November 23, 2006

Nov. 23, 2006: The system kicks in

This is too long but I am trying to investigate, to learn for myself more about why there was so much negative response, even outrage, that Minister Toews would dare to tinker with "THE SYSTEM", concerning the courts, justices and having more people make input. There is a point to this, and while it is too long, if you just skim down, see what is in bold or colour, you will see what happens when the journalists in the mainstream media "choose" not to investigate further ... or are discouraged from pursuing news of which citizens should be cognizant. At least that is how I see what has happened. This arose out of my personal shock at the negative reaction to Justice Minister Toews' plan to include a single member from law enforcement as one more component in the group serving as advisors on appointing justices to the courts in Canada. There had to be more to it ... so I started checking.

Corruption , justice , media and availability / longevity of news concerning sensitive cases ... in fact a paucity of news

Search: justice , immigration , China , immigration , refugee , ports , security , ... and more

Reminder: I posted about this Nov. 19 and 21 (Update) and Nov. 22, 06 -- concerning the apoplectic response of those who have received benefits within the system ... as it is ... and want NO CHANGES.

"Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin is among those expressing displeasure with Justice Minister Vic Toews for hatching a plan to arbitrarily change the way judges are chosen. ....

Beverley McLachlin, Canada's Chief Justice, along with a powerful council [The Canadian Judicial Council: see below] of the country's top judges issued an unprecedented rebuke yesterday to Justice Minister Vic Toews for hatching a plan to arbitrarily change the way judges are chosen.

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There was Diane Serre / Diane Serré of the Immigration system.

[Watch the accents. They disappear for some reason or other.]

I believe the justice has since been found guilty. Yves Bourbonnais ["the judge"], a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board Appeal Division chargedSue Montgomery, The Gazette, April 21, 2006

Immigration & Security

Tailor, 73, jailed 22 months in desperate-refugee scam -- Pleaded guilty in 2005 to 11 counts each of influence peddling and conspiracy

[Franco] Macaluso pleaded guilty in September 2005 to 11 counts each of influence peddling and conspiracy to defraud the government in a well-orchestrated scheme that ended with 11 Montrealers being charged in 2004 - including Yves Bourbonnais ["the judge"], a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board Appeal Division.

Bourbonnais has been suspended from his post and is to go to trial Sept. 12 on 97 charges, including breach of trust, defrauding the government and obstruction of justice. [. . . . ]

See also: Immigration: What happens to history in the internet era?

Search: Diane Serre [also Diane Serré]

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Oct. 29 - Nov. 4, 2006 -- or scroll to Nov. 2, 06: Immigration fraud: What happened with this case?

News Junkie Canada Dec. 2004

Immigration fraud - re: Diane Serre

Diane Serre [also Diane Serré], 34, is charged with 13 counts of fraud upon the government, eight counts of breach of trust by a public officer, and one count of fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, and possession of property obtained by crime.

Also facing various charges are Issam Dakik, 44, Vivian Badaan-Dakik, 33, Roger Harper, 38, and Ali Naser, 43, all of Ottawa. [....]

Memory Lane:

Search: judge , justice , Supreme Court , SCOC , China , immigration , media , propaganda, income trusts, drugs , banking

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Feb. 19-25, 2006 -- scroll to -- Not Politicized: Justice, IRB, China-CRTC-Rogers TV, Cuba, Ports, Cartoons, Etc, posted Feb. 24, 2006 -- There is an item from "in the two-year period that former Prime Minister Paul Martin and his Minister of Justice, Irwin Cotler, were in power, the following individuals were given judicial appointments:"

[Former Liberal Justice Minister Cotler]

- Michael Brown, Mr. Cotler's executive assistant and policy advisor;
- Yves de Montigny, Mr. Cotler's Chief of Staff;
- Randall Echlin, the Legal Counsel to the Ontario Liberal Party;
- Rosalie Abella, (appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada), wife of Mr. Cotler's close friend, Irving Abella;
- Marsha Erb, Alberta Liberal fundraiser, a close personal friend of Cotler's former Cabinet colleague, Anne McLellan;
- John J. Gill, Co-chair of the 2004 Alberta federal Liberal campaign;
- Vital Ouellette, an unsuccessful Alberta provincial Liberal candidate in 1997 and 2000 elections;
- Bryan Mahoney, federal Liberal candidate who lost twice to federal Conservative MP Myron Thompson;
- Edmond Blanchard, former Liberal New Brunswick Minister of Finance [. . . . ]

Re media: CRTC

During the same week, Bud Talkinghorn wrote: Bud: Hello, Comrades ... , Dubai, Daycare. "the CRTC seems to have no problem accrediting nine Communist Chinese propaganda channels" ... "allowing undiluted Communist propaganda to reach our Chinese immigrants" ... "Trojan Horse tactic ... this CRTC/Rogers decision"

The Chinese see this diversion of attention and push their propaganda outreach. They have studied our porous "diversity" edicts and have used them to gain admittance. They have also not missed the move to the left in Latin America. That is another fertile battleground for their influence and propaganda.

There is information on the judicial system, along with other items currently in the news.

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Feb. 19-25, 2006
China e-Lobby: News of the Day (February 24)

Xinhua News Agency, dubbed "the World's Biggest Propaganda Agency

How Western companies are selling their souls for a piece of the massive Chinese market
-- Yes, Master , Steve Maich, February 20, 2006

.... Several Canadian companies, including Montreal engineering giant SNC-Lavalin, Acres International, Hydro-Québec and Dominion Bridge Inc., have been involved in various aspects of the Three Gorges endeavour, many of them backed by taxpayer money through Export Development Canada and the Canadian International Development Agency. But, as the project steamed ahead in the mid-1990s, and "Team Canada" trade missions ... the forced evacuation of roughly two million people living in low-lying areas to be flooded by the dam.

Stop 9 Chinese TVs from broadcasting propaganda in Canada , Joan Quain and M.Makina, Between Heaven and Earth

Related Links:

How China's Propaganda Machine Works

China Controls the People by Keeping Them Ignorant

How China's Propaganda Machine Tries to Fool the World

Communist Spy TV: Phoenix television rises -- Liu Changle--one of China's biggest tycoons , Tony Wong, February 19, 2006

Many people in Chinese communities claim that Liu Changle's real identity is a spy from the Chinese military. It wouldn't be surprising as four Phoenix TV employees were charged with stealing military secrets in the US last year.

Of course, Canadian justice is NOT POLITICIZED!

Just as the Immigration & Refugee Board is NOT POLITICIZED!

Refugee Board stacked with Liberals. How can you tell?

#1133 - Thu Sep 02 2004

Making Canada a terrorist haven -- Sri lankan gangster gets to stay -- Judge fears 'hardship' for son of man caught with AK-47 , Stewart Bell, National Post, September 02, 2004

Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) member Egya Sangmuah
UAE Ports Deal;
Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co
Dubai Ports World is merely buying the P&O
Mr. Kevin G. Lynch, Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund, from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Ph.D., Economics, McMaster University

Oil for Food Scandal -- the Canadian Connection old but interesting because of weapons of mass destruction.

[Justice and Judges]

Quick Notes: Ports, Security, Banking, Memory Lanes, Etc.

... News Junkie Canada, Sept. 14, 03

The Supreme Court
Judicial Impartiality as Practiced in Canada
[Note what happened to the link.]

Bad Link: Gremlin spotted. Funny how this happens

If you right click / copy shortcut, you will get a link with something added. Remove the part at the end with "br" in it so the link is as follows:

Correct link:

If there is anyone left in Canada who still believes that our judges are fair and impartial on the homosexual issue, they should know about an event that took place during Gay Pride Week in Toronto. [....]

It Helps to Travel in the Right Circles: Paul Martin

"Official Languages and Immigration: Obstacles and Opportunities for Immigrants and Communities" (2002) and "French on the Internet: Key to the Canadian Identity and the Knowledge Economy" (2002). [Nov. 30, 06. "of" removed -- It shouldn't have been there.]

Aboriginal Languages

Update: Adrienne’s Junket

[ Peter Adams of the Makivik Corp. in Kuujjuaq and Fibbie Tatti, the Languages Commissioner of the Northwest Territories , strategies for preserving Aboriginal languages and the development of Aboriginal language curricula in other jurisdictions in Canada ]

This experience led to her participation in a tour of Russia in 1990 ....

US Ports
Dubai Ports World (DPW)

More on ports: Hong Kong tycoon, ports, control of shipping, Panama, et cetera


Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HKSB)
Cheung Kong (or Choong Kong)

There is more in the above post.

Memory Lane: This post has some related items of tangential or more pressing interest: Frost Hits the Rhubarb, week of July 10, 05

Subheadings and some items that may be worth checking:
[The list will save time for anyone interested.]

More Memory Lane:

From Liberal kickbacks to a Virtual GRIT? By David Hawkins, January 7, 2006
[....] Virtual GRIT ('Global Racketeering Income Trust'),
Lansdowne Technologies
CAI Private Equity Group
"Virtual Floating Matrix"
income trusts

BofA nears settlement on money-laundering probe , The Business Journal, Feb. 20, 06
Beacon Hill Services Corp.,

February 21, 2006
Probe into alleged income-trust leak may widen circle of those in the know Dean Beeby, Feb. 19, 06
alleged leak of confidential income-trust policy

Refugees 'bought' way into country, court told -- Immigration scam -- Woon Lam (Bill) Wong, Liu Wai Keung, Yves Bourbonnais, an Immigration and Refugee Board judge, $10,000

[....] New details of the bribery scandal that led to the laying of 278 charges against 11 Montrealers in 2001 -- including Yves Bourbonnais, an Immigration and Refugee Board judge [....]

Copps? Arbour? LeBlanc? Ignatieff? Liberals casting about for a leader [Domenic LeBlanc son of former GG LeBlanc]

Boat builders in China want to partner with B.C. engineers,
China hunts abroad for academic talent Feb 18, 2006, Pallavi Aiyar
[....] UNBSJ's Beijing Concord Project at the Concord College of Sino Canada in Beijing China (BCCSC)?

The Taliban's bloody foothold in Pakistan , Syed Saleem Shahzad, Feb. 8, 06

Afghan opium: License to kill , Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy, Feb. 1, 06
Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy is a geographer and Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique research fellow, and produces

[....] There was a meeting of the World Bank in London during the first week of Feb. to tackle development issues for Afghanistan, particularly, "how to deal with Afghanistan's opium fields, which last year produced about 4,200 tonnes of raw opium." What was the outcome?

"Twelve-year-old Amar Ahmed joined the protest, carrying a sign reading, "O Allah, give me courage to kill the blasphemer." ", 2/19/2006
[cartoon controversy]

Taiwan hunts drug ring pals of BC English tutor , February 09 2006

‘Crooked’ bankers stash loot in Richmond and Vancouver , February 09 2006, By Mata Press Service

[....] Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

[....] develop a virtual casino, called is based in Antigua with technology designed by Vancouver-based Network Inc.

Courts, Louise Arbour Suggested as Liberal Leader [Note her appointments ]
Liberal insiders want UN's top human rights fighter to clean up the party. David Beers, Feb. 17, 06

[....] an activist judge ....
Remember the Kinston pen 4 women?

More on Louise Arbour here: Joining the Supremes -- Pro-family Canadians brace themselves as liberal jurist LOUISE ARBOUR ascends to the nation's highest court, Tim Bloedow, The Interim, August, 1999
[....] Arbour is a strong proponent of the UN's latest experiment in expanding its judicial power: the 1998 development of an agreement to establish a International Criminal Court. [. . . . ]
Kingston Penitentiary for women
feminist outrage at the way Kingston Penintentiary guards treated female prisoners following a riot in the prison.
Arbour's blatant disregard for Canada's Constitution
in accepting the appointment
Allan Rock had to pass three orders-in-council
Senator Anne Cools
reputation for being openly political
openly lobbied in favour of the International Criminal Court [which is important for the timing]

Larry Taman, an NDP appointee
equal treatment for married couples and common-law partners

This article is worth reading if you want to review the plans that, IMHO, have been in the works for years and how justices and members of Liberal governments have been gerrymandering to realize their globalization plans.

Lenient to a fault -- Should criminals do no time at all? In a speech last week, Judge John Reilly pitched the idea of sending only the worst offenders, such as Karla Homolka, to jail while reforming other criminals by educating them about the damage they've done.
Legal challenge to pipeline review returns to court as hearing reveal aboriginals split -- legal efforts to derail the whole process , Bob Weber, CP, Feb. 19, 2006 [re: pipeline , Dene Tha , aboriginal lands]

Communist Party's propaganda czars

Book Review: Peter Tertzakian, a Calgary-based economist: A Thousand Barrels a Second
"Free-market forces are not strong enough to catalyze rapid change in energy because it takes so much capital." .... China's experience with social engineering

Hussein Tapes Reveal Effort to Conceal WMD Information From International Inspectors , NTI, Feb. 16

Ezra Levant: Irwin Cotler still picking our judges , Feb. 18. 06

Min. Day, the RCMP & the Useless Gun Registry: Surprises Coming
Captain's Quarters: Liberating The RCMP -- Captain Ed Feb. 17, 06
A government that wanted to avoid having the RCMP looking into its actions
The Gun Registry & Miramichi MLA

Bureaucrat charged in $100-million fraud , Glen McGregor, CanWest, Jan. 31, 2006
[....] Paul Champagne, a former DND contracts manager .... Peter Mellon .... Ignatius (Cholo) Manso .... Turks and Caicos

Halifax newspapers are reporting that the total cost to make the HMCS Chicoutimi, notable for killing Lieut. Chris Saunders, seaworthy again will top $100 MILLION!

Michael Grabarek .... Operation Dr. Wu .... marijuana, Colombian cocaine and methamphetamine
Brigitte Gabriel: Islam’s March Against the West (Excerpted from Brigitte Gabriel’s speech delivered at the Intelligence Summit in Washington DC, Saturday February 18, 2006.)
Arab Christians living in Lebanon

steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal

Peter Svensson: Skype use may make eavesdropping passe , AP Technology Writer, Feb. 17, 06
[....] Skype's 256-bit keys would take trillions of times longer to crack than 128-bit keys
Rewritable Atomic Holographic Optical Disk Drive Storage

Blackberry , Rim , Olivia Chow , CBC , Frank McKenna , Justice Eleanor Dawson

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Feb. 5-11, 2006

Wake up on terror, Cellucci warns Canada , Anne Dawson and Robert Fife, CanWest, Feb. 7, 05

Canada is short about 3500 RCMP and CSIS officers -- Cellucci: Spend more on spies, JTF2 special forces, strategic airlift for a rapid-reaction force -- "U.S. Envoy's Parting Advice: Beef Up the Military"
.... lower ranks

Justice Eleanor Dawson -- Toronto man with alleged links to al-Qaeda to stay in Canada over fears he'll be tortured in Egypt

Whose rights are paramount in Canada? Mohamed Mahjoub's or Canadians'? No contest. His!

" target=_blankJudge refuses to deport terror suspect -- Toronto man with alleged links to al-Qaeda to stay in Canada over fears he'll be tortured in Egypt Andrew Duffy, with files from Shannon Kari and James Gordon, Ottawa Citizen

Link had been corrupted with a hard return

Correct link:

Creating Counterweights to Big Media --& -- Patrick Watson Wants a CBC / Government Newspaper?
Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications
# 9 ....

[Re the public broadcaster, CBC] There is a pretense through three (or more) person discussion panels for example--one NDP, one Liberal, one supposedly neutral or even conservative--until you check further.

(An example: There is a prevalence of leftists and left thinking, featured. Check how many times and for how long NDP leader Jack Layton is featured, compared to CPC leader Stephen Harper. An NDP also-ran, Olivia Chow, Layton's wife--both actually lived in Toronto public housing--was one of five Blackberry owners in a large segment of a CBC program on RIM's Blackberry .... RIM has been or is pursuing some new "business partnership" in China ....)

[....] CanWest ... Frank McKenna on their boards of directors.
Journalism's 'Ethical Vertigo'
media's in the thrall of the rich and powerful , not to mention their corporate masters

converged journalism offers owners an opportunity to get rid of reporters and use the same story twice or more. That means greater profits for shareholders and less information for citizens.

[....] A government newspaper is coming if ....

Are the Media Independent? -- graph

What was Promised for 'Israeli Apartheid Week' and a Link to What was Delivered
After the "Israeli Apartheid Week" I posted U of T Hatefest--Using the Freedom of Speech and our Canadian Values to Incite to Hatred and Racism . [University of Toronto]

[. . . . ] The students set up a mock Palestinian refugee camp on campus [See Louise Arbour , Palestinian]

The National Interest, Fall, 1993, "A Mandate for Israel", Douglas J. Feith -- a twentieth century history of the Arab/Israeli conflict via via -- or --

"23 reasons" -- You may download this as a .pdf or ZIP format file to read. [Israel]

This is where curiosity led me on only one case of corruption and the justice system. Instructive.

Corruption , justice , media and availability of news concerning sensitive cases

Are the mainstream media complicit in keeping a lid on any instances of corruption within the system, not directly, but in a more indirect, insidious manner? In whose interests would it be that this story concerning a member of the Canadian judiciary, an appointed and corrupt judge, not be discussed at least as endlessly as others ... doggygate ... or PM Harper's girth ... or any number of the mindless topics of minimal import that receive much media attention? Drek sells, of course.

I knew I had posted something about this but when I tried a search to retrieve all the information available, at least listed in Google; there was not much in the mainstream media, though there was more in smaller news outlets and concerned bodies. Considering its importance in the current debate over the judicial system and who would be appropriate as part of that body advising, not selecting, the judges for our courts, the Canadian Judicial Council, it seems amazing how little there is. Is there not more journalistic investigation? Is the fact that this story concerns a Liberal appointee not a subject people want to pursue ... at least as much as the above-mentioned items? (Those items are drek, in my opinion, the first because, if it walks like a duck ... , the second because, my dear, I don't give a ... That is not important in a PM.)

Search: Justice Stymiest , hospital , appoint , McKenna , Ambassador

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Feb. 6, 2006
NB Justice Drew Stymiest found guilty
, posted February 9, 2006

[....] The other defendants, hospital CEO John Tucker, vice-president of finance Ian Jamieson and hospital accountant Darrell Doucette"

Frank McKenna

Frank McKenna, former Premier of NB, then Ambassador to the US, currently on several boards including a bank board, TD, I think. Was Justice Stymiest appointed by McKenna when he was Premier? It was Frank McKenna who decided to set up regional health boards. Stymiest was appointed the first chair of the Region 7 Hospital Corporation.

he gave about $50,000 in cash to two unnamed men from Toronto and Montreal without getting a receipt.
CEO John Tucker $120,000 in bonuses
forensic accountant testified
the RENT account
appointed the first chair of the Region 7 Hospital Corporation

The National Post: I select, copy, paste links so I checked my files. It looks as though the original link had a space -- rendering the link useless. Whether with or without the space, the story has disappeared. html?id=

[Note the space above.]

The Star: link still good

Judge's fraud trial study in contrasts -- N.B. jurist aided toddlers, elderly -- But it's alleged he defrauded hospital Kelly Toughill, Dec. 19, 2005

According to those Halifax prosecutors, Stymiest, 56, is also a crook. They allege he set up shell corporations to defraud the hospital, that he took kickbacks, that he double-billed his expenses, that he faked invoices. In short, that he regularly pocketed money meant to help heal the sick and comfort the dying in the river towns of Miramichi [NB].

Stymiest and three hospital employees have been charged with 40 counts of fraud and breach of trust. Stymiest alone faces 20 criminal counts.

The other defendants, hospital CEO John Tucker, vice-president of finance Ian Jamieson and hospital accountant Darrell Doucette, have also been accused of pocketing bonuses that were supposed to lure badly needed new doctors to the region, and keeping rebates on hospital equipment. [....]

Search: New Brunswick Judge Drew Stymiest fraud trial

Globe and Mail: Some news is viewable by all but not this story. It is behind a firewall. One of the problems with news is that any media outlet has to balance making money with the citizens' right to know. [How is the citizen who does not subscribe supposed to know what is going on?]

Result of a Google search:

Cabinet accepts guilty judge's resignation
That news is local. Apparently, it was not a national story.

If news is fairly successfully downplayed or hidden behind a firewall nationally, then the citizenry will continue to believe in the "Independence of the court" and have "respect for justice" -- which leaves the citizens open to other crooked member(s) of the system, assuming, of course, that there are any.

CBC News, last updated, Feb. 9, 2006
Note that the justice was not fired; he resigned, that the paperwork was still not ready after three years.

The New Brunswick government will accept the resignation ... preparing the paperwork to cut off his $151,000 salary and benefits.

Judge Drew Stymiest, who served more than 20 years on the bench, was convicted Tuesday of 20 counts of fraud and breach of trust in a scheme that swindled nearly $1 million from the Miramichi Regional Health Authority. [....]

* From March 20, 2003: Accused judge will stay on provincial payroll [Did he ever have to pay it back?]

Stymiest took sick leave in October 2001 when Miramichi City Police began investigating allegations of financial misdealings at the health authority, of which the judge was chairman of the board. In January 2002, he returned to the bench but was not assigned any cases. He was suspended with pay in June 2003. He has been collecting his salary all along.

Justice Department spokesman Gary Toft says the government is investigating options to recoup some of the losses connected with the crime – including Stymiest's salary and benefits while the investigation and trial was ongoing. It is unclear what will happen to the judge's pension fund. [....]

How did that play out? No further investigation by the MSM? If there was, it certainly doesn't jump out in a search. Or did the system kick in to protect one of its own?

Saint John lawyer John Barry says...

"The province's judges are extremely concerned about the impression it gives – that a member of the bench would become involved in most serious charges. Independence of the court and respect for justice is one of the paramount aspects of our Canadian system of democracy....."

.... the longest fraud trial in the history of New Brunswick.

The men, including former health authority CEO John Tucker, former finance vice-president Ian Jamieson, and former vice-president of supply and services Darrell Doucette, are being held in police custody awaiting sentencing at the end of March.

Mayor John McKay ... Rotary club ... raised more than a million dollars to buy equipment for the hospital – that the hospital couldn't afford to buy. Now we know, perhaps, why ...

McKay says the City of Miramichi spent tens of thousands of dollars on the initial police investigation, money that he is trying to recoup. "The city has paid huge amounts from this investigation. We're still getting bills, and I mean many, many tens of thousands of dollars, and I don't think it's proper that the taxpayers of the City of Miramichi should be on the hook to finance an investigation into a conspiracy to defraud the people of the Miramichi and to defraud the hospital."

At trial, the Crown said the men wrote and cashed illegal cheques between 1994 and 2000.

[....] Authority spokesperson Sonya Green Haché ... working hard to improve accountability...

... strengthened our financial controls. We have also re-organized our senior management team since 2000, and our board was reinstated in 2001."

A documentary on "CBC Maritimes Programs Maritime Magazine 2006 Archives"

Captain Dan's Final Investigation , June 11, 2006

Captain Dan Allen solved his final case after his retirement as chief of the Chatham, N.B. police force. He had been elected to the council of the newly amalgamated city of Miramichi and then ask to join the board of the Miramichi Regional Hospital as the city's representative. It took most of a decade but his probes eventually resulted in three hospital executives and a provincial court judge being sent to prison for fraud. [....]

Other sources:

NRM: NB hospital execs jailed for fraud

e-Corporate Compliance News... fraud in connection with his position as chairman of a hospital authority in New Brunswick. Provincial Judge Drew Stymiest and three administrators were ...

Former New Brunswick judge Drew Stymiest leaves his fraud sentencing hearing ... diverted hospital funds into their private accounts, their trial was told. ...

Canadian Healthcare Technology - News 330
Former judge gets 5 years for hospital fraud. A former New Brunswick judge, ... of fraud and breach of trust, former judge Drew Stymiest (pictured) was ...

When the system breaks down, it seems as if the mainstream media mostly duck ... seeming to try to avoid causing offence to ... those in the system. Minister Toews, keep on truckin'. Change the system that has worked so well for those who profited from it.


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