'm only half jesting. Enjoy!

UN, Oil for food, Maurice Strong, Martin & ...

"Tongsun Park Arrested" and comments SmallDeadAnimals.com, Jan. 7, 06 --

On that webpage search: Strong , Martin , Desmarais , Privy Council Office [ Privey Councel of Canada -- sic ] University of Peace , Earth Charter , Keith Spicer , Kyoto accord , Earth Charter , Alfonso Gagliano , "Pierre Pettigrew, the Foreign Affairs Minister" , Oil for Food

Comments: Jema54 , John Crittenden , mcdonald , maz2 , richfisher , dogsoldier

Note the links: examples



Privy Council Members Current List

Integrated Market Enforcement Team (IMET) -- FAQ

A man needs a little madness ...

But think of all the extra CBC channels Kevin Libin, Western Standard / Shotgun, Jan. 6, 05 -- a comment posted by: Norm Colhoun 6-Jan-06 4:11:10 PM

As a second class Canadian, (farmer) I spend a great deal of time hauling my grain to market via truck. My Sirius came from a local big truck dealer two years ago. If you want 187 channels of US, British and Canadian radio for less than 100 Channels of Canadian Sirius visit a Peterbuilt, Kenworth, Mack or International truck dealer. Now I get the CBC news a half hour earlier in Saskatchewan:>)

I have the greatest respect for these guys who know ways around the system forced upon us by those who would control us.

"A man needs a little madness, else he never dares cut the rope and be free."

Do you know who said that? Watching old films has its rewards.


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