December 03, 2006

Dec. 3, 2006: Various

Canadians: Write to the troops at this season

Canada -- some good news: Salute to a brave and modest nation, Kevin Myers, The Sunday Telegraph, posted by 1stmotors

[....] Yet [Canada's] purely voluntary contribution to the cause of freedom in two world wars was perhaps the greatest of any democracy. Almost 10% of Canada's entire population of seven million people served in the armed forces during the First World War, and nearly 60,000 died. The great Allied victories of 1918 were spearheaded by Canadian troops, perhaps the most capable soldiers in the entire British order of battle. [....]

There is a message concerning the whole article, if you but link:

Please pass this on or print it and give it to any of your friends or relatives who served in the Canadian Forces, it is a wonderful tribute to those who choose to serve their country and the world in our quiet Canadian way.

Does prison have a deterrent effect on crime?

Just check the chart at the bottom.

Memory Lane: News Junkie Canada Oct. 21, 2004: More on the CBC here


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