March 01, 2007

Mar. 1, 2007: Updates & A Challenge

Four updates have been added to Feb. 27, 2007: Introduction which concerns the following -- copied from the top of that post.

This is intended as an introduction to a group of posts that are related in that they explore microcredit, global banking innovations, Canada's aid, public-private partnerships, foundations and financial transparency when Canadian taxpayer dollars are involved, administration of this aid, research and technology deals involving Canadian and foreign universities, along with other deals which may be the main interest of the foreign companies involved (e.g. potash, uranium), and more. I believe there has been too little made known--or allowed to be--too much beyond the purview of Canadians about what has gone on and may be continuing; yet Canadian tax dollars are involved, along with issues of security and prudence. I believe the light of transparency and accountability need to be shed on all of this. It would help if our media would investigate, engaging our best journalists.

A challenge for our best journalists

I believe that some people would prefer votes and making money to taking care of Canadians' long-term interests and Canadians' security. There is too much hidden. I have tried to investigate but I am an amateur without the resources nor experience of good journalists. Some like me are not at all interested faux news, for example, articles concerning an Anna Nicole Smith or whatever is today's bit of diversionary fluff. We want news that is news, investigative journalism. Capiche? Scroll down to the beginning: Feb. 27, 2007: Introduction

Comments welcome, if they address the issues of concern.


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