December 01, 2006

Dec. 1, 2006: #1

Anne McLellan interview with Stephen Taylor

Albertans, particularly those interested in the provincial Conservative leadership aspirations of Ted Morton, might want to check this.

Liberal leadership race

Now, what does this header mean or is the National Post being oblique?

Did Dion's husky inspire his button?

[....] Word at the convention is that the paw is actually meant to represent Dion's dog, Kyoto.


On sale this week are thongs proudly proclaiming I Am A Liberal, and Young Liberal-branded condoms.


[....] THE POWER IS ON [....]

Bob Rae delegates were having trouble finding the Rae hospitality suite at his hotel the first night -- it was not listed anywhere. Eventually, someone figured out it was the meeting rooms labelled ... Power Corporation. [....]

Of course, Bob Rae would find his brother John there ... nothing else of significance ...

Hugo "Chavez puts on a show for world media"
Election on sunday: Venezuelan leader touches on the devil, Beatles and coup plots
, Sheldon Alberts, CanWest, Dec. 01, 2006

CARACAS - Hugo Chavez ....

[....] yesterday's marathon news conference .... this Sunday's presidential election.
There was more. Mr. Chavez waxed philosophical about the Beatles, the 1970s era of peace and love -- "those were the times" -- and claimed to have thwarted a "fascist" assassination plot against his main opponent in this election, a man he calls the "little candidate of imperialism."

[....] his main challenger, Manuel Rosales

[....] "We have neutralized several plans, many plans."

Though he answered every question put to him, Mr. Chavez frequently went off on tangents that seemed apropos of nothing.

[....] Moscow ....

First, gain control of information ... the media ... academe ...

Academic freedom at issue in lawsuit
Dalhousie researcher: Doctor claims false accusations destroyed career -- "The status of clinical medical faculty ... cross-appointments at university medical faculties and their affiliated teaching hospitals ... no grievance process to challenge the actions of hospital administrators
, Sarah Schmidt, CanWest / The Halifax Daily News, Dec,. 1, 2006

[Dr.] Gabrielle Horne .... Halifax cardiologist and professor at Dalhousie University has been locked in a battle with a hospital whose management improperly revoked her access to patients necessary for her cutting-edge research.

[....] two prestigious awards for research excellence... teacher of the year ...

Dr. Horne's troubles began in 2002, when she refused her boss's request to include a hospital colleague as a prominent collaborator in her research lab.

The potential collaborator then complained that Dr. Horne's research practices were unsafe, that she was endangering patient safety and that she displayed "uncollegial behaviour." [....]

Make a guess about the import of that last bit. Education is full of it at all levels. That may be the reason some children are such successes ... the best of them being the ones who go to work for Liberal governments ... the really top ones in that particular field being the ones who are appointed to many and varied positions of power and influence.


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