December 19, 2005

Follow the Yellow--Red--Brick Road #5

This section will explore another government project--an academic project, possibly an academic job development and departmental expansion project--using tax money which benefits a few and which, in this case, may not help the natives, but will use the good-will of its participants.

Government projects and initiatives are topics which I have mentioned before on this site. This ties in with what was in post #4 of this series. I suppose one could call it The Government Wanting to Appear to do Good Series

Bear with me; I do have some points not made in my post Dec. 6, 05.

Is all that follows the sign of a caring government funding professionals to ameliorate a situation or . . . what? Is the emphasis placed in the most useful area and thus likely to be successful? Is it a subtle way of expanding more federal government control through creating a network that will live off this project . . . and more of a similar nature?

Is this a genuine desire to help the addicted, glue-sniffing children of addicted and ineffectual parents? Will this change that dysfunctional situation? Helping them by having them gain pride in their language, perhaps through "Linguistic Development of a Heritage Language: Innu-aimun" -- With the imprimatur of the UN? . . . Or are more long-laid plans coming to fruition? More expansion of that department which has been termed the Bill 101 for TROC (the rest of Canada), the area outside Quebec?

What would be more Prime Ministerial--more Paul Martin--than getting the backing of the UN for what the power people want to do anyway? It satisfies a few, but a powerful few. So, in my opinion, the PM leans on the UN, as it leans on him in pushing its agenda. I hypothesize that this aspect of the UN's influence in Canada has far-reaching import:

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Topic 1: Preserving Indigenous, Non-Official, or Second Languages

Consider the pressure to develop Canadians' sensitivity: sensitivity to immigrants and to native issues, for example, to develop curricula or dictionaries as a prelude to curricula in native languages--undoubtedly a prelude to even more costly and ultimately, programs that separate Canadians--even though Canada's immigrants who succeed must learn one of the two official languages--and do--accomplishing their entrance to mainstream modern society rapidly in the process.

Why is Canada's government so intent on promoting languages which will not help natives leave their dismal lives to live in the real world, but which will give work for academics and language program(s) development? Consider the number of heritage languages that could be developed across Canada, and the expansion of the Department's reach, the expansion of need for more sub departments or branches to handle the other linguistic developments.

The next section will deal with the the initiative in the Newfoundland-Labrador area and in particular with the Sheshatshiu Innu and Natuashish, the Institut Culturel et √Čucatif Montagnais in Quebec. Would any of this be under the aegis of Canada's Language Czar / Tzar Dyane Adam's department? Or is it the Department of Heritage? The term "heritage languages" will give a hint. The UN supports Heritage languages.

Did Dyane Adam, China, and business, at least to a degree, have anything to do with this Heritage Languages initiative? The cynic in me asks since alcohol and drug dependency would seem to be more pressing problems.

Digression -- but eventually, reason for its inclusion will be evident. The push for "heritage languages" will give a hint.

News Junkie Canada, Dec. 23, 04: "Lang Tzar-China" -- Scroll down to "Lang Tzar-China, Ecstasy-Busts, China-Workers, Libya-Plot-Saudi, UN-Saudi 'Activist'. RCMP-Counterfeit, BC Rail, FINTRAC, Sikhs-Threat, Fat Police"


Commissioner of Official Languages, Dyane Adam: "Official's China trip includes a holiday" Kathleen Harris, Ottawa Bureau Toronto Sun, Dec. 22, 04 -- 4 days for biz, rest for fun -- Bad Optics, Dyane


OFFICIAL LANGUAGES Commissioner Dyane Adam used a four-day government business trip to Beijing to tack on a three-week China vacation with her husband. Adam's senior adviser, whose spouse also tagged along on the Asian pre-conference holiday, brought the total taxpayers' tab to $13,657 for flights, accommodation, meals, registration fees and taxi fares. [. . . . ]

Adam's travel costs for the September conference on law and language were almost twice the amount billed by Auditor General Sheila Fraser for a trip to the same destination this summer. In July, the federal spending watchdog claimed $3,512 for her business trip to Beijing, which included a $1,942 economy ticket. [. . . . ]

When you consider what I predicted in that December 2004 post, it was almost precient, given events since.

My comments -- at the time, Dec. 2004:

Watch for this -- grand announcements during Prime Minister Paul Martin's trip to China -- new business deals with China involving oil, mining, or some other important Canadian assets -- and the businesses will require the use of French! .... The Chinese aren't stupid; they know who to court and what province runs the government. [Check the key ministries and who head foundations and crown corps. and other powerful groups, before dismissing this idea.]

[In Dec. 2004], think China-MinMetals' due diligence on buying Noranda-Falconbridge; the offer hasn't happened [at that time], but the door has not been closed....China needs metals. Think Stelco. Think China's recently announced desire to buy Husky Oil, Li Ka-Shing's company. Note that Newfoundland-Labrador [had not then] not been able to budge the PM [until he desperately needed to win last year's election] on their share of the offshore oil revenue money. Do you know what companies are involved in searching for oil in the area? Check a little. Of course, there is the North. Think of the fast tracking of land claims settlements with the Natives in the North and murmurs about circumventing the need to go before Parliament, perhaps. Think the desire to develop the North, the diamonds, et cetera . . . . and it goes on.

Canadians shop for Christmas. The ones who stand to make money have other plans.

Watch for the big announcements.

The busy Christmas season has come around again for 2005. Watch for developments ... any that have not already taken place ... and are just waiting for Canadians to crown this PM again.

Why do you think Paul Martin is displaying such desperation to remain in office? He will spend any amount of Canadians' tax and windfall profits tax money to remain in office. Follow the yellow--red--brick road.


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