December 04, 2006

Dec. 4, 2006: #1

Was there any subsequent evidence of this? Stock markets, banks warned of cyberthreat -- by U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team a partnership between private industry and a number of government agencies based at the Homeland Security Department. -- AP, Nov. 30, 06

Remember the post on Titan Rain? Maybe no-one would know until it was too late ... in and out ... and lurking? Or could it have come on little cat feet ... something like my Gremlins?

The selling job ... no worries mate

Apparently, according to this article, China's young don't fear debt any more than our own do. Isn't it wonderful? Great opportunities for Canadian banking and finance, mortgage companies ... and related

China's Gen Y keen to spend, spend, spend , Roma Luciw, Globe and Mail, Dec. 1, 06

... Merrill Lynch.

Born after 1978, the Chinese Gen Y [Generation Y] the report looks at grew up outside the sphere of poverty and under the influence of Western culture, a massive departure from the circumstances under which their parents and grandparents were raised.

“Add to this the never-ending financial subsidies from doting parents and the allure of Western culture, small wonder they are always keen to spend and spend,” said Joan Zheng, a Merrill analyst based in Hong Kong. [....]

Search: number of Chinese under the age of 27 , 500 million , comfortable with debt , Mortgage loans , $1.8-trillion renminbi (RMB) , to own properties , Ms. Zheng , China Merchants Bank , Bank and credit cards , passion for consumption , China Merchants Bank, Parkson , Mindray Medical International Ltd. , China Medical Technology , Natural Beauty , China Sky Fiber , Geely , China Overseas Land and Investment Ltd. , Hopson Development Holdings , Guangzhou R&F Properties

I guess that means they're ready for business ... maybe even perpetual debt.

Just like any family ... private foundations ... billions of dollars ... international networks ... friends ...

Li Ka-shing, son lock horns over deal to sell telco stake , Paul Waldie, Globe and Mail, Nov. 29, 2006

A takeover battle in Hong Kong has turned into a high-stakes family feud involving multibillionaire Li Ka-shing, the Chinese government and one other surprising player: a Canadian charitable foundation.

... Pacific Century CyberWorks, or PCCW Ltd., Hong Kong's dominant telecommunications company, and it pits Mr. Li against his son, Richard. [....]

But two weeks ago, Mr. [Francis] Leung disclosed that in fact he was only buying a small portion, and had lined up other buyers including the elder Mr. Li, who planned to buy 12 per cent of the stock through his two charitable foundations: the Li Ka-shing Foundation in Hong Kong, which would take 10 per cent; and the Li Ka-shing (Canada) Foundation, 2 per cent. Spain's Telefonica SA planned to buy 8 per cent and Mr. Leung the remainder. Mr. Leung said last week that he had told Richard Li earlier that his father might be a buyer, and that the younger Mr. Li responded that "he did not wish for this." [....]

Scope for a search: several years in Toronto , real estate and investment banking , Gordon Capital Corp. , PCCW , Macquarie Bank of Australia , Texas Pacific Group. , China Network Communications Group , Hong Kong businessman Francis Leung , China Netcom , Pacific Century Regional Developments Ltd. , selling $1.2-billion (Canadian) worth of shares in Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. , private foundations , outlining how much stock private foundations can hold , Hilary Pearson , "Philanthropic Foundations Canada, an umbrella group for Canada's private foundations." , defined as charities where , rules governing private foundations , adequacy of current legislative provisions , conflicts of interest , influence over the management , Li Ka-shing (Canada) Foundation , Mr. Sixt , email , $53.4-million , $25-million , partly through the Li Ka-shing (Canada) Foundation , new rules , Richard Li , scant rules outlining

Note: Remember, a pledge of a foundation gift not given yet, is simply a promise not yet fulfilled ... until the planets align, of course.

Li Ka-shing: the toll collector , Oct. 15, 2005, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Sydney motorists contribute every day to Li Ka-shing's coffers. Hamish McDonald reports from Hong Kong.

... Li Ka-shing, ... Pakistan. They got $US500,000 ($666,000) of his estimated $US12.4 billion in personal wealth.

For the angry car drivers of Sydney - awakened to the prospect of being funnelled, willingly or not, into the expensive Cross City Tunnel that is 50 per cent owned by Li's Cheung Kong Infrastructure - there is the sop of a free trial period.

This will get them used to paying, for the next 25 years, into the burgeoning cash flow of Cheung Kong and its partners, Deutsche Bank and Bilfinger Burger. As Milton Morris, the transport minister in Robert Askin's state government used to say, there is no better milch cow than the NSW motorist. [....]

As well as the 50 per cent stake in Sydney's Cross City Tunnel, Cheung Kong paid $239 million in mid-2004 for a 40 per cent share in the $1.7 billion Lane Cove Tunnel designed to link the Gore Hill Freeway and the M2 motorway by mid-2007 and then carry an estimated 100,000 vehicles a day. [....]

Scope for a search:
a Chinese autonomous zone in 1997 , mastery of its business and property cycles , Philip Bowring, a former editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review , empire of residential, hotel and office property , Cheung Kong Holdings and Hutchison Whampoa , 210,000 people , Watson's or Park'N Shop stores , 12 per cent of global container-handling capacity , London , Rotterdam , Red China's Trojan Horse , Cheung Kong Life Sciences , Pacific Century CyberWorks , Richard Li , Australia , Bowring Canada and Britain , Li's Hong Kong Electric Co , 15 per cent return , largest single power distribution group in Australia , Melbourne's CitiPower, rural Victoria's Powercore, and South Australia's , ETSA Utilities , AquaTower , Envestra , natural gas , double-digit return , $1 billion Cross City Tunnel , Australian power assets , "Cheung Kong's chief, Li's elder son Victor Li" , uncle, Kam Hing Lam , shareholder meetings , "stability should not be risked by any early move to fully" , elected government., elected politicians , direct access to the top, and to Beijing , hotel owned by Li on the Kowloon waterfront , Bank of China's Hong Kong headquarters , Shantou (once called Swatow) , in 1967 when local leftists rioted , first land bank , "Cheung Kong, the Cantonese name for the Yangtze River" , great trading "hongs" , opium up the Pearl River , bailed out by the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank , HSBC , gaining two of the most coveted redevelopment sites , "subway, the MTR" , HK Electric , Kadoorie family , China Light and Power , power duopoly , "employment of a British blueblood, Simon Murray" , "scuttling of British flagships HSBC and Jardine Matheson to offshore corporate registries", alleged insider trading , kidnapped by a Chinese gangster known as Big Spender , $HK1 billion , Hong Kong Police , cash , Guangdong province , executed , Tung Chee-hwa , Oriental Plaza development in Beijing's prime retail district, Wanfujing , allegations of "collusion" , Lantau Island , Cyberport , Richard Li at PCCW , Alumni of Hong Kong University's medical school , $US450 million he has given to educational institutions , distribute newspapers through the management offices , into 3G (third generation) mobile telephony , "British operation, Japan's NTT and the Dutch KPN Mobile", Imperial Bank of China , into his charitable foundations , something of a loose cannon , management style , so diversified

Judge in welfare fraud case, October 23 2006

A 82-year-old former High Court judge and his barrister wife, who are accused of cheating social security payouts in Hong Kong by providing false information have a condo in Vancouver and an undisclosed bank account. [....]

The revelation of their bank account and condo in Vancouver came in a videotaped interview played at the couple’s trial.

“You have a checking account and you have a mortgage with HSBC Canada, right?”
an apparently surprised So Man-kuen, a female senior investigator asked Jackson-Lipkin in a March 3, 2005, videotaped interview that lasted about 90 minutes. “Can I have the address of the premises, the flat?” [....]

Memory Lane: investor immigration program -- link

I have found another link that is no longer available but I did find it elsewhere.

The week: Frost Hits the Rhubarb June 3, 2005: Compilation 3: Roaming Around , "The Problem with Ethics & Business: Oil, Sudan, Talisman, Oil Rights, India, China & Canada" -- re: oilsands , Sinopec , CNOOC (CNOC?) , Enbridge , Talisman , Hong Kong , Imperial Consultants , and more

The specific post: RCMP probe on Taiwan trio shut down again, Apr 25, 2002. It is no longer available but it it is here, April 25 2002, -- here -- Google's cache of the article

For 10 years the RCMP has accused three Taiwanese brothers who brought 3,000 Asian families into Canada of fraud, bribery and links to the Chinese mafia. But the cases have died, some mysteriously. [....]

Despite the intense police scrutiny on Imperial Consultants and the ongoing investigations into their immigration business in the mid-nineties, the company's president Gordon Fu had a private meeting with Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

Search: Timothy, Gordon and Robert Fu , trying to bribe two senior Immigration officials , Crown suddenly withdrew , John Martin and Michael Bradley , demands by the defence for extensive disclosure , a wide spectrum of fraudulent practices to get , committee included a deputy minister , watch over the RCMP investigation , improper , an investigation into alleged improprieties at the Canadian diplomatic , Timothy, and a "secret diplomatic contact" , fast-track , letters and notes addressed to the "contact" , Canada's Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System , another investigation , a fake receipt , migrate to B.C. , charged by Hong Kong police for fraud , Ottawa refused to , an embarrassing situation , the case against Timothy Fu died , Imperial Consultants was riding the crest of the immigration wave , investor immigration program , David Webber, a forensic accountant , only four of the six investor funds , frozen pending a judicial review but , World Bank in Washington , private meeting of investors , Chretien's Ottawa office , Montreal-based Levesque Beaubien , is a mystery, said an RCMP officer , no cooperation , Immigration Canada , blocked

Have you, as a Canadian citizen, ever been able to have a private meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada?


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