January 04, 2006

Rage, rage against the dying of a child, Toronto Guns-Drugs-Gangs & the Race Industry

76% blame lax judges for gun violence -- Toronto poll James Cowan, with files from Gus Kim, National Post; with files from Global News, January 04, 2006

The race industry kicks in. -- Who appointed this woman as "spokeswoman"? Was she elected to speak for the rest? Do they even know she is speaking for them?

[. . . . ] "We've had more than 40 black youth die as the result of gun violence and we have not seen our governments react in such an immediate and strong way," said Sandra Carnegie-Douglas, a spokeswoman for the Coalition of African Canadian Organizations.

"We wonder if it was a black youth that was murdered on December 26 whether they would've moved as quickly." [. . . . ]

Gangs were also the top concern for Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Residents of British Columbia and Atlantic Canada were more often worried about drugs and drug trafficking. [. . . . ]

Obviously, for the "spokeswoman", gangs, drugs and trafficking are not the problem in Toronto.

Related and some comments on the shootings:

RE: Racial issues surface on eve of Toronto gun violence
posted by tangle2foot, 1/03/2006 21:39:05

[. . . . ] As soon as the meeting is complete the news conference will state that the vast majority of these gun incidents are the result of black gangs. The Coalition of African Canadian Organizations will then start screaming discrimination and racial profiling. This country has gotten so damn politicaly correct that regardless what the "whites" do they will be blamed.

The race card is used more as a weapon than as a statement of fact. Those who sream racism the most tend themselves to be the most racist.

He had that right!

There are many more comments but one writer, CliffStir, 1/03/2006 21:47:07 says:

Read the following link, THEN tell me that the police only care about "white" folk.

Lost Innocence Pulse24, Jan. 4, 05

The mother of tiny shooting victim Shaquan Cadougan thinks she knows who the gunmen were trying to hit when they struck her four-year-old boy by accident.

She believes her other son, budding basketball star Junior Cadougan, was the intended target.

CityNews interviewed Junior three months ago when he was an enthusiastic participant of the Hoops Unlimited program, which tries to keep kids off the streets. [. . . . ]

Anyone with information about the shootings is asked to call police or CrimeStoppers at 416-222-TIPS (8477).

Search: urban turf war

There is a racism industry at work, there are those who know and won't speak out, and then, there are others who have legitimate fears ... who know something that could help ... but know the possible consequences. The community apparently, most of the time, is not helping, whatever the reason.

Some people don't want these kids to go straight ... Salesmen will be needed?

Reaping what we sow by David Frum, National Post, Published: Tuesday, January 03, 2006 -- posted by Foxers, Jan. 3, 05

If there is any problem in Toronto, the Mayor insists, it is traceable to the United States: [. . . . ]

And naturally Prime Minister Paul Martin agreed. [. . . . ]

The Prime Minister, the Mayor and the media are hiding crucial facts. Here are three:

[. . . . ] More broadly: Canada's overall crime rate is now 50% higher than the crime rate in the United States. Read that again slowly -- it seems incredible, but it's true. It's true too that you are now more likely to be mugged in Toronto than in New York City. [. . . . ]

Rage, rage against the dying of a child

Should a parent not be outraged? Death is not the time for understanding and compassion -- "Parents not angry at teen accused of running down their daughter" -- 04 Jan 2006, CBC News

[. . . . ] Kuldip Dhadda says she's praying for the family of the accused as well as her own.

"I don't feel angry but I hope he learns something from this," she told CBC News.

"I hope people will learn from this. It could happen to anybody at any time." [. . . . ]

Something is all wrong with this response. What? -- From the parent of a newly killed child ... unnatural? ... too tolerant? ... afraid? ... What?

The alleged perpetrator:

Police charged 18-year-old Samrat Ramnik Dhuna with 11 offences, including criminal negligence causing death and impaired driving causing death.


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