December 02, 2006

Dec. 2, 2006: Update and More

Don't worry. Be happy.

How much have you heard about polonium, now that the Liberal convention is on and a charismatic son is there to be mobbed? Surely, this should be a journalistic concern ... at least requiring as many words as the hot topics ... Belinda's hair and Rae's butt, for example.

Polonium: Deadly if ingested and easy to transport , AP / G & M, Nov. 30 2006 6:29 PM ET

[....] Polonium -- like all radioactive substances -- is found naturally in the environment: in the air, water, food, soil, and in all living organisms. All humans are exposed to some degree of radiation, as well as from X-rays taken for medical purposes.

But polonium also is produced artificially in nuclear reactors, mainly used in devices to eliminate static electricity.

Russia has used polonium in its space program.

"The poison was probably made in a very specialist facility,'' said Dr. Derek Hill, a radiology expert at Kings College in London. "It isn't the sort of thing you could do in your garage.''

Conservatives point out that Justin Trudeau is star of the show -- "Without your noble and fruitless efforts, my triumphant future entry into national politics wouldn't be nearly as grand," the newsletter says in a pretend Trudeau quote. Les Perreaux, CP/NatPost, Dec. 1, 06

[....] "You will forgive me if I don't make a donation to this effort," said Rae's e-mail, passed along by NDP insiders. "Best regards, Bob Rae."

Rae didn't seem to rule out a donation for other efforts down the road, however.

[....] unusual for wannabe prime ministers to answer automated mass e-mail appeals themselves.

They become very friendly canvassing for votes and money. Why a few even call the hoi polloi.

Liberals love to brag about how open they are toward homosexuals.

Tough to explain, then, the printed gay joke some are handing out at the expense of George W. Bush and Stephen Harper.

No change in the Liberals ... say one thing, do another.

[....] A turf war ... delegates can surf for free.

[....] noticed "guerrilla marketers" sneaking in and out of the area.....

The sneaky campaign workers then change the web browser's homepage to the website of their favoured leadership candidate for a little free advertising.

Is that like Google Bombing? I wonder what it costs ... and whether all that money the Liberals owed Canadians was repaid. Of course, I jest.

[....] [Ex-PM, please. Canadians did vote him out. ] Prime Minister Paul Martin waxed on Thursday about his days as a young red activist years ago.

[....] brushed over the real past political allegiances of the potential Liberal leaders.

[....] Royal Canadian Air Farce is planning an episode [....]

The CBC is planning their free advertising for the Liberals. $$$$$$$$ promises must be in place.

[....] Entitled "Map to the Scars," the pamphlets give directions to key locations in the city linked to the sponsorship scandal.

[....] "No Liberal visit to Montreal is complete without dropping by the offices of Groupaction Marketing Inc. - the home of 'money for little or no work'." [....]

But I thought the Liberals had "put all that behind them". Of course, the rest of us haven't.

Fuel-saving airline adopts a no-go stance -- Carrier has a fear of flushing; tribal chants go wireless; cane to the rescue , Commentary by Brian Tracey, Business Editor, MSNBC

The Brave New World edition ... check what I-sticks can do, along with the wonders of cell phones

Brazilian cell phone users ... 100 Xavantes living in the remote Sao Pedro village in Mato Grosso state have been profiting from the sales ... Gilson Schwartz, coordinator of an aide [sic] group called Cidade Movel.

... alternative sources of income ...

"... a business model of social content for the wireless phone industry," ...

... generated tens of thousands of dollars for the Xavante and several other impoverished rural communities ... [....]

Have I mentioned the Left is on the move, globally? It's all for the good of the poor, the downtrodden, the AIDS victims, the .... ones who would control all of us forever.

Those who fall for this schtick are #%^&*%! fools who would get in bed with the enablers and their politicians ... already bought with taxpayer money ... more, soon come.

Does this mean the results will be safe for the usual? -- "Liberals reject one-member, one-vote" -- Delegates "rejected a shift to a one-member, one-vote leadership process." I wonder if they ever have the rank and file vote ... or does being Liberal mean never having to waste time with voting ... that someone else does it for you? , CP / Globe and Mail, Nov. 30 2006 6:15 PM ET

Quebec Stats, SeanMcElroy, 11/24/2006 13:42:55 -- or here

Take The Peter Mansbridge Challenge , November 30, 2006

What you haven't heard, and he won't tell you!;

Quickly now - no Googling: can you name three projects Canada's Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team (KPRT) has undertaken in the past year? The first wiseguy to spout off that "they dug a well" gets a slap in the head for his trouble.

If you couldn't think of one specific thing, you're not alone - I couldn't either, until I did a bit of digging. The truth is that the KPRT has almost a hundred projects either on the go or completed right now, put together by CF, Civilian Police (CivPol), DFAIT, or CIDA personnel with the team.

[...] Here's a stat that might surprise you as well: since January 16th of this year, 175 journalists from 37 different media outlets have embedded with the CF in Afghanistan. How many stories have you seen about the KPRT - other than from the BBC? Now, how many ramp ceremonies have you seen? [....]

From Kate at Small Dead Animals


* CANASB is in regular contact with Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister Stockwell Day and the Prime Minister’s office. The Conservative Canadian government told us they would help Liberal Senator Grafstein’s Bill S-206, considered a “Made in Canada Solution”, to specifically cover suicide bombing as terrorism. [Go to this site for links.]

CANASB’s Letter to the Senate supporting the Bill is signed by “A remarkable collection” of prominent Canadian political, religious and business leaders including Bob Rae, John Tory, Ed Broadbent, David Peterson, General MacKenzie, Gerald Schwartz, Salim Mansur and the Anglican primate. We will send it to the Senate and publicize it nationally when the Hearings start.

Passing Bill S-206 to declare “suicide bombing as terrorism” would be a first for any parliament in the world.

The Australian Parliament became the first in the world to pass a bipartisan motion urging suicide terrorism be declared a "crime against humanity”. Many experts consider suicide bombing as “terrorism” and as a “crime against humanity” interchangeable concept.

It is shaping up to be that kind of weekend ... a time to get one's priorities straight.

From friends, some advice.

Get plenty of exercise


And curl up with your nearest and dearest


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