December 21, 2005

Warren Kinsella Bites ... Stings

Death of a thousand cuts ... or worse? ... PM would have been wise to have WK onside.

A subtle difference ...

Warren Kinsella's Latest Musings Dec, 05. Also, see what you think of his ASTONISHING NEWS -- Click on the top right link.

December 21, 2005 .... Is "Defending The Farm Family" an example of said excellence? Does that mean Mamma Piggie and Daddy Horsie are safe and sound under Dithers' rule? Next time, war room par excellence, perhaps would it be better to say: "Defending The Family Farm." Yep.

It might be better to have WK with you ...... Keep reading

Warren Kinsella's Latest Musings
December 20, 2005 - Lots of Liberals privately felt the shadow-boxing with the USA looked contrived, and quite convenient, too. This may explain why. [ which links to Stephen Taylor ]
December 20, 2005 - It being the holiday season, when one sees happy scenes like this , one wants to think about snow , not snow.

Snow what I mean?

(He will, soon enough!)

The last link leads to Drug Aware: cocaine .


Photo ... & ... caption pure WK

December 19, 2005 – It’s not quite the wheels coming off the bus (note the rear wheel that is visible), but it’ll serve for the purposes of the analogy.

“So, do you fly your horse-drawn carriages under foreign flags, as well?”

Worth looking at the photo on Kinsella's site.

Character Reference ... also pure WK

It also reminded me about being in government when Junior was Minister of Finance. Most of us – with the exception of three senior guys in the leader’s office, all of whom now regret their miscalculation, or should – saw Junior as profoundly, irreducibly weak, and willing to say anything, absolutely anything, to please whomever walked through his doorway. Time and time again, we’d hear the same tale: if an MP got something, it was because Junior had fought for it at cabinet, triumphing over mean old Chretien. And if the MP was unsuccessful – well, that was Chretien’s fault, too. The media loved him, of course, because his budgets were remarkable for what had not been leaked, not for what had been leaked.

This pathology is playing itself out over the Paul vs. Dubya stuff, this week. [. . . . ]

The WK adder ... stings again

Latest Musings: Warren Kinsella, November 2005 leads to various interesting items.

November 22, 2005 – Canada Steamship Lines is a company owned by a certain Canadian politician. It doesn’t fly the Canadian flag to avoid paying taxes here, it has had a ship seized for drug running and, now this, found in this.

If this upsets you – and it should – you can express your anger here.

Man oh man, if I was involved in the election, I would build a whole campaign around this issue. It’d be a winner, too.

That leads to this article: "Sweeping It Under -- Our grimy great lakes: The dirty secrets of the Canadian shipping industry’s cleanup practices"


This Magazine, Sept. - Oct. 2005


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