January 11, 2006

Freedom from Big Government-Big Brother Duffy vs Duffy, Avian Flu

A man needs freedom ... along with a little madness ... as does a woman

We need the freedom to explore, to make our own mistakes, to fall and, figuratively, to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and try again. Without freedom from Big Government, we'll never know what freedom is nor what we could become.

If we don't work to turf this latest Liberal government, it may be too late to reverse what Liberal governments have done in indoctrinating our children over more than a generation. I have had occasion lately to talk with a university student whom I know well and to listen to others, as they expanded their views on voting. They have been indoctrinated into the 'give me' idea, believing that politicians are simply purveyors of pork -- the more promised, the better. Not one has said that maybe it is a good idea to be told "no", that there are positive values to be learned from having to delay gratification, to work, to save and then to pay for something out of saved money and on their own.

The greatest lesson one parent ever taught me was to say NO. I won't go into the details which have to do with money and affordability -- but that was the greatest gift a parent could give, along with and maybe helped a bit by my innate stubbornness and refusal to be thwarted, a genetic gift. The upshot of that has been my greatest joy, the pleasure in and love of learning, the greatest gift to my life. It has made all the difference!

Our federal and other governments have indoctrinated our young and the rest to be dependent upon Big Brother. It's a steep and very slippery slope and it is not good for our young nor for our society. This indoctrination includes hatred of the US. A mind that is sent to and nourished by big government in daycare, where staff are vetted and hired by government and will hold the proper views in support of that government. Then the child moves from daycare up the line through the school system, also with proper conditioning. I suspect the daycare workers and teachers are not and will not be cognizant of what they do. They have jobs; that is enough.

It is too late today--a very special day for me--for more on this subject, but this concerns me. I do feel it is time for another view to be articulated -- at least to be allowed utterance, to be viewed as an acceptable and competing view. As it is, there is little real dialogue about much of anything, including Canadians' attitudes toward the US. It is all part of the fabric of a leftist government's control.

Spare us more of Big Government, our Big Brother!

Give me freedom! Give me an end to coercive rule by Big Brother!

Music: Highly recommended -- Emmy Lou: Portraits

I'm just listening to "West Texas Ball" -- I love it!

Ottawa — Call it Duffy versus Duffy. James McCarten, Jan. 10, 06, CP/G&M

[. . . . ] “They debated child care, they debated a woman's right to choose, they debated the future of our country and national unity, and we have now spent about 10 minutes talking about nothing but an ad that never ran.”

“You're asking why I raise this?” Mike Duffy replied.

“No . . .,” John Duffy replied meekly.

“Because this has to do with integrity, it has to do with the people who would want to lead our country,” the host continued. “This is a perfectly legitimate issue to be raised by journalists . . .we have every right to raise it, we have a public responsibility to raise it.”
[. . . . ]

Newsbeat1: Avian flu......


....and make sure you wash your hands properly.



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