December 23, 2005

Updates 1-4: Gremlins -&- More Fuel for the Yule Logs -&- a Bud Update

This has been bumped up to Dec. 23.

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Update 4: Free speech in Canada wounded again

I have discovered several Gremlins but I would suggest you look at FHTR week of Oct. 23, 05 to Oct. 29, 05 and note any links that do not work or lead to the wrong week, for example, as I have noted below. Who has access to Blogger (owned by Google) in Canada? Who is able to make this kind of change?


If a link is corrupted, it is probably worth looking at the article or the original. Usually, but not always, I give the name of the article so you might search. It seems I could spend all day correcting links.

I have found links to previous FHTR posts but to the wrong week. I am usually more careful when I correct my own links so when further corruption--of my corrections--is found ... I look further.

Example: A link should have led to FHTR Feb. 24, 2005

Correct link as of Dec. 23, 05:

Multiculturalism, IRB, Vietnamese Immigration via Philippines, Vietnamese Asian & Other Criminal Gangs in Canada


Link to original WorldNetDaily ( article (I hope. I just checked FHTR Feb. 24, 05 )

MULTICULTURAL MADNESS -- How Western Civilization has been turned upside down in one generation


How it may be done

This is an example of a corrupted link
Oct. 28, 05, one I thought I had corrected. Maybe I did not.

Incorrect link -- Note how it is done in this case, by doubling a line, then inserting %20


I have not enough time to check and correct more. Perhaps it is sufficient that Canadians become aware of just what is happening to free speech, even with bloggers.

Then listen to our state broadcaster for how the news is slanted through tone and other means I have written about before. It is in high Liberal Propaganda Organ form. Check also.

Who would benefit from all the Gremlins?

Why would a taxpayer funded news organization be so desperate that it is actually working so obviously to maintain the status quo?

As I have said before, follow the yellow brick road, only one of the interesting pathways.

For some reason, previously, I had noted this link to check into further. Maybe it has something interesting, maybe not.


Update 3:

Late-blooming anti-separatist gene -- PM has flipped another flip flop.

Layton courts native vote in Yellowknife -- How could Jack jack increase the payout? ... the $$$? Let me count the ways ... You could pay.

Accused cocaine smuggler arrested after truck gets stuck in snowdrift -- No snow for Christmas?

The Appointed Ones Reign Supreme

Editorial:The freedom to swing

This is not the behaviour Canadians want their children to be exposed to, is it? In effect, we are being told by our Supremes that this is acceptable for our society, though they might protest that their ruling does not mean exactly what I describe. The effect is to normalize this aberrent behaviour. Those who live like this will push even further, having gained a favourable ruling from the SCOC. Wait for Montreal sex clubs to be advertised in the newspaper you read with your morning coffee.

The free love crowd's chickens have come home to roost ... at the SCOC it seems. Is any behaviour acceptable now--no matter how far outside society's norms, no matter how detrimental to the family unit, the basic societal unit? Soon we will have plural wives accepted ...... must be inclusive in Canada ...... Note, I did not mention plural husbands.

Get rid of this appointed travesty, the Supreme Court. Let Canadians elect our top justices, after we have heard more about the past decisions they have made and after we have cogitated a bit. Let the Canadian community, not the Liberal controller PM(s), decide who should sit on our Supreme Court and our Senate. Communities should decide who will be the local candidate. Read Garth Pritchard's article for who and what groups control the news and what we are allowed to know. We want to choose what news and news sources we may access. We do NOT want to be controlled by groups chosen by an all-powerful PM/PMO, and ......... The rest of us want our Canada back. Oh, oh, I'm going psychologically ballistic again.

Will no-one rid us of this government and its enablers?

The railroading of Jean Pelletier -- I still remember Pelletier's comments at the time Myriam Bedard testified and I remember what she said. Very interesting that some of it disappeared from Hansard, subsequently. Now, how did that happen?

Stephen Harper's Quebec gambit -- positive commentary for Stephen

RCMP held in check
Terence Corcoran, National Post, Dec. 22, 05

Floating a new concept, the "victim corporation model," the Crown attempted to keep secret its use of a special techniques to secure the co-operation of corporate directors. The overall effect of the RCMP and Crown secrecy, said Nordheimer, was to undermine fundamental freedom and the rights of accused.

Update 2

A Christmas story of our PM and fellow travellers

Canadian news by government decree By Garth Pritchard, Thursday, December 22, 2005

It was January 8, 2005--I was in Sri Lanka, shooting footage for a documentary on the Canadian DART group, sent to help the people after a 32-foot wave, traveling 500 miles an hour hit the fragile houses and people of the Ampara district.

Prior to leaving, the politicians in Ottawa had spoon-fed the Canadian news outlets. So, Canadian Press reported .....

Search: the stunning behaviour of the Prime Minister and his handlers , The Prime Minister didn’t even bother to , sound of silence , Peter Mansbridge and his CBC crew , with Canadian soldiers--in Afghanistan , The bomb factory story , censored , "Because journalists were there in the embedded program, they had agreed to" , "That’s how it’s done nowadays. Control." , "....Have you got any idea how pissed CIDA is at you?" , All the lines lead to one enormous , Our national media is quickly boiling down to , where is the CRTC in all of this? , "Consider the upcoming election, and the so-called debates" , "we’re looking for input from our beloved bloggers" , "This film-maker has been shot. CBC will not run anything produced by us, nor will the National Film Board." , Included in this nightmare--which I will call censorship--is ................

And a Merry Christmas to the free ones at Canada Free Press ...

For some reason, and untouched by me, the template has developed problems. It means that, if your screen doesn't show the previous posts and links, they are probably at the bottom.

How convenient ... for the usual Gremlins ... to whom I wish a Christmas drinking party--and endless hangovers--excruciatingly uncomfortable and of momentous proportions ... the kind of misery that will leave them unable to operate and ... oh, never mind. You know what I wish them.

For the rest of you, have patience. This, too, will pass. Merry Merry Christmas. NJC

Update 1: I just added Bud's latest as of Dec. 23, 05 and some music suggestions from me. NJC

Brutal Betty, the Conservative Butcher ... Hacking at the sacred Liberal cows

I realize that some blog writers prefer the rapier when skewering their opponents. However some downer cows need special attention. No amount of rapier wit can make these babies even stumble. No, one must apply the broadsword. How do you cut through such nonsense as Martin's pledge to ban all handguns. This, on top of the hideously bloated, non-functional gun registry, is a blunderbuss of rank idiocy. No mere "touche" is going to deflate it. Broadswords are required here. The absurd potlatch ceremonies with the aboriginals that the Liberals engage in needs a mighty whack, and maybe a catapult of commonsense facts hurled their way. With the heavy armour of liberal media supporting the Liberals, more asinine, extravagant ideas, even seige machines, may be necessary.

I hope I have been vindicated by my occasional vicious slashing of the Liberals. Whatever, I will still ask Santa for a scimitar for Christmas.

© Bud Talkinghorn

I received this and then I read it ... Waaaaah! ... Who is my sidekick Bud talking about when he uses the 'Brutal Betty' slur? ... On second thought, I hope I rate a suitably nasty epithet ... Might as well serve up tasty chops from the downer cows ... for the New Years and the election.

The Hydra-headed beast of Liberal hypocrisy

Doesn't Paul Martin ever fact check his utterances? Now he is accusing Harper of weakening the country by granting more autonomy to the provinces--specifically, Quebec. "Canada must speak with one voice" is his current mantra. However, in May, 2004, in Laval, Martin proclaimed that "Quebec should not only be at the table in UNESCO, but it must also be able to speak when we discuss things." That statement was made before Martin donned his Captain Canada outfit. I can hardly wait for Paul's newest policies to be announced. Pointing out the inaccurances or blatant hypocrisies focuses my mind delightfully. Still, these Hydra-headed hypocries involve a lot of one's time. A broadsword and a cauterizing iron should be kept handy.

Addendum: Please tell me that, Wednesday, I was hallucinating when I heard Martin on CBC actually say, "I will protect Quebec from both the Americans and the Separtatists". Just how he is going to "save" Quebec from those dastardly Yanks wasn't fleshed out. Perhaps he will use great gobs of taxpayers' money to erect towers in Quebec, which will deflect U.S. radio and television transmissions. I'm sure the CRTC--almost all Liberal appointees--will rubber-stamp that ploy. Isn't that yet another hypocrisy, as Martin recently declared that he wasn't using anti-American rhetoric in his campaign?

© Bud Talkinghorn--Stay tuned.

The Liberals' handgun ban

How many billion dollar albatrosses can Martin sling around his neck before he has to resort to wearing a back brace--a tungsten-reinforced one at that? The tragic murder of a young policewoman shows the futility of further encroachments on legitimate gun owners. Simply put some teeth into the current gun laws and the gun rampages will abate. You don't get to play with your Glock in a supermax prison. And the judge that allowed the young female cop's murderer to have an "elephant gun" after he was deemed unstable and a menace, should be pulled off the bench.

© Bud Talkinghorn--Oh, Merry Christmas

For Christmas, only a few of the possiblities -- Music

When I listen to music with dinner, I am changed, soothed. Music does something to my life that nothing else can accomplish. I have just spent dinner listening to music. Oh, how wonderful. If you must buy a last-minute gift, consider some of the following starting points, by no means a definitive list, nor is it necessarily a list of the best, simply what came to mind today:

Verdi: Nabucco -- Look for the Hebrew slaves' chorus

Anne Sophie Mutter and others

Yo Yo Ma

Mark Knoffler: 'Sailing to Philadelphia' -&- 'The Ragpicker's Dream'

Daniel Barenboim

Césaria Évora

Bach Meets Cape Breton

Nana Mouskouri -- See if you can find her concert at Albert Hall with a Greek band (bouzouki band?)

Itzhak Perlman

Emmy Lou Harris

Andre Rieu

More Fuel for the Yule Logs

National Post, A4, Dec. 22, 05, details instances of PM's dissembling.

Graeme Hamilton: Late-blooming anti-separatist gene -- Only recently has PM become 'man of intransigence'

Paul Martin:

* tried to undermine Jean Chretien's sovereignty-fighting tools, one being the Clarity Act

* welcomed to his cabinet as Quebec lieutenant the former Bloc Quebecois (separatist) Jean Lapierre who dismissed the Clarity Act as "useless"

* turfed Stephane Dion who, with Chretien, was one of the Clarity Act's architects

* ( lied ) misquoted the figures on how many jobs would likely be jeopardized if Quebec separated by inflating the number estimated, multiplying by 10

* was known in Quebec as "the friendly federalist, more likely to acquiesce to the province's demands than Mr. Chretien"

* ( lied ) dissembled on Quebec having a seat at UNESCO

* and Jack Granatstein has described Paul Martin thus:

"Martin didn't seem to have any real ideas and beliefs.He was a cushion that the last person to sit on would make an impression, that he would say anything to win a vote, do anything to win a vote."

That didn't take even a thousand cuts.

Let it Bleed: Zero Battalions Dec. 18, 05


[. . . . ] Liberal internal polls must be absolutely horrendous, if they're reduced to this sort of ahistorical nonsense, this early:

"We look to the prime minister of the country to protect" the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Liberal leader said as he launched his post-debate campaign phase. "And in my view, if you won't protect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, then you have no business trying to become prime minister of Canada."

This is so absurd, it really warrants highlighting. [. . . . ]

Further down:

If you want another example to back up your logic, try this one at the Toronto Star: Never before would they have given the details behind Harper's oblique reference to CSL ... for all to see. The tide is turning, surely. [ Posted by: Erik Sorenson December 19, 2005 at 11:56 AM ]


Michael Harris: "Still, if I were Paul I wouldn’t start a vigorous debate over who is fit to run for prime minister, unless of course, he is talking about Barbados." Dec. 20, 05, "Paul ships out"

A Christmas gift

Kevin Steele: 25 reasons why this election will change everything -- "Don't believe pessimistic pundits and politicians--this is no replay of the last election. In fact, it may go down as one of the most significant in Canadian history."

CBC -- "Media analyst and Ottawa-based author Mark Bourrie said the Harper image trip-up and the animation cartoon reveal an anti-Conservative bias at the public broadcaster.

"The anti-Conservative bias on that has been startling. In the case of the flash animation there was no political satire in it all, it was just an attack," said Bourrie, who has written about propaganda, media self-censorship and the relationship between the Ottawa media and the government."

The above is from an article entitled "CBC bows to public pressure, pulls 'Nazi' image of Harper" -- The [Moncton] Times and Transcript
Jorge Barrera, Times & Transcript, Dec. 20, 05

By the way, see if you can find that Moncton Times & Transcript article; make an educated guess before you look. ........ Has it been removed? Hidden? Censored? Why, who'd have thought? ........ Me, I squeak.


This comes compliments of ... and thanks.

One reason why Maritimers vote as they do

OTTAWA - The CBC has buckled to public pressure and pulled an internet image cropped to make Conservative Leader Stephen Harper appear to be giving a Nazi salute.

Now the state-funded broadcaster is facing additional public criticism over an internet cartoon animation mocking Harper as "rigid, cold and completely devoid of life."

The CBC Ombudsman's office has received several emailed complaints from people upset the CBC would post the cartoon during the current, hotly contested election.

The sources for balanced news are limited in the Maritimes, except for the internet and few use the internet for news, it appears.

Consider why Maritimers vote as they do; there is little alternative to the codswallop they're served ... and uninformed by ......... from just about all sources.

This week, on the CBC National, under the guise of something or other, Maritimers were treated to a lovingly followed and lingered over St. John Liberal Paul Zed--an Irving son-in-law--electioneering in St. John. Emphasized was how much clout Zed has in Ottawa. For the kind of person who is a bundle of needs, desires and wants, I suppose this is a positive.

For the rest of us, CBC was doing its usual Liberal Propaganda Organ job ........ helping another Liberal in the Maritimes to become or remain an MP and to maintain the PM and Team status quo. There are several announcements floating around now concerning what the MP has brought in the way of pork.

For instance, Min. Andy Scott has brought home the bacon in the form of ACOA or AIF grants and/or funding announcements. e.g. a grant for the highway upgrade leading from the capital, Fredericton, to the Mirimichi ..... If the Liberals are re-elected, of course, it will be built, is the message the locals are to take.

If the people don't vote Liberal, the sky will fall in ... and the locals will die on the highway, I assume. Ridiculous. Every party agrees the highway must be built so it doesn't matter what party gets voted in.

I've been saying for years what the above media analyst noted. I am offended by the CBC's blatant politicking for Paul but it is not just the CBC, as I investigated and then detailed about where I was led by looking further into only one Global TV news program, an utterly biased program. (See FHTR Dec. 19, 05 with seven items entitled: "Follow the Yellow--Red--Brick Road #1" and ending with #7. On Dec. 16, 05, I posted links to some and then I added information and updates later.)

The motto in the Maritimes seems to be "Keep 'em ignorant and voting Librano$" ... aka Lieberal.

Thanks to those who write in the Shotgun for the handles. I love the efforts made by Westerners and others in the Western Standard / the Shotgun to inform, as opposed to whatever one would call what the rest of those in the mainstream media who regurgitate press releases do, too often. That does not apply to all, of course, but the system does not reward that type of journalist, I have found. Think of the awards that I suspect could eventually be linked back to taxpayer money used to reinforce Liberal .....

Caveat: An acquaintance says I use a cudgel when a rapier--even a switchblade--would do. There is probably a large grain of truth in that, but I want readers to be able to check the sources I cite and so I list.

Obviously, my species thrive in dusty libraries and stacks of newspapers. We do not shop, at any rate, for Christmas, nor to give meaning to life. If it can't be preserved, baked, cooked, sewn or otherwise fabricated at home, forget about it. I have managed this month not to enter a shop except a grocery store or that other absolutely essential purveyor of seasonal necessities. Incidentally, I feel quite satisfied with Christmas already. It is tremendously liberating to want almost nothing and to assume food is worth preparing and giving to those who agree that Christmas has meaning beyond gifts, that Christmas is enhanced by and celebrated with those who wish to share the meaning, the family feeling, the groaning board, the children and the conviviality. What other kinds of friends and relatives does one need? ... Besides, some of them even like my cooking.

May your family and friends surround you. Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Blessings upon all. NJC


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