January 11, 2006

Shotgun's Levant & Steel -&- Small Dead Animals

Shotgun's Levant & Steel -&- Small Dead Animals

Shotgun: Ezra Levant: The next scandal? Jan. 10, 06 -- Trackback url -- and link to Kevin Steel

Librano$ T-shirt

Shotgun: Liberal Red Book Leaked Jan. 11, 06 -- Shotgun trackback url

Small Dead Animals: Update: Reader George writes in the comments; "this 'Red Book' is the same as the "Plan for Growth and Prosperity' that we paid Earnscliffe and Herle to produce on a sole sourced contract (illegal) pre-election. Are the Liberals so addicted to stealing our money for their own ends that they would do this? " -- Little Red Riding Book Jan. 11, 06


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