January 04, 2006

Polls & Public Opinion Research Firms Ranking -- $$$ -- Who is paying for the polls now?

Update: I gave the link in the post below but I had problems uploading the jpegs -- until now.

Keep a perspective on polls and polling companies. Do they ever ask you? Who is paying them right now? Do they work free of charge in hope of a later consideration? Who are those people on the street that are asked their opinions? Think interviews that you see on the news, whatever the media, e.g. CBC, Global TV and CTV. Also, consider who get through for call-in opinion programs during an election -- the ordinary Canadian's opinions. Don't be snowed ... by so-called experts ... by that trusted, connected bit. You know what opinions they want.

Keep listening, noting and laughing at how they slant news, how the tone will tell you what they're thinking. It's a hoot. Notably, CBC is apoplectic ... again.

Then vote according to your own experience and common sense.

The following graphs show what polling firms worked for and made money from government in 2004-2005


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