December 05, 2006

Dec. 5, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn

Oops, they did it again!--Another Quebecois will lead the Liberal Party

I thought for just once a Liberal leader would come from somewhere besides Quebec. Duh, I thought that the vast majority of Canadians live outside La Belle Province, and want that reflected. I thought that the Liberals were serious about bringing in the west. Three strikes and I'm out. As for the contenders, Iggy was putting up a good front, but every other delegation thought he was an egghead, beamed down from Planet Pretentious. Constitutional debates over nationhood? Went through that agony while you were sipping tea in London, Iggy. Poor Rae, he just didn't have that true Grit mealymouth quality. What dark visions of a socialist utopia might he harbour? God, he might invite (Hugo) Chavez, (Evo) Morales, Fidel Castro, his brother Raoul or their fellow travellers to his inauguration. Anyway, the Libs thought that they have had enough ideological traitors in their camp already.

So, coming up the middle was Stephen Dion. He seems to be a sincere gentleman. He did fight for Canada, thus making himself disdained by many Quebecois. He did represent someone who wasn't trying to hi-jack the party. He had been in the Liberal trenches, while his opponents took major furloughs. But unless he really dazzles as a true statesman (not politician), he will simply alienated the west and, more importantly, anglo voters outside the west. Ontario mounted five candidates. Granted, three were tainted, but they could have made a secret pact to elect an Ontarian like Kennedy. Instead, Kennedy performed the coup de grace to that possibility. Therefore the Ontario delegates went with that Hail Mary play, hoping that Dion would appeal to the west. Sorry, but some of us are sore losers. The next election should be interesting as Stephen Harper tackles Mister Evergreen--I half expected a giant floral light show to explode as he gave his acceptance speech. Sustainable development sounds cool, until Dion has to count the unemployment increase that would cause. Or he might concoct some ecological program that will make the NEP seem like a mosquito bite in comparison.

The campaign motto was to be renewal: "Get rid of the arrogant, corruption-prone old style pols." Reach out and show that the Liberals represent ALL CANADIANS. Also, to cherish, but not to be beholden to Quebec. Worthy sentiments for sure. However, crass politics can defeat worthy ideals every time. The soul-searching youth of the party discovers the soul-sucking reality of blunt trauma elections. They will be sent back to boot camp. "It's the francophone vote, kiddies", the drill sergeant will bark. "Pound that into your heads. How do you think Liberals get those seats in New Brunswick, or in friggin' Manitoba? Now, doesn't Stephane Dion make more sense now? Paul Martin reincarnated as Johnny Appleseed--who will be able to steal votes from the NDP and the Greens' major platforms. Can life get any better than that? And Quebec? The pork pipeline there will never stop flowing. You want renewal? Then, elect a gay, coke-snorting kid like Boisclaire." [Boisclair?]

Finally, every Canadian may look forward to a Quebec-centric cultural and social sea change, if Dion gets the reins of power. Chretien, for all his manifest warts, wasn't so imbued with his elitist/left compatriots' viewpoints as Dion is. Check every national poll which shows a breakdown of the result by provinces. Quebec is always far left of the rest of Canada (ROC) in its attitudes. With enough state clout, a francophone over-representation (already in existence, but magnified) in the civil service, and a compliant Supreme Court, and we might see Quebec's values transmitted to infuse all of Canada. The UN will love us; the CBC will ululate in joy. I plan on emigrating at that point.

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