January 04, 2006

INNU: Money for Nothing?


I forgot to add that this summary was written by rosemarie59.

Apparently, some, if not all, CNEWS Forum back comments posts were missing this morning ... Maybe they are up again now, maybe not.

The moral? It pays to make friends with Pack Rats R Us -- which, in this case, came through with a copy.

INNU - Money for Nothing?

This is something I haven't seen addressed in the MSM. It has to do with the government's plans to develop a new language for the Innu. Why, you may wonder? When the problems in that region appear to be related to fetal alcohol syndrome, glue sniffing, poverty as a result of these circumstances, why would the government focus on the development of a new dictionary as a panacea?

The link is quite long and there are preceding entries which the blogger makes to establish the argument that meeting the goals of the UN are of greater priority to this government than fixing the multi-generational impact of drug and alcohol abuse that plague the First Nations.

Notice the mention of language czar Dyann Adam's trip to China and how the blogger ties this in to what seems to be a 'make work project' for academics disguised as a program to help the Innu.

Remember an interview sometime in 2005, subject, Paul Martin, done by Peter C. Newman, in which the PM revealed his vision for a new world government? Seemed to me the grand illusions of a man drunk from expectations of power that in a reasonable world would never come to fruition. Consider his connections at the UN; his best friend Maurice Strong, personal advisor to Kofi Annan and Martin. Strong, most recently disgraced by his alleged ties to 'oil for food', is hiding out in China. But is he still pulling strings? Then there is Louise Frechette, she too a former high level mouth-piece at the UN, who has resigned (?) her position there and taken a position---where else but in the halls of academia?---at a southern Ontario university.

Is this social engineering run amok? This government's day-care program, through which they have taken a hard line against the value of mothering---institutional care is preferable and paramount to a stay at home mom or dad--- coupled with staffing universities with Liberal thinkers, and their feel-good program for the Innu, a program so pie-in-the-sky one would think it was a project to challenge exceptional minds. But it's not. This regime sees the creation of a new language, a new dictionary as the cure-all for drug addicted, poverty stricken natives! If it weren't so sickening it would be laughable!

As one Innu spoke, 'they don't want us to get well, they make money off us'. [. . . . ]

It's the kind of thing you'd expect to read about a third world country. But this is Canada and they're not using my taxes and yours to treat the symptom, [they're] throwing [money] at the intellectual elite to busy themselves with a language program. What good will that do? Oh, I know, it'll be sold as having a goal of enriching natives' heritage. But please. These people need to have a reason to get up in the morning with the knowledge that they're doing something meaningful for themselves and their families, like working.

I can't get rid of the thought: 'they don't want us to get well, they make money off us'.

An excellent summary of the situation. There is more here and the full catastrophe here. Scroll down for all seven parts which you probably didn't read the week before Christmas (FHTR week of Dec. 18, 05) nor the week after -- "Follow the Yellow--Red--Brick Road #1" to "Follow the Yellow--Red--Brick Road #7" and there are related posts during that time period, as well.


Blogger rosemarie59 said...

You could have given me credit. Even though you did all the research, I did a nice job of writing about it.

Wed Jan 04, 09:15:00 PM 2006  
Blogger News Junkie Canada said...

My apologies. I forgot -- I was getting rather flaky by that time of the day as I had been up since long before daylight.

Anyway, you did get credit for the best summary. :) NJC

Thu Jan 05, 12:26:00 AM 2006  

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