November 27, 2006

Nov. 27, 2006: #2

If you haven't already read these ... much research is included, along with links, and checking the bold parts might be worthwhile. The reason certain words appear twice is that they appear more than once in the post.

Nov. 25, 2006: Dear Mr. Rabinovitch ...
From the Heart ...

Nov. 24, 2006: Governor General in Africa & More

Nov. 23, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn
Code Blue at CBC--The Conservatives have pulled a hat trick

Nov. 23, 2006: The system kicks in


Corruption , justice , media and availability / longevity of news concerning sensitive cases ... in fact a paucity of news

justice , immigration , China , immigration , refugee , ports , security , ... and more

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin

Diane Serre / Diane Serré of the Immigration system.

Yves Bourbonnais ["the judge"] , a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board Appeal Division.

Memory Lane:

Search: judge , justice , Supreme Court , SCOC , China , immigration , media , propaganda, income trusts, drugs , banking

Former Liberal Justice Minister Cotler
"Export Development Canada and the Canadian International Development Agency. But, as the project steamed ahead in the mid-1990s, and "Team Canada" trade missions ... "
China's Propaganda Machine
Ports, Security, Banking, Memory Lanes, Etc.
The Supreme Court
Judicial Impartiality as Practiced in Canada
Refugees 'bought' way into country

Courts, Louise Arbour Suggested as Liberal Leader
Arbour is a strong proponent of the UN's latest experiment in expanding its judicial power:

Blackberry , Rim , Olivia Chow , CBC , Frank McKenna , Justice Eleanor Dawson

Judge refuses to deport terror suspect

CanWest ... Frank McKenna on their boards of directors.

Corruption , justice , media and availability of news concerning sensitive cases

Search: Justice Stymiest , hospital , appoint , McKenna , Ambassador

Was Justice Stymiest appointed by McKenna when he was Premier? It was Frank McKenna who decided to set up regional health boards. Stymiest was appointed the first chair of the Region 7 Hospital Corporation.

New Brunswick Judge Drew Stymiest fraud trial

Nov. 23, 2006: Various 1

Vancouver Olympics , Media , Jennifer Ditchburn

Why do so many Globe headers start with a negative for the Conservative government of Canada? Let's see, parent company, BCE, income trusts ... anything there?

Whistleblowers -- Nova Scotia / NS

the statute of limitations Jean Chretien's government set in place concerning the findings of the Gomery Inquiry

Nov. 22, 2006: Spy, Supremes, Security Certificate

Nov. 21, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn, Kyoto, GG and More
Kyoto, the GG's "'dream' visit to Africa" ...

trust funds
"business opportunities (procurement, IFC, MIGA, trust funds)," , Procurement Specialist, the African Development Bank , SNC-Lavalin Doing Business with Africa:"

This will save search time: Nov. 21, 2006: Update ....

Update to Nov. 19, 2006 posts: brief list of items mentioned or with links to more information:

Nov. 19, 2006: Supremes Stoop ... to Command


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