January 10, 2006

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Authors urge voters to be furious -- re: book "The Secrets of Option Canada" -- Options Canada "precursor to" what became the sponsorship scandal Graeme Hamilton, Jan. 10, 06,

[. . . . ] ... Quebec's all-news channels broadcast live their accusations that the federalists had stolen the 1995 referendum. [. . . . ]

... photocopies of cheques ... 50 supposed volunteers ... $300,000 ... to aid the No side in the 1995 referendum.

Among the recipients was Tony Mignacca, the former organizer for Alfonso Gagliano who was banished from the Liberal party for his involvement in the sponsorship scandal. ....$90,000 bought plastic ties used to hang campaign signs, the authors found.

.... funnelled to Liberal organizers.

Unscientific Poll by NJC: Pinocchio Tribe Appears to be Expanding

Ekos Poll: “Two major newspapers and a pollster decided to sit on the results of a weekend poll that showed a double-digit breakthrough by the Conservatives over the Liberals because they felt it would be irresponsible to release the "stunning" numbers on the day of the English debate.” posted by TomB -- via Captain's Quarters: The Leaders Debate, And Yell, And Scream ... -- comments worth reading too.

Newspapers, pollster refuse to publish 'stunning' findings -- Results deemed suspect due to small sample size; showed Tories on verge of winning a majority Jack Aubry, OttawaCitizen, Jan. 10, 06. H/T Captain's Quarters

Calling it a "difficult decision," Frank Graves, the president of Ekos Research Associates, said he and his media clients, the Toronto Star and Montreal's La Presse, agreed to do further polling yesterday to increase the sample size to 1,200 respondents. He confirmed the weekend findings -- from a sample of 500 calls -- indicated Stephen Harper and the Conservatives were on their way to forming a majority government similar to the ones enjoyed by Brian Mulroney in 1984 and Jean Chretien in 1993. ....

Will the next budget make adequate provision of special funding for this voting block? Or has something been done to ... preserve its heritage already? After all, it's da Canajun way ... da Librano$ way.

CBC's Neil MacDonald ... Joins Tribe

Terence Corcoran: Let's reality check the reality check -- "The spin cycle on taxes began last week on CBC Television's The National, where Neil MacDonald paraded Liberal spin ... Here's the story as told by Mr. Macdonald." Jan. 10, 06

First of all, the Liberal tax cut never became law. The plan made it to first reading in the House of Commons. Then the government fell. There is no law, and legally the Liberal tax cut doesn't exist. What we have is a Liberal election promise (after 12 years in power) to cut a tax rate just as their train was heading over a cliff.

[. . . . ] it was clear within days that the actual legislation would never get passed.

So, contrary to Mr. MacDonald's Reality Check claim, the Tories do not plan to raise taxes. [. . . . ]

Search: Canadian Club , luncheon record , stacked a hotel ballroom with 1,800 people

The tribe is becoming noted for the longest noses in Canada, it appears, but NJC Polling will run another poll to sample more ordinary Canadians before making a definite statement. Stay tuned ... updates when NJC Polling gets ... the results it wants. That, too, is da Canajun way.

Encapsulating the fury of (liberally) abused Canadians

I am not a crook"--when people get paid for nothing with taxpayers money and you try to slough it off as no big deal while a lot of Canadians have to tighten their belts, don't expect Canadians to dismiss it on election day.

The arrogance and culture of entitlement
caught up with them and all their media spinners and hacks aren't going to be able to cover their trail in the next 2 weeks. [. . . . ]

Search: Auditor- General

Scroll down for other items:

"Avian flu"

"It was probably a surprise to Martin also........but then again when you're trying to distance yourself from about 35 RCMP investigations and abusing .... "

The real threat to national unity ... is the Liberals David Frum, NP, Jan. 10, 06

Down with the GST: Cutting the GST rate could reduce economic distortion, increase productivity and lead to general tax reform. It could even be scrapped Jon Kesselman, NP, Jan. 10, 06

Lincoln's big on Beijing campus by David Ikenson ..... My assessment: Meanwhile Canada's students pursue the rigours of history through Victimology/Guilt/PoliticalCorrectness & LibSpeak 101 as viewed through the eyes of various stakeholders and voting blocks -- Onward and Upward ... NP, Jan. 10, 06

A picture says it all ...

Anti-CAIR -- "[CAIR is] unusual in its extreme rhetoric and its associations with groups that are suspect"

*U.S. Senator Charles Schumer: "we know [CAIR] has ties to terrorism"

From Sept. 2003 Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Terrorism,
Technology and Homeland Security

Just one sample:

*The Hijab That Wasn't

Indeed, much of what CAIR produces is not all it appears to be — as was graphically illustrated this week by a misadventure in photo retouching at CAIR’s website. A photograph posted at CAIR’s website depicted “leaders of the interfaith community gathered for an interfaith candlelight vigil…to mark the fourth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.” One of these leaders — who appeared to be Samina Faheem Sundas, editor of the American Muslim Voice — was standing prominently between the male speaker at the podium and two other Muslim women. Those women were standing submissively with hands clasped in front and eyes cast downward, hijabs showing prominently in the picture. But there was something suspicious about the hijab worn by the woman resembling Sundas: she wasn’t actually wearing one. The one she had on in the picture was crudely drawn on her head by a retoucher. What’s more, two women in the crowd also sported drawn-on hijabs. Someone at CAIR evidently thought that posting a photo of bareheaded women would cast doubts upon the organization’s Islamic correctness...

The Debate:

Anyone who reads this blog knows what I think. CBC will tout, repeat, distort, present out of context anything to give support to Paul Martin who, I believe, would (rob the ROC) promise anything to the rest of the country to keep his CBC/mainstream media/Propaganda Organ ... and his other concerns alive. I shall continue to barrack for the one I see as a man of integrity, Stephen Harper. Gilles Duceppe has no business being on the podium in a national debate unless he thinks of something besides Quebec, unless he can expand his vision to realize that being a federal MP includes the fact that you represent not just your own area but ALL Canadians so you should consider the good of that whole country. I still wish he were not a separatist. Paul Martin and Jack Layton make soothing or comforting noises about protecting and more but ... in the case of PM, I do not believe him, and in the case of Jack and his NDP, I wouldn't want to pay for all he would give away. He is slick, I'll give him that -- a perfect specimen of the leftist viewpoint employed at a university (for example) who doesn't have to grub in the cold or dirt for his daily bread--but I may be unfair in that assessment. It is just what Jack reminds me of. Anyway, I like an intelligent policy man and Stephen is that. Decide for yourself, anyway ... read what each plans and vote.

PS: Has anyone else had enough of such a biased public broadcaster? Get your daily Pravda shot--that we'll-tell-you-what's-good-for-you shot ... in the keester; turn on CBC. See how many times it will make you hoot in derision, guffaw at how obvious they are ... or cry because you're paying for it.

Book discusses secret federalist organization -- Normand Lester and Robin Philpot: The Secrets of Option Canada Luann Lasalle, Jan. 9, 06

[. . . . ] The book also says Option Canada received $5.2 million from the department of Canadian Heritage to ostensibly promote linguistic duality.

But Lester noted there was "daily communication between Option Canada and the No committee."

He said between $3 million and $3.5 million of the grant money wasn't officially included in expenses by the No committee and was illegally spent during the referendum campaign. [. . . . ]

Options Canada Coverage -- "While TVA and CTV even, were covering the Philpott book launching of the Options Canada corruption scanadal, CBC was trashing the overall tax plan of the federal conservative party. THe CBC coverage has been awful and slanted. Neil McDonald is particularly atrocious." 71717, Jan. 9, 05

Captain Canada - Defender Of The Charter? posted by quebec1, 1/09/2006 21:57:16

[. . . . ] It seems Paulie wants to place reverse onus on persons charged with any type of gun crime. Fine and dandy, but that would violate the spirit, if not the Charter of Rights itself, n'est-ce pas?
Since property rights are not part of the charter, Paulie wants to ban hanguns and legal owners will have 5 years to turn them in. [. . . . ]


71717 said "Handguns have been banned in Canada for over fifty years now ... also had to be registered for some time now. It is going to be difficult for the Liberals to ban what is already banned."

Harper: "said his party was prepared to consider anything that will get guns out of the hands of criminals.

But he said there just aren't that many handguns in Canada. The real problem, he said, is that the Liberals have failed to crack down on crime."

"They must take responsibility for the growth in gun crime that has occurred under their watch. Gun crime has spun out of control because they have failed to do anything to reduce gun crime."


Gender politics used to score cheap political points

I am tired of the whole business of playing women and men as against instead of complementary to each other.

This is an excellent response to a mindless article entitled: Harper has trouble with Female Voters posted by rosemarie59, Jan. 9, 06

The mere fact that someone would pen such an article is sexist in itself. That is, unless they're prepared to write a follow-up in tomorrow's edition, title:

'Can Belinda seduce men?'

See a copy of the article on that webpage.

As a woman, I want a solid, intelligent leader of government, not a glad-hander, a huffing, puffing fellow who will promise-em-anything to be re-elected (before the frost hits the rhubarb* ?) , apparently desperate enough to be re-elected that he would issue new policy on the debating floor about stripping out the notwithstanding clause.

Harper is the kind of man a woman chooses to be a husband and a real father; he is not a one-night-stand with empty promises. Yes, this man and his character--men of his ilk--could seduce me, the voter. I don't want feel good statements and empty promises that will be forgotten, depending upon how the wind blows, in the morning.

What the Paul Martin & Team Liberals fail to see is that Harper has substance, deep down character ... They fail to understand that the best of Canadians have had enough charisma, lies, broken promises, touchy-feely bafflegab and false concern and passion, enough setting up the racial exclusion card and other straw men, enough studies and talks ending with ... nothing substantive changing, and then more deaths in what should be a safe and proud country, enough vote buying and pandering to select voting blocks to the detriment of Canadians' security ... and ... but you get the idea.

Enough with the gender politics, already! In any family, it takes two to tango and in any society both sexes bring something to the family and the table that is essential for civilization ... besides the obvious.

* "Impending doom" sometimes inelegantly expressed as "before the s*** hits the fan"


Something Wrong With BC Judges -- "a woman in Vancouver was given an absolute discharge .... Because she suffered enough. ... Sniveling Svend and his absolute discharge. Why? Because he suffered enough. ... the administration of justice being in disrepute. There does seem to be a pattern, wouldn't you think? rosemarie59, Jan9, 06

It's time for the people to make input through their representative MP's and yes, community standards count. Values do not stand outside and above everyday life; rather, they are a reflection of and emanate from the citizenry's beliefs about what promotes a healthy society.

Annie EXPOSED EightNineTen, Jan. 9, 06

Dear Edmonton-Centre voters,

It's amazing what a little peek into party spending reveals.

Is this the "fair play, transparent accounting and respect for law"
that you have a right to expect from your Deputy Prime Minister?


Oh wait, I'm sure Anne investigated herself and found absolutely
no wrongdoings.

You've been fooled again, Edmonton-Centre.

More here:


The drug problem and its connections to organized crime affect all Canadians:

Cocaine and the Maritimes "Cape Breton police discovered the drugs bolted to the outside" -- CTV -- Memory Lane -- It could happen to anyone.

Search: organized crime groups

There may be more in videos ATV: "Police say the find is substantial" and CTV

Paul Palango: The Last Guardians -- Find out what has happened with our national police force in the recent past and come to conclusions about what needs to be done in future. Check the review for more.


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