December 21, 2005

Mississauga-Erindale - Exploration of statements: "Islam won!" - "We have the east, we have the west, and now we have Mississauga!"

Note: There are statements, denials, and further investigation, so read to the end ... and then, maybe, read further. NJC

"We have the east, we have the west, and now we have Mississauga!"

As first reported, but later, there is new timing information.

Liberal strategy a dangerous mix of religion and politics

Toronto, Canada Monday, December 19, 2005 - On December 2, the Liberal candidate for Mississauga-Erindale, Omar Alghabra, made his victory speech after winning the nomination. In that speech, he reportedly exhorted his audience, "This is a victory for Islam! Islam won! Islam Won! ... Islamic power is extending into Canadian politics".

Alghabra's victory speech was delivered to an audience of several hundred in the Coptic Christian Centre of the Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Athanasius in Mississauga. [. . . . ]

David Ragheb, a member of the congregation, reported that following Alghabra's victory speech, Markham Councillor Khalid Osman took to the stage and declared, "We have the east, we have the west, and now we have Mississauga!"

Victor Fouad, a Coptic Christian from the congregation where the speech was made wrote to several newspapers and to the Prime Minister, who, incidentally, has ignored his letter, it seems. Scroll for the letter on the webpage: "Liberals bring Islamists one step closer to Parliament"

Caveat: There are differing accounts of whether it was the candidate, Omar Alghabra or Khalid Osman, decribed as his financier and manager, who made the comments. This thread on the Canadian Coalition for Democracies website explores what happened and has several links. NJC

BUT skim to the end of this post for corroborating accounts.

What I would question is if it were Alghabra's financier and manager who made the comments, and it seems something very disturbing was said by one of them, then what does it say about the backing and the friends of the Liberal candidate for Mississauga-Erindale, Alghabra? I would be concerned about how desperate our top Liberal leadership is in this circumstance. Canada must eradicate extremism.

Canada requires more than one political party and more than one political philosophy. We then need public political discussion of the differences in these policies.

What is revealed about this incident reveals something entirely different. NJC

Further down on the same webpage is this:

David Ragheb .... also reported that Rogers Cable was present throughout and may have filmed the event. "A member of parliament is supposed to represent my concerns about taxes and roads in Mississauga, not promote an Islamic agenda," said Ragheb.

Riding Talk: 156 Mississauga-Erindale Posted by: victor fouad Dec 18, 2005 [sic]

Mr. Omar [Elghabra], after winning the Liberal Nomination in Mississauga-Erindale, stood and announced loudly, several times, this is a VICTORY for ISLAM, ISLAM WON, ISLAM WON, he also started talking about how Islamic power is extending in the Canadian Politics, and the Muslims cheered around him [. . . . ]

another source

"The result tonight is a prove for Muslims unity and a victory for Islam, and that Arab mean Muslims and although Mr. Hazineh keep telling me he is a Christian I am telling him that he better be a muslim" He also said that this is the beginning to take over other ridings in Mississauga and later take over Canada. He also added "Do not vote Conservative they are against Islam and Muslims".

CBC Canada Votes 2006 posted by Mike Sulonaki Dec 12, 2005

Also the Head of the Riding, was fired ONE DAY before the election by Caroline Parish for leaking out important and private information and "Violating the Canadian Privacy Law", how could that be?, how could he become the head of the riding?

Many people who live in the area went on the elections day and were notified that their names were not there !, whilst others live in Markham and were allowed to vote !!!!. True Corruption was apparent.

We condemn this religious radical and fanatic attitude shown by the Liberal Nominee and in front of multitudes of people, and which was disgusting to the many non-Muslims who represent the overwhelming majority of the people in the area.

Rogers Cable was shooting this historical incident; ....

A strange way of phrasing it

"I didn't say a thing about Muslims or Islam in my acceptance speech"

Re: Is this the essential disagreement? Posted by Al Gordon on 18:16:05 2005/12/20, In Reply to: Re: Mississauga News Story posted by Al Gordon

[. . . . ] Having spoken to several more people who were present at the event, here is the sequence of events about which there is consensus. Omar Alghabra made a very polite and professional acceptance speech following his victory. Khalid Osman, who is decribed as his financier and manager, then grabbed the microphone and made a series of exhuberant statements about this being a victory for Islam and now they have now taken Mississauga. Omar Alghabra joined in the cheering and celebrating of the Islamist rhetoric of Khalid Osman, without distancing himself from such statements. Then they stepped down from the stage amidst the bedlam of their supporters, and that was when Omar Alghabra made the statements in the opening paragraph of the media release. [. . . . ]

Algjabra does not say he didn't make statements like this at another time, even during a later part of the meeting. It is time to see the Rogers video of the event, whatever they filmed.

In Canada, if you want to work or to do business . . . . . Need I say more?

Out of the mouths of cynics ...

Mainstream Media ... doing ... its (usual?) job

If this story was about Christians it would be front page news on CTV, CBC, and every other Liberal media outlet in Canada. But because it involves Islam they won't touch it ... Dec. 20, 05

A rising tide ... of ... ?

Figures from the 2001 census show that the number of people professing the Muslim faith has increased almost 130 per cent in a decade to total 579,640 individuals. Islam is now Canada's fastest-growing religion.

The census showed that for the first time Muslims outnumber Jews, a demographic change that some commentators say could influence Canadian policy in the Middle East in years to come.

[. . . . ] But the past year or so has seen an unprecedented level of political activity by community members. The groups are a regular fixture on Parliament Hill, appearing before Senate and House committees that have been reviewing an array of immigration, human rights and anti-terrorism bills. [. . . . ]

Why does this not give me a sense of security? Paul Martin & Team will do anything to win. They do not care about Canada nor preserving our traditional values, IMHO.

The cynic in me wonders: Would / Could anyone be enlisted to record some, but not all, of that meeting? Would this not ensure that Muslims vote Liberal?

Liberal Recommendation: Praise ... revealing in its own way

Liberal Press Release

Mr. Alghabra is a well-known voice of moderation in the Canadian Muslim community. The former president of the Canadian Arab Federation, Mr. Alghabra is also a former member of the Toronto Stars [sic] community editorial board and a board member for the Canadian International Peace Project, a multi-faith effort to promote peace and understanding in the Middle East. Board members of that group include the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Phil Fontaine, and Ontario Progressive Conservative leader John Tory.

Corroboration ... Murder will out

The Mississauga News spoke to someone who heard pro-Islamic remarks Mississauga News: Chris Clay, Dec 20, 2005, Posted by Sean on 17:21:45 2005/12/20

Erindale resident Sheref Elsabawy, who was at the meeting, said he was "shocked" to hear Alghabra make several pro-Islamic remarks. Elsabawy, a 40-year-old senior network engineer and Coptic Christian who voted for Alghabra, said, "this was a big warning for us that we could be second class citizens (if Alghabra is elected). He has an agenda. "I feel embarrassed to have endorsed Omar to the Coptic Christian community," said Elsabawy. "We don't support candidates because they're a Muslim or Christian." [. . . . ]

The last word to Mark Steyn

Racism is bad - so is self-delusion (Filed: 20/12/2005) via Jack's Newswatch

[. . . . ] These days, whenever something goofy turns up on the news, chances are it involves a fellow called Mohammed. A plane flies into the World Trade Centre? Mohammed Atta. A gunman shoots up the El Al counter at Los Angeles airport? Hesham Mohamed Hedayet. A sniper starts killing petrol station customers around Washington, DC? John Allen Muhammed. A guy fatally stabs a Dutch movie director? Mohammed Bouyeri. A terrorist slaughters dozens in Bali? Noordin Mohamed. A gang-rapist in Sydney? Mohammed Skaf. [. . . . ]


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