December 19, 2005

Why would a Canadian waste time the week before Christmas on this?

What I have posted since last week is lengthy but I think it is intriguing, maybe even important enough to read the week before Christmas. At this time of the year, there are often events that occur that are missed, but should not be. They often involve our government, as well.

If you pair the seven posts that follow with the ones mentioned below, you may be led to question what our Prime Minister Paul Martin and his Team have been planning. Maybe you will explore further, as I did.

I started with being shocked at the bias of a news report in the Maritimes. Then I checked further to the group and instructor featured in that report. That led me to our Liberal government, to the UN's influence, and to the networks that have been established which ensure that it is next to impossible to change the way things are done in Canada, that there will always be a group in place to subvert change . . . just in case any new government thinks it is going to fix the democratic deficit . . . the one the PM has not fixed. I discovered that there are organizations and networks in place, moneyed in some cases, and in others, just people who have a stake in maintaining the system the way it is . . . the way things have come to be done and which may have changed our country forever, perhaps irreparably.

One thing I found as I searched was how many links in past posts had been corrupted and usually, where they led or what they led to, proved intriguing enough to make me look further, even to go to Pack-Rats-R-Us for help.

Combine the seven posts today, "Follow the Yellow--Red--Brick Road #1" to "Follow the Yellow--Red--Brick Road #7" with the information I found, after those seven had been posted Dec. 15, 05. (

These are on Frost Hits the Rhubarb:

* Updated: Li Ka-shing Benefactor, CSL & CITIC ... -- Dec. 16, 05

* Updated: The Blowfish Effect: Debate Highways, Byways & Roads Not Taken -- Dec. 17, 05

It may prove fruitful, even intriguing, to search for the following and see where they lead:

Update 1: The deck has been stacked, even before an election

Centre for International Governance Innovation at Waterloo

[Subheading:] Taking care of friends: the UN Deputy Secretary General Louise Frechette

* More Skunks Kicking up Their Heels at the Garden Party -- Dec 16, 05

* Gremlins & Posting Difficulties -&- the Skinny from the Trusted Ones on the Debate -- Read the fine print here -- Dec. 16, 05

* The utter hypocrisy of Paul Martin -- Dec. 17, 05


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