March 01, 2007

Mar. 1, 2007: Security: Domestic terror wins big

Domestic terror wins big in today's flip-flop vote by Dion's Liberals , February 27, 2007, Canadian Coalition for Democracies

Ottawa, Canada - Today, the Liberal opposition lead by St├ęphane Dion joined with the other Opposition parties to kill two provisions of Canada Anti-Terrorism Act that were passed into law by the Liberal government of Jean Chr├ętien in 2002. With all the hyperbole generated by these provisions, it is essential that Canadians understand their implications and judge for themselves if today's vote was a win for human rights or for those plotting acts of terror in Canada. [....]

CSIS has identified over 50 terrorist groups operating on Canadian soil and over $256 million have been identified by FINTRAC in 2005/2006 as having possible links to terrorism. Today, Canadians lost vital tools needed to stop a massacre before it happens and to compel those with knowledge of terrorist activity to disclose such vital information to a judge.

Search: The "preventative arrest" provision , the use of "investigative hearings"

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