January 07, 2006

CBC Reality Check is wrong -&- Memory Lane: Native Land Agreements

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There is only one solution I can see, go to bed and worry about it tomorrow ... or whenever. Hasta la vista. NJC

I received this from a friend:

CBC Reality Check is wrong

[Jan. 6, 06], CBC’s The National ran a so-called “Reality Check” alleging the Conservatives would raise taxes. This report is not just misleading; it is false.

The truth is taxes would be far lower under a Conservative government....

Taxes would be drastically lower under the Conservatives than under the Liberals.

Our tax plan will include cuts to the GST, and large cuts to personal income taxes and business taxes.

Under our plan, all Canadians will pay lower taxes.

Only the Conservative plan will cut taxes for the lowest-income Canadians – the 32% of Canadians whose income is too low to pay any income tax.

.... taxes will be dramatically lower – billions of dollars lower – than under the Liberals. That’s a fact. Details on our entire fiscal platform will be released along with the entire Conservative platform in the near future.

We have been upfront about replacing the Liberals’ inferior tax plan from the outset of the campaign, beginning on December 1st – Stephen Harper’s first announcement on the Conservative tax cut plan. Any attempt to build an argument to the contrary, based on a particular, selective point, is not only misleading, it is false.

There won't be the nefarious schemes for siphoning Canadians' tax dollars off ... the shenanigans that have occurred under Liberal administrations. A Conservative government will pass legislation to achieve transparency and accountability through The Federal Accountability Act, along with other measures to see that millions or billions of Canadians' hard earned money is not diverted where it should not be ... such as to friends and the Liberal Party. There is more to be uncovered, I suspect.

Update re:
1. an article below (INNU: Money for Nothing? January 4, 2006) and 2. a series of posts on the North, natives, Inuit, the week of Dec. 18, 05 -- scroll down.

In December, I wrote on the initiative to develop heritage language(s) in Labrador, part of the UNESCO push for what is described as "preserving" the world's heritage languages and cultural diversity, at the instigation of the francophonie, France and Quebec. This agreement supports much: taxpayer money for cultural travel, grants, et cetera. One example of an initiative is a project for academics to develop Innu-amun in Labrador (Netuashish - Davis Inlet area) which will spur more linguistic development and departmental expansion with native languages, across Canada.

Certain other agreements fit in with this concern for the North and the natives.

Memory Lane: "Land Claims Now Settled Outside Parliament -- by Regulation" ...


New land-claim and self-government accord worth $350-million to Inuit in Labrador Bill Curry, CanWest News, January 13, 2005

Gov. of Canada supports Nunavut trade mission to Boston BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS (Press release, 6 December 2004)

Gov. of Canada supports Nunavut trade mission to Boston Dec. 6, 04.

Nfld. to ratify Inuit land claim over protests of region's Metis or here

The federal government will sign a new land-claim and self-government deal this month worth more than $350-million with the 5,300 Inuit in northern Labrador . . . . It will give the Inuit control of land and resources on the northwest shores of Labrador, as well as a share of offshore oil resources in certain areas. ... new national park .... Voisey's Bay mine

There is much more in those articles about developing culture and language.

The Labrador Metis Nation, which says the agreement could extinguish the rights of its 6,000 members of mixed Inuit ancestry

See also:


Bypassing Parliament, this government has been relieving all Canadians of great swathes of Canada.


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