February 28, 2007

Feb. 28, 2007: Memory Lane

Update Mar. 1, 2007: This has several items related to The Legislature Raids

February 28, 2007 Bill Tieleman: new disclosures rock Collins, Clark, others



A link at the bottom: www.billtieleman.blogspot.com/

New allegations made by defence lawyers in Basi Virk BC Legislature raid case touch top levels of provincial and federal Liberal Party insiders.

Lawyers defending David Basi, Bob Virk and Aneal Basi in the BC Legislature raid case have filed an application for disclosure with BC Supreme Court that makes a number of stunning allegations. [....]

Keep scrolling down that website for much more on that case which is ... muy complicado ... by accident or by design ...

Re: Court Challenges Program, Language, BC Legislature Raid, Basi / Basis, Virk, BC Rail, Telecom

Memory Lane: Court Challenges Program

What has been the purpose of the Court Challenges Program ... other than garnering votes from identifiable voting blocks? Read on.

Frost Hits the Rhubarb Oct. 15, 2006
Oct. 18, 2006: Court Challenges Program Update -- and follow the links along the yellow brick road


Frost Hits the Rhubarb Oct. 3, 2006: Bud Talkinghorn


What is ... The Law Commission of Canada, anyway?

[....] Oct. 3, 2006: Let's look at the Law Commission's Experts and their concerns.


[....] This is the most informative article I have seen on the Court Challenges Program

Premier's propaganda in favour of Court Challenges Program , Church and State October 02, 2006


[....] III) History of the CCP

“The Trudeau government launched the Court Challenges Program in 1978. It was designed to let language groups ratchet up pressure on the provinces to provide more bilingual services using the language guarantees in the British North America Act and, later, the Charter of Rights. In 1985, the Mulroney government extended the CCP to fund “equality seeking groups,” namely feminist, multicultural, gay, lesbian, and other groups…. The CCP has encouraged some groups to by-pass the political process by using the courts instead.

[....] IV) An Unaccountable Biased Program [.... Do not miss reading this.]

Related: Feb. 26, 2007: RCMP, Language, Privacy, Rights

Memory Lane: Frost Hits the Rhubarb Dec. 17 - 23, 2006


Dec. 23, 2006: BC Rail Memory Lane [Who are providing the private money mentioned here and who benefit? .... B.C. Rail investment partnership agreement .... can he tell the House why B.C. Rail is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a taxpayer-financed gift to CN in the form of brand-new B.C. Rail trucks and vehicles? .... a billion dollars of private sector investment]

Basi / Basis - Virk - Third Parties

Somewhere, among the turkey dinner, the cocktail parties, the schmoozing ... lies the shadow ... the ghost of Christmases past [re: Udhe Singh (Dave) BASIS / Basi and Bobby Singh VIRK .... putting at risk the bidding process for the Freight Division of BC Rail .... Anne Cameron, on hearing of the Tsawwassen land deal ...]

Check for the words "money laundering". ... I seem to remember the words. Maybe it is only because this affected banks and a securities company , not just BC Rail and the BC government. Note the alternate spelling of Basi / Basis. FHTR

Website: The Legislature Raids

Header: Why did R.C.M.P. and Victoria police raid the B.C. Legislature on 28 December 2003? Why is the public left without answers to that question? Let's share what we know. [....]

Memory Lane: Philosophical difference: telecom policy review , Oct. 20, 2006


Re: Sheila Copps

This is a crazy session! 1) she is all about the “content is king” model as opposed to the idea that communication is king. 2) She said (and later defended) the idea that free content is not very good. That the only creators that matter are people that are selling content (but that fits in with her political work -she helped put the tax on blank cd’s). 3) That government won’t respond to “the public interest” but only to interest groups. So that if Cracin wants to get stuff done they should figure out which interest groups are going to be effective allies. And that traditional enemies (like copyright groups) are not possible allies because of the changes in content and telecom realities.

*great* session. I’m really glad that they invited her and that she came. I completely disagree with her about the internet (she seems to see it as a distribution network, not as a communication network) but I love her realistic advice to this group.

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