December 03, 2006

Dec. 3, 2006: Greg Weston - Sue-Ann Levy

I just added this to yesterday's post "Dec. 2, 2006: Liberals breathe easier ..."

Update: Greg Weston has written an excellent analysis of what happened, different from mine. He would understand more clearly what occurred, given his Ottawa background and presence, I assume. He thinks the little people have finally gained some clout, considering that Gerard Kennedy's support and supporters moved to Stephane Dion in the end.

Greg Weston's analysis of what happened at the Liberal leadership convention, Nov. 3, 06, Ottawa Sun

You might want to check this too: Sue-Ann Levy: "A new hope for Toronto" -- re: the formation of the Toronto Party , Dec. 3, 06, Toronto Sun, via newsbeat1

Are the people gittin' uppity? We can only hope so, for the sake of the good people of whatever political party.


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