November 27, 2006

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Telefonica, Li Ka-Shing join group controlling Hong Kong phone carrier, Reuters/NatPost, Nov. 13, 06

Globalization: Telephones / Mobile Phones

Note: StarHub

China , Telephone , ZIM, Li Ka-Shing , Telefonica and the Li group , Beijing-owned China Network Communications Group (CNC) , Globalization: Telephones / Mobile Phones , Beijing Dowstrong , StarHub (Singapore) , private investment company , software , wireless

Memory Lane and related

Hackers and Spying -- Red Bricks along the Yellow Brick Road
May 30, 2005

Search: CNCGROUP , Chunghwa [Li Ka-shing]

[....] Do you remember which Hong Kong Canadian billionaire owns Hutchison Whampoa? - Hutchison Whampoa Limited
... owned subsidiary of Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd. and the largest ISP in Taiwan.... owns and operates the largest full fibre-optic network in Hong Kong....


[....] HGC Collaborates with INET in Thailand and HiNet in Taiwan to Explore Opportunities In IP-Related Service Markets

Hutchison Global Communications ("HGC") announced today that it will collaborate with the Internet Thailand Public Company Limited (INET) and with HiNet in Taiwan to target market opportunities in IP-related services.
inetnum: -
"Bombardier signed the Cdn$402-million rail passenger car contract with China’s Ministry of Railways in Beijing in February,"
SINGAPORE CABLE NETWORK PROVIDER [. . . . ] address: StarHub Cable Vision Ltd
France from which hacks have emanated repeatedly
Dig beneath the surface . . .
... read Puppets of Beijing by Kevin Steel
China's intelligence services have systematically targeted Canada's science and technology sectors and use Chinese students and visiting scientists to steal technology for military use and to enhance the country's global economic competitiveness
Russian intelligence services have also [. . . . ]

[. . . . ] China has targeted Canada's nuclear, aerospace, biotechnology, mining and metallurgy, environmental and oil and gas sectors.

[. . . . ] Chinese military's General Equipment Department (GED).
[] Canadian diplomat bolts from Beijing Sep 21, 2004

A high ranking Canadian diplomat based in China has left his post suddenly after he was suspected of accepting bribes to help Chinese nationals enter Canada illegally, The Asian Pacific Post has learned.

In Canada spies are us by Judi McLeod,, January 26, 2005

Hidden Paul Martin firm linking leftwing activists to Information Highway

Welcome to the Peoples’ Republic of China on Canadian soil by Judi McLeod & Brian Thompson,, January 22, 2005

Is China’s ownership interest in Alberta oil sands being financed with Canadian tax dollars?

Officials with Sinopec Corp. [which has gained some new deal in the oil sands, so it was reported in May ] -- a company majority owned by the Chinese government
Megamillion Canadian economic expenditures in China extend to projects conducted by Canadian non-profit and private sector groups, as well as by the International Development Research Centre. Canada also contributes big time to the work of multilateral agencies in China, such as the United Nations Development Program, UNICEF and the World Health Organization.
Forensic Accounting the Next "Big Thing"?
[]-- IBAT Independent Benchmark Asset Tracking -- PDF by David Hawkins. Update June 1: the link had changed so I have fixed it.

I-BAT 004
New Flyer’s $273 million trolley buses? Bombardier’s $2 billion RAV Line?
A saga of procurement fraud by the GVRD and TransLink board?

[. . . . ] BACKGROUND: The Vancouver Winter Olympics Bid Committee had a number of “Persons of Influence” who could be targets for kickbacks, bribes or extortion in return for their help in ‘fast tracking’ the otherwise un-financable $2 billion RAV project. Such targets include Ms. France Chrétien-Desmarais, Mr. Laurent Beaudoin, Chair of Bombardier Inc, Mr. Ken Georgetti, president of the Canadian Labour Congress and Mr. Peter Dhillon, political agent for federal cabinet minister, Herb Dhaliwal, and, with Sue Paish, a managing partner of the CCRA. [emphasis added]

For the above, the specific link/url is: here

CIDA and Louise Arbour's Bailiwick? (from -- "Welcome to the Peoples’ Republic of China on Canadian soil" )

UN: Is it Money for More Bureaucracy or the Will to Act that is Needed?


Frost Hits the Rhubarb May 29, 2005 -- Note: 2005

May 30, 2005
Fashion: Is Gray the New Red?
-- [Forensic accounting gray, that is ]

This is the first part of a series of posts which go together, more or less. ....

... major career possibilities ... particularly in $$$ laundering for The Department. What precipitated this was an article on the tax department targeting Atlantic Canadians to find more tax money. I will get to it shortly. This is lengthy but there is much that I think is important .
editorial "Public Housing, Private Misery", National Post, May 30, 05; then research the first public housing in the US, Igoe-Pruitt? Igor-Pruitt? Try "air mail" and "blown up". Then there were Cabrini Green in Chicago and others.) There will be added costs down the road for the social services help-for-lost-souls variety.

* Who is going to pay for the blank check that Kyoto is going to become?

... forging ahead economically, China and India ... are going to be able to do so, not only with aid currently being given to China for example, but also on the backs of what the citizens of Canada will be paying them in future in the form of Kyoto credits--that is real Canadians' tax $$$. While the science is flawed, the bills will have to be paid, so the Liberals have agreed in their rush to follow the UN's directives about what is 'right' and 'just'. Who makes this up for the UN, incidentally?

Should The Department not look further into government funding flawed science and who benefits? Or would that be one of the inner circle and therefore outside its mandate?
A few suggestions follow for potentially more revenue-productive, if not "Lifestyles of the Rich and Connected" pleasant avenues of enquiry.

There were the witnesses before the Gomery Inquiry, Mr. Boulay and his wife, Diane Deslauriers.

Try to find more information than was in this post, Claude Boulay's mansion on the US Eastern Seaboard which is in North Carolina(?) and is owned by a Bahamian company; yet Mr. Boulay and Ms. Deslauriers have been able to live in it. The news item on their fortuitous rental--if rental it is--was in the May 7, 05 National Post. (no link have I found) Diane is the superb fundraiser for the Liberals [....]

Then there are the Champagnes

I believe the Turks and Caicos is a tax haven. How much effort has gone into getting to the bottom of people who used to work at DND?
Harmony to have China flights -- given permission -- one month after Ottawa and China signed a new bilateral air services agreement -- Air Canada adds five more flights a week between Toronto and Beijing Financial Post, May 19, 05


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