November 21, 2006

Nov. 21, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn, Kyoto, GG and More

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Crass and vulgar Islamophobia

This is the way that William Christian's critique of Mark Steyn's "America Alone" starts. What Styen is trying to tell us, Cassandra-like, is that we have a big, hidden problem with many of our Muslim citizens. That was obvious when the The London Telegraph reported its poll on British-Muslim attitudes after the tube bombings. The shrill message was that if they didn't actively sympathize with the bombers, they still hated "decadent" British society.

Many said they wouldn't have revealed the plot if they had had advance knowledge of it. Now, that is sobering. Especially, if you think that our Canadian government has probably run a similar poll. But this is Canada, so if the poll showed a severe dent in our multicultural fabric, it would never be released.

We have bred ouselves into a corner. Our low birth rate means that we must accept huge numbers of immigrants / refugees or stagnate demographically. But for some reason, the only immigrants that want to come here are almost exclusively from the Third World. Years ago, I had to work in Toronto for a week driving all over the city, and thought I was in a giantic UN. What these new Canadians will turn Canada into is the unknown question.

All this would be to the good if these immigrants could accept the values that made Canada great. But as we have discovered lately, some want to annihilate us, or at least turn back the clock of social progress. And the reaction to this from our Islamic communities is rather too tepid by far. What Styen is positing is that we have actively brought in a huge Trojan horse. He uses Europe as an example of this problem. Contrary to the MSM reports, the car arson epidemic was present for at least a year before the Paris "banilieu" episodes. The city of Strasbourg had recorded 1,600 car thefts and burnings before that in 2005. It is a not so subtle intimidation. You are dealing with a world-wide Muslim populations that can "logically" protest declarations that they are violent-- by violently rioting. All Steyn is reporting is the obvious. We in the West had better start paying attention to it. It is the fearsome mirror of that obvious threat that so terrifies the liberal factions in this country. It is the shattering of their dream world of multiculturalism. It is now more serious than what ethnic dance group to sponsor. They are paralyzed, so fall back on their mantra: "If we could just withdraw our troops and let the Taliban control southern Afghanistan, we will be spared terrorist attacks." Wishful thinking. It is time to get with the realpolitik program. Think 1938.

© Bud Talkingorn--I leave you with this quotation from Graham Greene:

"Innocence cries out mutely for protection, but we must resist her call. She is the dumb leper. Who has lost her bell. Wandering the world. Meaning no harm."

The sheer hypocrisy of Europe on Kyoto

So Minister Rona Ambrose is the villiain of the Nairobi Conference? Can you see the representative from Spain attacking her statement that Canada cannot logically reach its Kyoto Accord target? No, he will remain silent. Left unsaid is that Spain exceeded its Kyoto reduction goals by a mind-blogging 60-something per cent since they signed it. Europe, as a whole, isn't much better at its commitment. Then we have the Liberal/NDP critics playing at being aghast at the Conservatives' position. A full 13 years after signing the Accord the Liberals had allowed Canada's emission levels of carbon dioxide to rise 34%. I find Ambrose's candour refreshing. The Conservatives are going to do something, but they are not about to be goaded into draconian emission regulations, which would cripple industrial output. None of the other nations attending the Nairobi conference are either. They just think that by pretending to do so that pretense will suffice. And with the help of the MSM they just might escape scrutiny. The political posturing around this issue has become ludicrous.

© Bud Talkinghorn

Comment: My apologies for posting this too late, Bud.

Kyoto, the GG's "'dream' visit to Africa" ...

In my estimation, the Kyoto hoopla negativity from Canada's left is not solely about the environment. Look a little further into language, particularly into buzz words or political babble, cant. Always note--sometimes pay careful attention to: award / awards , who are getting which awards and why, centre(s) of excellence, institution / foundation / agency / and like terms for the Trojan horses set in place before the corrupt ones were turfed the last election until they could harness the network, the MSM and kindred scoundrels ... so they might rise again

* Kyoto, the environment, sustainable development -- another term for the old Liberal plans for ... well whatever will help the usual cabal, one example of which follows

* Africa -- Note that the Governor General has made a foray to Africa--how long in advance was that planned?--and the news account of it could have come from the Liberal Party / ex-government pre-election playbook--one aspect of which is "business" for the "right people" -- the "Let's get back to our deals helping activities in Africa" that were interrupted by the Conservative interregnum ... which we good leftists/Liberals hope to render mercifully short-lived. For the latest salvo for the next election see the Globe and Mail: "Jean begins 'dream' visit to Africa", A15, Nov. 20, 06

Do check. The article is so ... perfect for an upcoming election, a heart warming visit home. The article reveals how caring and business-oriented some government is ... or was ... perhaps how caring the former governments (Liberal) really were ... when they weren't involved in something more ... personally satisfying.

Note that Governor General Micaele Jean is visiting Mali (Search Mali, along with a few other items in this link below: link to FHTR Mar. 15, 06 ), Algeria, Nelson Mandela, etc.

* Asia, China, Canada-China--perhaps a "business council" -- Note the preponderance of negative news concerning PM Harper and China -- his (always reported as negative) impact on business with China ... hurting business ... for those who do not seem to care about anyone's human rights or freedom ... as long as they make money. Note the names of those involved, the "experts" who are speaking out, their business and political ties, awards, the associations or foundations with which they are connected. Especially note whether they live off taxpayers, say, at some "institution" or other euphemism for "dancing with the one that brung ya" [Thanks Brian for that delightfully apt phrase ... perfect for some patronage situations.]

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Mar. 6 to Mar. 12, 2005, March 12, 2005, entitled: Compare: "Pulp MIll Workers Urged to Build Arts Industry" & UNB: World Bank, Industry, Educ. Ambassadorial Reps "Working with Africa Workshop"

There might be something of interest or related on Africa and the former Liberal government's plans through various agencies devoted to outreach, doing good, helping ... maybe even making money ... just a little bit, of course here.

Search: forestry component , ACOA , CIDA , Working with Africa Workshop , improve the economy , Strategic Community Investment Fund , (IBEC) , Atlantic Innovation Fund , Sustainable Development , Terradigm , capacity building , software adaptations , "the private sector, government and academia" , Wu Centre , Canadian Council on Africa , Speakers , Minister of Intergovernmental and International Affairs (DIIR), UDECOM , World Bank , Private Sector Division, CIDA , Cooperation Programs and Bilateral funding , French and Portuguese Speaking Africa, Ambassador for the Republic of Mali , Education and Training , Health/Social/Corporate Social Responsibility/Gender Issues , CIDA-funded project on ecosystems management , Lyceum Group , Global Environment Facility (GEF), good governance and sustainable development , project management and capacity building , Medecins Sans Frontieres-Belgium (under the umbrella of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees) , sustainable forest management strategies , Director of Development for the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) , "educational products. . . . (NBCC) is an educational network" consultancy assignments and student/faculty exchanges , "Private Sector Liaison Officer (PSLO) for the World Bank Group." , " business opportunities (procurement, IFC, MIGA, trust funds)," , Procurement Specialist, the African Development Bank , SNC-Lavalin Doing Business with Africa:

Re: "trust funds" ? In Africa? Amidst poverty for which so many need help? Now what is that all about? Let me guess ... microcredit, charitable foundation, self-sustaining ... must think harder.

Re: "Medecins Sans Frontieres-Belgium (under the umbrella of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees)" Was there intended to be an AIDS / HIV medicine component to business in Africa -- or importing refugees who happen to have AIDS?

See FHTR Aug. and Sept. 2006 for more information on AIDS / HIV, the UN, the conference on AIDS ... if bashing the current government was not its undeclared but a major impetus ... for the good of humanity and all that ... Toronto ... on Stephen Lewis and the grandmothers his foundation brought in from Africa ... and more.

Hasn't SNC Lavalin been involved in projects in Algeria? ... Perhaps in the past, but check. I believe I remember something about current endeavours.

There are so many possible ideas ... if one just had the time.


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