December 29, 2005

Barbara Kay: Redefining perversion -&- Happy New Year to a Latin Beat

Happy New Year to you, Barbara Kay

You speak for many of us: Redefining perversion by Barbara Kay, December 28, 2005, Proud to be Canadian

Last night, I had another dream with Biblical narrative overtones: And it came to pass that those who loved Santa rose up in their numbers and called the SCC a false counsellor for setting aside the wisdom of the generations.

But the SCC harnessed its reign-dear cliches to its law-full Charter-ed sleigh - “Tolerance,” “Equality,” “Not-America,” all led by red-nosed “Minority Rights,” and drove Santa’s followers to retreat down Ottawa’s slippery slopes.

And lo, it came to pass in 2006 that those who believed in sexual modesty and public decency and the power of shame to keep decency’s flame alive were condemned by the SCC henceforth to be regarded as Canada’s new sexual perverts.

Latin Beat

I have searched for a Canadian equivalent of this source, Guitar CD's Ltd. , so far without luck. David Russell - Musica de barrios / Music Of Barrios -- I love Latin rhythms and this strikes my fancy.

1. Un Sueño En Le Floresta
2. Gavota Madrigal
3. Danza Paraguaya No. 1
4. Danza Paraguaya No. 2
5. Danza Paraguaya No. 3
6. Julia Florida
7. Vals Op 8, No 3
8. Vals De Primavera
9. Vals Tropical
10. Vals Op 8, No 4
11. Las Abejas
12. Fabiana
13. Mazurka Apasionata
14. Pais De Abanico
15. Cueca
16. La Catedral
17. A Mi Madre
18. Caazapá
19. Una Limosna Por El Amor De Dios

Andrés Segovia

The online shop is in the UK and I am still looking for that kind of selection here. Latin music -- various -- I enjoyed this, Sonora Carruseles. Search: Heavy Salsa


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